Mark Tami is MP for Alyn and Deeside

What has Mark Tami been up to today?

Mark Tami is MP for Alyn and Deeside and a member of the Labour party.

Mark Tami has 10240 followers on Twitter.

Here's the letter sent to @TheFCA this afternoon providing feedback to the BSPS redress scheme consultation, signed by 27 cross-party MPs.
This is a significant moment for steelworker pensioners. I’m pleased so many MPs from steelmaking areas recognise the importance of this.

A target for 75% of people suspected of breast cancer to be diagnosed or have the cancer ruled out within 28 days of referral is being met. That’s why @BreastCancerNow wants to raise the target to 95% - because there is #NoTimeToWaste.

I joined @mentalhealth during #LonelinessAwarenessWeek to raise awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental health and the practical steps we can take to address it:

This #MyelomaAwarenessWeek I’m supporting @MyelomaUK to raise awareness of the most common symptoms of myeloma- fatigue, back pain, broken bones and recurring infections. If something doesn’t feel right visit your GP and don’t miss myeloma

I was delighted to kick off @HawardenParkCC's Big Challenge on Friday with @JackSargeantAM. They walked for 48 hours reaching the equivalent mileage of a trip to Lords and back, plus a return trip to Old Trafford! The feat was in aid of their new pavilion

If anyone shops/knows anyone who shops @Tesco in #Mold or #ConnahsQuay could you please vote your token for our school! We are looking at purchasing new playground equipment

Could you please RT @DeesideDotCom @acdunbobbin @chrisjones4seal @MarkTamiMP @aura_wales @ConnahsQuayHigh

A great piece in @leaderlive speaking with Jade's family after yesterday's visit to the House of Commons: #JadesLaw

Thank you to @MarkTamiMP for pledging your support for carers as part of #CarersWeek 2022!

You can check out our pledge wall and add your own pledge here:

Thank you to @DavidReesMS @DoddsJane @MikeHedgesAM @MarkTamiMP @LSRPlaid (Liz Saville Roberts MP) who have pledged to champion the needs of #UnpaidCarers this @CarersWeek We look forward to working with you to see this in action @CarersWales

Jade Ward's family and myself met with Shadow Justice Minister @elliereeves MP and @jessphillips MP yesterday to see how we can help pass Jade's Law. #JadesLaw aims to automatically suspend the parental rights of a parent who kills the other parent.

Three local good causes will be beneficiaries of @asda Queensferry's latest green token giving round. Vote for your favourite here:

It was great to catch up with Tata's general manager Bill Duckworth and show the Shadow Business Secretary @jreynoldsMP everything the Shotton facility and workforce has to offer, with @JackSargeantAM.

#ICYMI. #JadesLaw is so important and I'm looking forward to meeting her family and friends in Westminster: @leaderlive

Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami has slammed Welsh Government proposals to erect 30ft high environmental barriers at the side of the A494 and said they are “not the answer” to reducing high pollution levels along Aston Hill.

I've raised concerns regarding proposals for a 9-metre barrier along stretches of the #A494 with the Welsh Government. A barrier is not the answer and is an unacceptable imposition on the community. We need the #redroute and we need it now.

OXFORD | Hugely excited to see UK #NewMediumHelicopter #NMH competition launched. If selected, the #H175M, produced at Broughton by @AirbusHeli will support thousands of jobs in UK aerospace, generate meaningful helicopter exports, and revitalise the nation’s helicopter industry

Today I met with Amy Ellis, who suffers with anorexia and has struggled to get the care she needs. I've been speaking with the health board about Amy's case. She and her family believe private specialist treatment is the only solution that will help her:

#ICYMI: @CobraLifeFMA are generously providing 90 free places across three courses for children, men and women who need support, due to the pandemic or other reasons. Thanks @DeesideDotCom & @leaderlive for the great write ups.

I’m delighted that so many quality jobs are being created @AirbusintheUK, and investment made in the plant and area's future:

Companies like Osprey Television who produce creative work opportunities and jobs for suppliers could be at risk if @Channel4 is privatised. I'm urging the UK Government to reverse this poor decision:

I support @samaritans suicide-safer internet campaign. The #OnlineSafetyBill needs to protect people of all ages from all harmful suicide and self-harm content on all platforms.

I’m supporting @ShelterCymru’s campaign to fight against discrimination in housing. Take
action by signing the pledge and by reporting and challenging housing discrimination here: #HomeIsEverything

I'm happy to be a Disabled Children's Champion. The #SecretLifeofUs campaign by the Disabled Children's Partnership highlights the barriers that disabled children and their families sadly still face today:

In case you missed it: #ICYMI @_NannyBiscuit

In case you missed it: thanks for the piece on my visit to Coleg Cambria #ICYMI

#throwback to #FairtradeFortnight when I attended a @FairtradeUK event at Westminster on March 1. I've written to the Foreign Secretary on behalf of constituents to ensure that small scale cocoa farmers are able to access promised funding

It was good to meet the uniformed personnel of the future last week. I visited Uniformed Protective Services students @colegcambria for a Q&A session. I always enjoy hearing the various perspectives of young people in our community.

Delete this.

Please have some respect for the Ukrainian people who are actually on the frontline.

This is a Conservative MP suggesting Ukrainians wishing to flee an invasion apply for the UK’s seasonal worker scheme (e.g. vegetable picking) to qualify for a visa. The callousness is shocking. This is being suggested in your names; demand better.

On Thursday Shotton Post Office will temporarily close. It is being replaced by a mobile service at Shotton & Sandycroft, with changes to the current times at Mancot. @PostOfficeNews have stressed that they are still seeking a permanent Shotton base.

Fellow nominees @MarkTamiMP, @marionfellows and @SalBrinton, we want to say a huge thank you for using your platform to raise the concerns of our patients in parliament. A round of applause is in order! 👏


Today's roving surgery was in Connah's Quay with Cllr Ryan O'Gorman in Howard Street and surrounding streets. If you need help with any issues please email or call 01244 819854.

It was great to meet James Hunt today, founder of @_NannyBiscuit and CAFgas ahead of this month's #GrandWeekinWales. We talked about how I can help James with his impressive expansion plans to help people across all of Wales.

A very interesting and thought provoking read - and relevant today.

We must take care not to become the thing we stand against.

I was out and about speaking to residents in Hope with Cllr Gladys Healey earlier today.
If I can help with any issue, please don't hesitate to email me at

The Government's promised ban on trophy hunting imports is quietly slipping the long grass.

Now hunters are auctioning off a polar bear hunt to fight the ban proposals.

Boris Johnson must keep his promise and tell the trophy hunting lobby to get stuffed

Leasehold reform is desperately needed - but the proposals on the table don't got far enough in addressing the injustices already done.

That's my argument in the latest issue of Welsh Housing Quarterly.

Get the magazine:

🏡📊| Building on Sand: The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher's Housing Policies

I have written for @Fabians_Cymru about the origins of the UK's housing crisis and the radical policies Wales requires to fix it.

It is our duty to act:

People in Alyn & Deeside could not spend Christmas last year with their families.

For some, that was sadly their last Christmas.

They stuck to the rules.

That those who made those rules didn't is a disgrace. More people should consider their positions.

The pandemic has changed all our lives, now it’s time to start rebuilding - stronger, fairer, greener.

There will be no lost generation in Wales.

·Today, we remember the sacrifices of our armed forces and their families made throughout our country’s history. We must never forget those who gave their lives to keep our country safe. #LestWeForget

I'm shocked at the tragic news of the attack on David Amess at a constituency surgery. My thoughts are with his family.

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