Naz Shah is MP for Bradford West

What has Naz Shah been up to today?

Naz Shah is MP for Bradford West and a member of the Labour party.

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It’s been over 3 years since the govt pledged to come up with its ‘own definition’ of Islamophobia. Still nothing. That’s because it knows by portraying Islamohpobia as a matter of debate it can let itself off the hook. My latest for @LeftFootFwd:

This latest stunt from Laurence Fox, which earned him a temporary account lock, is the latest in a long line of grotesque, desperate and attention-seeking episodes from a total political failure and someone who is an increasing irrelevance in Britain.

Our armed forces support our country through crises and making enormous sacrifices to keep us safe.

#ArmedForcesDay allows us to show our appreciation, gratitude and understand how we can best support our Armed Forces, which at present is particularly important.

Wakefield’s win will go down in history, @SimonLightwood.

I’m so proud of our Labour Party and the changes we’ve made to be a government in waiting.

A must read 😢 “They are members of the most powerful organization in India -- the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), whose founding ideologues openly admired Hitler and likened the Muslims of India to the Jews of Germany. RSS is the real power in India.”

Delighted to be chairing this session @BradfordLitFest at the Creative Economic Conference with such a distinguished panel @NazShahBfd @ProfKEPickett and @hiilamo - Is Universal Basic Income the solution to ‘levelling up’ in the UK?

The Prime Minister’s answer to my question could not have been clearer. Much like his answers on #PartyGate. And PPE contracts. And proroguing Parliament. Watch this space 👀 #PMQs

"Johnson wants you to think his failing government is handling the economy well. That is yet another lie. The Tories are overseeing a criminal waste of Britain’s potential," @Alison_McGovern writes:

The @Conservatives can add the fancy tag lines but the public can see through them

🚨Antisocial behaviour is up ⬆️

🚨Prosecutions are down ⬇️

🚨 7000 neighbourhood police officers cut ✂️✂️✂️

🚨 30% cut to neighbourhood policing ✂️✂️✂️

This government has failed ⁉️

Just one week to go until polling day!

This is a once in a lifetime vote for Wakefield.

Boris Johnson is hanging by a thread and your support could boot him out of Number 10.

Join our rally this Saturday and join our campaign to deliver a fresh start.

“A truly ethical and moral prime minister would have nothing to fear from a strong minded, independent ethics adviser”

Labour’s @ThangamMP criticises the possibility of the prime minister not hiring a new ethics adviser after Lord Geidt’s resignation. #bbcqt

6 years ago, we lost Jo Cox.

Her life was about bringing people together and that's why despite everything, today her legacy of more in common lives on.

Suicide prevention is far too important to be left ignored.

800 days is the difference between a child in Bradford accessing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and a child in Staffordshire having access to these service.

This postcode lottery is scandalous.

Congratulations to @UniofBradford for being ranked as the best in the world for how it welcomes students from other countries.

This is why Bradford is UK City of Culture 2025.

The launch of @The_CoPOWeR s policy paper is about to kick off at Westminster with a documentary screening and and commentary from their community engagement officers. Thanks @NazShahBfd for hosting

European Court of Human Rights granted injunctions for three of the seven migrants who were due to be removed to Rwanda last night, Priti Patel says

The remaining four migrants were removed from the flight after being granted injunctions by UK courts or on modern slavery grounds

Yvette Cooper is giving a very robust, thorough and detailed riposte in the Commons to Priti Patel's statement on the Rwanda deportations. Puts it in a context of wider Home Office delays over asylum cases.

The Government is pushing ahead with Rwanda policy that is completely unworkable, deeply unethical, extortionately expensive, profoundly un-British, and which risks making dangerous people trafficking & smuggling worse. /1

5 years ago today, this tragedy fell upon the people of #Grenfell tower.

72 lives were lost, families broken and some wounds that will never heal.

They deserve justice.

Truly saddened to hear 3 people have been killed due this truly reckless and horrific incident.

My thoughts and prayers are with their families.

Five years on from the Grenfell tower fire we remember the 72 people killed.

The Grenfell community are courageous in their pursuit of justice and change. We stand with them.

To honour the memories of those lost we must prevent such a tragedy happening again.

Brilliant weekend, welcoming more than 300 local residents, members, councillors, trade union reps, and MP's, to our Summer BBQ! ☀️

A massive thank you to all the volunteers who helped pull this off!

It was great to be together as one Labour family in Ilford South 🌹


Carole Cadwalladr wins libel case against Arron Banks

It'a good day for journalism

Thanks for your support 🙏🙏🙏

Shameful removal of @QariAsim .

Appointed in 2019, never given terms of reference, never heard back from Ministers, & never allowed to start work towards tackling Islamophobia.

Agree @QariAsim on Islamophobia, there is a "lack of political will at the very top-level of gov."

Qari Asim MBE @QariAsim

My response to the Department of Levelling Up, Housing & Communities’ recent letter removing me as Government’s Adviser to define #Islamophobia

As Chair of @appghajjumrah I'm very concerned by the implications of changes to the booking system for thousands of potential Hajj pilgrims across the country. In the last week, we've been making representations to relevant parties including the @UK_CAA

The Istanbul Convention aims to protect women and girls from violence.

Yet the UK government is planning to ratify the convention by excluding migrant women.

This is unacceptable, they must ratify the convention without reservation. @ICChangeUK #AllWomenMeansAllWomen

From the frontline workers on the street to the leaders making the big decisions. Access all areas with the people dedicated to making their city a better place.

Bradford on Duty is on @BBCTwo at 9pm tonight🚨

I clearly cut too close to the bone with my question on passport delays yesterday because at half past ten last night @pritipatel sent me an angry letter accusing me of scaremongering ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Following concerns raised by constituents I have written to the CEO of @British_Airways & Minister Amanda Milling MP about British Airways cancelling direct flights to Pakistan.

I hope following the representations, British Airways will reconsider their decision.

🚨 This will not ease nerves in Downing Street...

By 12:16pm, Theresa May had got to the public backing of the 158 Tory MPs she needed to win confidence vote

It is now 1pm and Boris Johnson is only up to 82

John Stevens @johnestevens

82) Robert Courts

“Jacob Rees-Mogg, who led calls for the Tory confidence vote, said losing the support of a third of her MPs was a "terrible result for the Prime Minister" & called on her to resign”

A reminder to Jacob Rees-Mogg about the resignation threshold he set for Theresa May in Dec 2018.

There’s no legal basis for the continued detention of Jagtar Singh Johal who has been tortured & denied right to a fair trial.

Boris Johnson must seek his release.

Great to see @Keir_Starmer call to end the injustice & bring Jaggi home. #FreeJaggiNow

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