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Peter Kyle is MP for Hove and a member of the Labour party.

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Labour is ready to serve.

#Security #Prosperity #Respect

The Tories now face a credible Labour party: a government-in-waiting with a plan to deliver on the country’s demands.

We will not shy away from that responsibility, duck those challenges or fail to grasp the opportunities our country has.

“It was always going to be difficult to hold these seats” she says of 24,000 and 4,000 majorities 🤣🤣🤣


“Labour and Lib Dems were in a dishonest pact” from the party **WHO WERE IN AN ACTUAL COALITION** with the Lib Dems 🤣🤣🤣

@UKLabour has a plan and is ready to serve.

Haggis_UK 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 @Haggis_UK

Suella Braverman(Attorney General) - "It's disappointing to see that there's actually a dishonest electoral pact between the LibDems & Labour, & that's more worrying"

Today, on #ArmedForcesDay we thank our Armed Forces for keeping us safe and for their service on the front line.

A Labour government would make sure our veterans get a better deal with fair access to the housing and the services they deserve.

The PM just admitted on @BBCr4today that the economy “has not grown as it should.”
Lack of growth has hit wages, tax revenues and national prosperity.
I’d like to thank him for confirming what Labour has been saying is true.

Today on #ArmedForcesDay, we celebrate the special service our UK Forces personnel, veterans, and their families give to our country.

From helping Britain through Covid to keeping us safe and protecting our NATO allies, Labour is deeply proud of you. Thank you.

Not many legal judgements from other countries that make it to common knowledge here but Roe V Wade did and for good reason.

Progress for reproductive rights is hard fought and that judgement inspired global change.

Today’s judgement is a challenge that must be overcome.

“It was always going to be difficult to hold these seats” she says of 24,000 and 4,000 majorities 🤣🤣🤣


“Labour and Lib Dems were in a dishonest pact” from the party **WHO WERE IN AN ACTUAL COALITION** with the Lib Dems 🤣🤣🤣

@UKLabour has a plan and is ready to serve.

Haggis_UK 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 @Haggis_UK

Suella Braverman(Attorney General) - "It's disappointing to see that there's actually a dishonest electoral pact between the LibDems & Labour, & that's more worrying"

Curious to hear @DominicRaab have a meltdown and hurl accusations at his interviewer @bbcnickrobinson.

Anyone hoping for humility or even acknowledgment of what just happened will probably have to wait…for the next general election.

Best conversation I had today was with a Wakefield resident who’s voting @UKLabour for the first time.

She said ‘I look at Boris Johnson and those who cheer him on and I just don’t think they live in the same world as the rest of us’.

They don’t, and voters are noticing.

A total pleasure to be out in Wakefield with @simonlightwood - a candidate both Labour and residents can be proud of.

🌹 ☀️ 😎 🗳


NEW: Inflation up at 9.1% today.

Inflation is pushing family finances to the brink - but the low wage spiral many face isn’t new.

It’s a result of a decade of Tory mismanagement of our economy.

Labour will build the high wage, high growth, stable inflation economy we deserve.

Passports, driving licences, health waiting times, strikes. A government without grip. It doesn’t function. It only campaigns. From ⁦@SkyNews⁩ this morning.

Canada has sanctioned Alexander Lebedev on a list of 14 people it says has ‘directly enabled Putin’s senseless war in Ukraine.’

At today’s Home Office Qs, I ask for the 7th time, did Boris Johnson meet with him without officials, during the Salisbury poisoning? No answer.

On this Home Secretary’s watch overall crime is up 18%, prosecutions are down 18%.

The first Home Secretary for 25yrs to preside over such a big increase in crime & a big drop in charge rates at same time.

The weakest Government performance on crime for a quarter of a century.

Today’s rail strike is disrupting the lives of people across the country.

The Tory government didn’t spend a single second in talks to avoid it.

Burglaries not solved

Frauds not investigated

Rapes not prosecuted

After 12 yrs of Tory Govt the charge rate on crime has sunk to a record low.

This Government’s record on crime is a disgrace. Crime up. More criminals let off & more victims let down

The rail strike this week will be devastating for workers, passengers, and the economy.

And the Tory government isn’t lifting a finger to resolve it.

Sign our petition and tell the Tories to do their job to avoid the strike. ✍️

Visiting NATO Allied Maritime Command, I spoke to our troops about the situation in Ukraine and the need to bolster Britain’s defence and security at home and abroad.

Labour’s commitment to NATO is unshakeable. We stand with our allies against Putin's illegal war in Ukraine.

Have you been waiting months for a passport or driving licence?

Have your travel plans been disrupted?

Are you still waiting for a hospital appointment?

Sign our petition if you’ve had enough of Boris Johnson’s Backlog Britain. 📝

With statecraft, diligences and graft, rapid protocol progress is doable.

As @Keir_Starmer and I heard first-hand in Belfast, businesses have solutions ready to go.

It’s time government and EU got back to the negotiating table – urgently.

Labour in government will have a dynamic partnership with business to get our economy back on course.

As a pro-worker, pro-business party, we know what it takes to get our economy firing on all cylinders again.

My interview with @thetimes today.

NEW: Today, Labour launches a new start-up review to help make Britain the best place to start and grow a business.

As a pro-worker, pro-business party, we will match the ambition of our entrepreneurs - and get our economy firing on all cylinders.

NHS waiting lists have risen to a new historic high of 6.5 million.

The number of people waiting more than a year for treatment has risen by 16,000.

The longer we give the Tories, the longer patients will wait.

I think @MishalHusain deserves a sainthood for staying calm in face of @DominicRaab’s patronising non-answers.

Over ten minutes he perfectly illustrates why his government is out of steam, out ideas and nothing more than a steaming moral vacuum.


The Govt knew deporting people seeking sanctuary (& the gift of our freedom) to Rwanda was unlawful. Now they can blame ‘leftie’ lawyers & ‘foreign’ judges instead of tackling trafficking or the cost of living or social mobility. Point & blame will never succeed in our nation.🇬🇧

This Government is presiding over #BacklogBritain

At the worst possible time, the costs for Home Office failure are being passed on to families desperate to have their passports processed. Ministers must deliver better.

We are 🅻🅸🆅🅴 comment below & RT to create the debate #Peston

Joining @Peston & @AnushkaAsthana tonight 👇

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Causing a row is more important to the Tories than solving problems.

Saying you care for the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and then casually trying to trash a major part of it is just another day in the office for this lot.


By pushing ahead with Rwanda policy, Boris Johnson has abandoned British values of common sense & decency - it’s unworkable, unethical, extortionately expensive & risks making smuggling & trafficking worse.

Govt has ended up targeting torture victims instead of trafficking gangs

There is no point in Govt blaming anyone else but themselves.

Ministers are pursuing a policy they know isn’t workable & that won’t tackle criminal gangs.

But they still paid Rwanda £120m & hired a jet that hasn’t taken off because they just want a row & someone else to blame.

"The Bar Council and Law Society of England and Wales together call on the Prime Minister to stop attacks on legal professionals who are simply doing their jobs."

Nicola Sturgeon wants to focus on division. It’s an attempt to distract from her failures.

The next electoral contest in Scotland will be a general election, not a referendum.

Our chance to bring our country together, boot out Boris and build the future, together.

It has been five years since 72 people were killed by a fire at Grenfell Tower.

The appalling tragedy is evidence of the unequal society we live in under this Tory government.

Today we remember the victims and demand action to ensure a similar tragedy can never happen again.

Punchy line from Peter Kyle and Labour:

“Previous generations have delivered peace in Northern Ireland while the Tories can’t get a prawn sandwich across the Irish Sea”.

Everything is trivial to @BorisJohnson because he’s a trivial man.

NEW: GDP figures show UK economy shrank by 0.3% in April.

Really worrying.

Instead of addressing structural weaknesses, all the Tories have are sticking plasters.

Labour will create a stronger, more secure economy - by boosting our energy, supply chain and business security.

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