Peter Dowd is MP for Bootle

What has Peter Dowd been up to today?

Peter Dowd is MP for Bootle and a member of the Labour party.

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I'm supporting Reggie's Law. It would see websites required to verify the identity of sellers, and for young pets to have to be pictured with their parents. Too many dogs are dying because of brutal puppy farming. #ReggiesLaw

I’m backing Injury Prevention Week seeking to help prevent 500,000 needless injuries in GB including over 43,000 at work & almost 390,000 on roads. #IPWeek2022

@grantshapps Is this a parody account? Can’t be the transport Secretary who’d surely want to settle the current dispute not stoke anti-workers sentiment. Incidentally the @HouseofCommons only Sunday sitting since 1900 was on 3 September 1939.

Why it’s time for Labour to back proportional representation | Andy Burnham | The Guardia

Here’s a Tory Cabinet Minister, put in place by the a PM who wouldn’t know the truth if he tripped over it, accusing others of being dishonest!😂😂😂

Britain’s armed forces are the best in the world — today, on Armed Forces Day, we thank both those serving and our veterans for their service.

Nobody should have to face bullying, but sadly thousands of young people experience it every day. We can make sure they don't face it alone. Find out about what you can do to help: #SpeakOutAboutBullying

Totally agree in a free and democratic society workers must always have the right to take industrial action & when those calling the shots refuse to meet it is hard to see what other option there is. Ministers must get to the negotiating table so people have no further disruption

Angela Rayner 🌹 @AngelaRayner

Workers have been left with no choice.

No one takes strike action lightly. I will always defend their absolute right to do so for fairness at work.

The PM needs to do his own job. His Government caused this. Now they must solve it.

Workers have been left with no choice.

No one takes strike action lightly. I will always defend their absolute right to do so for fairness at work.

The PM needs to do his own job. His Government caused this. Now they must solve it.

I’m supporting #ChildrensHospiceWeek and supporting the call by @Tog4ShortLives for the government to continue to fund the Children’s Hospice Grant.

The Tories have a visceral hatred of trade unions which clouds what little judgement they have to sort this dispute out - fair wages, terms, conditions and safety for @RMT workers and a comprehensive rail service to the public.

I hear that the Tory MPs in the Northern Research Group are meeting Michael Gove to call for a Barnett Formula for the North. I wonder who announced that policy in 2017?

New research by @ywtrust shows young women are more likely than young men to be struggling with the cost of living.
Check out their report highlighting the extent of the financial difficulties young women are facing in 2022. #CostOfLivingCrisis

Pleased to support @EveryDoctorUK campaign to: ● invest in NHS staff and solve the workforce crisis
● listen to doctors during the Covid inquiry
● improve health and safety for Covid and beyond.

The Tories in government with the modern version of “Thatcher the Milk Snatcher”. Leopards don’t change their spots.

If your a local businesse or person who can help with this event in Liverpool we would really appreciate it , all for a great cause and also allows all stoma children and adults to get together contact @RawPRevents

BREAKING NEWS: We are thrilled to announce SME4Labour’s 5th Annual Gala dinner will be taking place on the evening of Monday 31st October at @ParkPlazaHotels Westminster
You can visit the link below for a short video of last year’s Gala 🤗

Last night we completed our brand new programme "RADS"
The feedback we recieved was incredible plus we seen a significant decrease in anxiety and depression scores for those who completed the 3 week programme.Huge well done to those who took part.

Arrogantly the Tories always equate the nation’s interests with their own interests. Johnson is the same. Labour has to persistently remind them and him they are not the same.

Under Johnson’s leadership the country is in a mess - cost of living crisis, NHS on its knees, Partygate, airport queues, passport office chaos etc etc - but most Tory MPs still on board!

It’s great to see this 4 day working week initiative is now underway in 70 companies across the country. It’s a real opportunity to rethink working practices and hours worked.

Netherton Library are looking for donations of children's board games to start a new Saturday club. If you have any that you would like to donate please drop them off at the library in the NAC, Glovers Lane, Netherton, L30 3TL.

Can I ask supporters caught up in the horrific events in Paris to contact their MP with their own experiences. We will be pushing for MPs across the house nxt week to raise eye witness accounts of what happened in order to hold UEFA, French Government & authorities to account.

Digital Green Token Giving has been launched by @Asda in Bootle. Why not cast your vote to support one of three local causes by visiting:

All those backbench Tory MPs trying to deflect from that damning photo of Boris Johnson by saying that people want them to focus on the cost of living crisis might sound a bit more convincing if any of them had bothered to turn up for the debate on fuel duty earlier today

#Bowelcancer is treatable & curable especially if diagnosed early. If you experience any of the below symptoms, or something doesn't feel right, please go to your GP.
More info about visiting your GP can be found here @bowelcanceruk

A man demonstrating outside the building where my office in Parliament is has just been playing the loudest version of “The Sound of Silence” I have ever heard!! 😂😂😂

95% of @actnforchildren service staff said the trends they are seeing on the frontline indicate family incomes will worsen over the next six months. We need government action on the cost of living crisis now

Unsurprisingly the Tories have just voted against @UKLabour proposals to put a windfall tax on gas/oil producers to fund a cut in energy bills.

Have a look at this. Similar view to the ⁦@resfoundation⁩ approach.

I received this email from Tory MP Lee Anderson - evidently as did all Labour MPs - regarding food banks followed by my reply.

“A @BBCPanorama investigation raises questions about whether the [Levelling Up] money is reaching the most deprived areas in England.” Raises questions?!

Could two followers please copy and re-post this tweet to show that someone is always there? Call 0800 689 5652 (National Suicide Prevention Helpline UK). Just two. Any two. Copy, please rather than retweet.

An inspiring and poignant ceremony today for International Workers’ Day Memorial at the Hod Carrier in Liverpool.

A great event today at The Hod Carrier in Liverpool to commemorate International Worker’s Memorial Day #IWMD22 with @Unite_NorthWest

Round-up of the event featuring @RJamesUnite @PCS_Northwest @NorthWestUNISON @Peter_Dowd 🎬⬇️

Tory minister refused to respond to my question in Parliament today about compensating people who have lost holidays or jobs as a result of the government’s mishandling of passport applications.

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