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Marsha de Cordova is MP for Battersea and a member of the Labour party.

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The Tories fight to protect the status quo after issuing debilitating cuts to police forces across the country.

@SadiqKhan is the only one brave enough to call out corruption and institutional failures when he sees it.

The #Windrush generation, including my grandparents, were invited to Britain to rebuild this country and work in the newly-formed NHS. Their contribution to this country has been invaluable. But successive governments have treated them with hostility and contempt.

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Trophy hunters have devastated populations of some of the world’s most endangered species. The wild population of lions is down 95% since the 1970s.

But Britain has still not introduced a ban on trophy hunting, even though 9 in 10 British voters support one. #BanTrophyHunting

#PMQs @AngelaRayner was excellent.

Millions of people are being pushed into poverty, and the Tories have no answer. All they care about is holding onto power. We need a serious government – a Labour government with Angela as Deputy PM

I am very sad to hear that Deborah James has died.

She fought so hard to raise awareness of bowel cancer and break down barriers. My condolences to her family, her friends, and the people she inspired.

The @WandsChamber represents Battersea’s local businesses. It was great to meet CEO @BeverleyCorson for a conversation about the things that affect businesses in Battersea: economic support, supply chain issues, Brexit, local workforce skills, women in business & much more.

I have said for a long time that the Met needs urgent and fundamental reform. Decades of incidents have exposed its institutional culture of racism, misogyny, homophobia, and abuse of power. Londoners deserve better. I hope change starts here.

Black children are being over policed. They are not being given the care or protection that they need because of adultification.

I am calling for a root and branch review into the policing of Black children.

Recipients of social security are being left behind by inflation.

In this #CostofLivingCrisis, the Chancellor should be reviewing social security uprating every six months, not annually, to stop people from facing a real terms cut.

Businesses that provide critical infrastructure have a responsibility towards their customers.

In this #CostofLivingCrisis, I am glad to see telecoms firms committing to support customers struggling with soaring prices on all fronts.

The unprecedented disruption of the pandemic, on top of the expected stress of exams and university, is creating a mental health crisis among students.

The #CAMHS system is in urgent need of repair, and pathways to adult care need to be stronger too.

My thoughts are with Aleena’s family and friends at this difficult time. What happened to her is absolutely harrowing and extremely worrying.

16 women have been killed in London this year. We must end violence against women.

Over 400,000 people in the UK are living with both sight and hearing loss. I’m supporting #DeafblindAwarenessWeek and @DeafblindUK to raise awareness. Combined sight and hearing loss can affect anyone.

I was pleased to meet with WOW Mums Parents’ Forum to discuss the actions we can take on some of the most pressing issues in #Battersea.

We had a wide-ranging conversation about, among other topics, housing, children’s mental health, bullying & violence against women and girls.

Children’s mental health services in Britain are broken. 1 in 4 children’s mental health referrals are closed before the child receives any support.

The Secretary of State must do everything he can to ensure that all children receive timely and effective support.


The Secretary of State said that leaseholders are blameless. So how is it fair that so many leaseholders, including in my constituency of #Battersea, face costs of up to £15,000 for non-cladding repairs, for problems they didn’t cause?

Small- and medium-sized businesses are being hit by a variety of factors.

The Government urgently needs to commit to helping businesses to deal with rising energy and fuel costs, wage inflation and the surging price of imported goods and raw materials.

Reporting harmful content is an important tool in keeping young people safe online.

We should be more confident in reporting misinformation, fraud and harassment. Users also need to be able to trust that tech companies will do something about it.

The Good Friday Agreement was a hard-won and landmark achievement for peace and security in Northern Ireland.

The Government cannot justify potentially breaking international law with the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill and putting it at risk.

Setting up for another day at #Battersea Volunteers Fair in Battersea Park (nr bowling green & circus). Come & find out how to get more involved in the local community @BatterseaVolun1 @19thbattersea @Battersea_Fest @wandbc @WandsworthCA @WWRefugees @BigLocalSW11

‘I thought I was going to die’ the words of a 14 year old black schoolboy who was forced to ground and handcuffed in a mistaken stop and search by the Met Police.

If veterans have fought for the UK, then the UK should fight for their mental and social well-being. I invited my constituent, @VonHugh, who is campaigning for better employment opportunities for veterans, to @UKLabour’s Veterans’ Reception in Parliament. #ArmedForcesDay

Each of these cases is shocking, and I fear there are many more that are yet to come to light. The Met Police’s culture of racism, misogyny and abuse of power has to be addressed. The force needs urgent reform.

Boris Johnson’s attempt to discredit and remove Baroness Scotland as Commonwealth Secretary General has been shameful.

Good on the Commonwealth Nations in Africa and the Caribbean for not allowing it to happen.

No child should ever be left to deal with trauma alone without support. It’s time for our Government to act.

My latest column in @SthLondonPress 👇🏿

Balham finally has a Labour MP, a Labour Council and a Labour Councillor!

It was a joy to join @JoRigby_Balham, @CllrSimonHogg and party members celebrating a new future for Labour in Balham.

The PM lost a Conservative stronghold in the South and a seat gained in 2019 in the North. People up and down the country don’t trust him and are fed up with his Government’s policies, incompetence and law breaking.

1. Grant Shapps’ latest TfL funding letter is total nonsense.

It seems he has:

➡️ no basic understanding of how TfL finances work and

➡️ no respect for the truth - a common theme with this Government.

A thread: 🧵

Today is 6 years since the disastrous Brexit vote.

The Tories took the chance to tear up our laws, our rights and our freedoms, and now they’re threatening to break international law with their changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

As well as a useless Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps is a danger to public safety.

Temps operating 25,000-volt rail control centres or 140mph train signals?

He’s learned nothing from the safety failings and grounded vessels of the P&O scandal.

Why can’t he just do his job?

Members of @RMTunion are entirely justified to strike for better pay & working conditions and against job losses.

The real fault lies with the Government. @GrantShapps has been missing in action, refusing to meet with unions and workers.

22 people per month are losing their sight due to delays in accessing treatment.

✍️ @MarshadeCordova, Chair of the Eye Health and Visual Impairment APPG backs @abbvieuk's calls for more digital services to tackle macular degeneration #PartnerContent

This report by the @CommonsIDC exposes the sickening racism that still mars the international aid sector.

Aid should seek to redress power imbalances, not entrench them, and cannot be allowed to be a vehicle for colonialism in post-colonial times.

The Govt claims to be helping 6m disabled people with a £150 disability payment.

The reality for 300,000 disabled people is that the net gain will be 0, as they are no longer eligible for the £150 Warm Homes Discount payment.

The Govt gives with one hand and takes with another.

Bullying is unacceptable and nobody should have to face it alone, especially children.

Find out from the @DianaAward's #DontFaceitAlone campaign what you can do to help: #SpeakOutAboutBullying

Today, #WindrushDay, we celebrate 74 years since the #Windrush generation, incl my own grandparents, came from the Caribbean to help rebuild Britain after WWII.

Their contribution to today’s UK is invaluable. It is shameful how they have been treated by successive governments.

Celebrating #WindrushDay2022 with @BlackHeroesInfo and their schools production of ‘The Story of #ClaudiaJones’ - catch the public performance this weekend as part of #WAF2022 at @battersea_arts

Tix >>

@WAFfringe @wandbc

We cannot ignore the impact Brexit has had on the #CostofLivingCrisis. Inflation is higher and growth will be smaller in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. A new @resfoundation report shows that Brexit has increased the cost of living by £870/year for the average household.

Inflation has now reached 9.1%, the highest figure in 40 years.

The people who will be hardest hit are those who can already disproportionately impacted by cost of living crisis. The Govt needs to up the targeted support to people who need it, starting with social security.

This Windrush Day, I want to pay tribute to the profound influence the Windrush Generation has had on our city—strengthening our workforce, enriching our culture, and making our city greater.

The Government’s disgraceful treatment of them is shameful.

1. I had my adjournment debate this evening on the Battersea funfair disaster and children’s mental health services including childhood trauma care.

As a society, we need to step up and be more ambitious in our call for better support for children’s mental health services.

My adjournment debate on the 50th anniversary of the Battersea funfair disaster and chidren’s mental health services including childhood trauma will be STARTING SOON

📺 You can watch it live on

This #WorldRefugeeWeek, I'm proud to join @RESCUE_UK to send a clear message #RefugeesWelcome.

When we welcome refugees to the UK, we welcome much more than what they carry. 

Refugees bring so many skills, hopes, talents, traditions and family stories.


I’m delighted to be supporting this year’s @great_together, celebrating communities that welcome people and Jo Cox’s #MoreInCommon message.

To plan your event or find your nearest, visit:


ℹ️ My adjournment debate tonight on the 50th anniversary of the Battersea funfair disaster and chidren’s mental health services including childhood trauma.

⏰ 19:00 approx (Depending on proceedings).

📺 You can watch it live on

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