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Paul Blomfield is MP for Sheffield Central and a member of the Labour party.

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Boris Johnson negotiated the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He knew it created a sea border with checks for trade but lied about it.

There are solutions but the Tories want the fight for political advantage regardless of the cost.

Extracts from my speech 👇

Disappointing response to this question by @PaulBlomfieldMP which suggests eligibility for the Ukraine Extension scheme will not be extended to Ukrainians arriving in the UK after 18 March. With the war ongoing this risks people being left without options

Northern Ireland Protocol, Mesothelioma, Yemen, food poverty and school art – some of my week ahead

The cost of living crisis is being made worse by ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ ‘s poor trade deal with the EU new research from ⁦@resfoundation⁩ finds today with workers on av £470 a year worse off & long term damage to Britain’s openness and competitiveness

Congratulations to @simonlightwood, Wakefield's new Labour MP!!!
We're proud to have contributed to beating the Tories, and pleased that Wakefield has once again got the MP they deserve 🌹

In the middle of a cost of living crisis and rail strike, the Minister for Brexit ‘Opportunities’ announces his Brexit Dashboard, forcing every Minister to mess around with UK law originating from the EU … and bring back furlongs!

Since 2010, the Tories have cut dental spending by 25% and failed to reform dentists contracts.

This has left 35% of Sheffield dentists unable to even add new NHS patients to waiting lists.

Ministers must act to ensure anyone can access an NHS dentist.

Shocking figures from @sheffieldldc confirm experience of lots of constituents seeking an NHS dentist – long waits for most and closed lists at 35% of local practices. Today I made the case for proper funding and contract reform to save NHS dentistry. @TheBDA @HWSheffield

NHS Dentistry, Refugee Week and Armed Forces Day - some of my week ahead

Six years ago our colleague and friend, Jo Cox, was murdered.

In Jo’s memory we continue to look ahead with a belief that the world she believed in so passionately remains within our grasp.

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”

Yet more evidence of the impact of the poor deal ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ negotiated with the EU; there are many things Ministers could do to reduce this impact but so far they aren’t prepared to; putting jobs at risk & making the cost of living crisis worse

There is no point in Govt blaming anyone else but themselves.

Ministers are pursuing a policy they know isn’t workable & that won’t tackle criminal gangs.

But they still paid Rwanda £120m & hired a jet that hasn’t taken off because they just want a row & someone else to blame.

To mark the 5th anniversary of #GrenfellTower I've been talking to Sheffield tower block residents
Listen back on @BBCSheffield to hear @paulblomfieldMP at 7.15am
Then at 8.15am you can listen to @LIV_HILL of @Sheff_CAG and John Cawthorne of Hanover Tower

NI Protocol, building safety, NHS dentistry, manufacturing and journalism students. Some of my week ahead.

Bills are soaring, costs are rising and we’re all worried.

As Labour Councillors it's our top priority to help you. Here’s how Sheffield Council is providing support and advice about money 👉

Pleased to back the @carersweek campaign to make caring visible, valued and supported. @SheffYoungC @CarersUK @SheffieldCarers

Carers Week, gambling reform, building safety, school breakfasts and trade agreements. Some of my week ahead:

We're so proud and excited to be launching our #RealLifeBrexit campaign, which will focus on the true cost of Brexit on people's lives.

If you have any experience you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to contact us, via Twitter or Email, on how Brexit has affected you! 🇪🇺🌹

It’s a rather graphic indicator of the problems ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ ‘s Trade deal with the EU is causing. There are obvious solutions too that would ease these problems eg sign a veterinary agreement like the Swiss or New Zealand have done

Great ⁦@CenSheffLab⁩ team today supporting ⁦@simonlightwood⁩ who’ll be a strong voice for Wakefield in Westminster.

Pleased to add my congratulations to @sheffhallamuni for their sector-leading work in widening participation, recognised through @NEONHE's Higher Education Institution of the Year Award.

Yesterday I told Ministers what I’d heard at a Manor and Castle Action Group meeting on the cost of living crisis.

We need an emergency budget to restore the universal credit uplift, a real increase in the Household Support Fund and a windfall tax to cap energy bills.

Personal ambition and political advantage are fuelling Brexit divisions.

My challenge to @trussliz on today's statement on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The attacks on mourners at the funeral of the journalist, Shireen Abu Aqla, have shocked the world.

The Labour Party unequivocally condemns the violence by Israeli forces.

Out thoughts are with Shireen’s family and all those who mourn her death.

All set to join the #BigPlasticCount tomorrow. Join here ⁦@shefgreenpeace⁩ ⁦@SheffieldFoE⁩

My 100-year old constituent Joan, who was volunteering at Stretford foodbank in her 90s, has told the Mirror's @realbritainros what she thinks of the suggestion that poor people just need to learn to cook

The State Opening of Parliament and some of my week ahead:

After some great election results on Thursday, today’s ⁦@SheffieldUnited⁩ result today made my week. Brilliant performance!

I'm delighted to be backing Tom Hunt for Walkley Councillor.
I've worked with Tom for 15 years on campaigns from cracking down on payday lenders to seeking a fair deal for Sheffield.
Hard-working and living locally, he'll be a strong voice for Walkley #Vote5May

Supporting the wonderful @nighat_basharat in her campaign to become the next Cllr for Nether Edge and Sharrow alongside @JeffSmithetc, @PaulBlomfieldMP, @olivercoppard and Campaign Co-ordinator @mdbuckley #VoteLabour

What a fabulous finish to our bank holiday weekend sessions! Thanks very much to everyone who joined @TomHunt100, @OliverCoppard and @PaulBlomfieldMP around Upperthorpe and Daniel Hill this evening.

Vote Nighat Basharat 5th May. From the Community. For the Community. @CenSheffLab @SheffLabour @mdbuckley @JaynePDunn @MRaoufNES @iqbal_mazher @PaulBlomfieldMP
#Labour #labourdoorstep #LocalElections2022 #LocalElections22 #LocalElections

It was brilliant to be joined by @Ed_Miliband in Walkley today to talk to people about Labour's plan for a greener economy and help to tackle rising energy bills. I'm thrilled to have his endorsement

The Government's plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda isn't designed to work - only to grab headlines.

It won't stop tragic deaths in the Channel, or fix our broken asylum system.

My article in @politicshome 👇

The absence of safe and legal routes for those fleeing persecution + conflict exposes the deceit at the heart of the Nationality and Borders Bill.

Ministers claim their plans are to encourage use of such routes, but refuse to confirm what they are and how they can be accessed.

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