Marie Rimmer is MP for St Helens South and Whiston

What has Marie Rimmer been up to today?

Marie Rimmer is MP for St Helens South and Whiston and a member of the Labour party.

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Over the past week I've personally spoken with hundreds of Labour members in Warrington South.

A common question that I'm asked is, on top of the big local and national issues, what causes do you want to tackle.

The answer is male suicide.

Mick Lynch from the @RMTunion points out that during Covid, in the worst year of revenue on the railway, the private rail companies extracted £500 million in profit. Thats the scandal, not working people fighting against real term pay cuts during a cost of living crisis.

I’m proud to call Warrington home. For almost thirty years I’ve seen huge changes in the town. I still remember Chapelford being an airbase, and now it is home to so many young families.

As the Labour candidate for Warrington South I will be able to relate to local residents.

Now on a staggering 40 MILLION VIEWS! Despite an almost complete media blackout from UK News Channels working TOGETHER we have sent a powerful message. If it’s ruffling this many feathers now just imagine when it hits 50 million. Let’s keep going!

Home Sec knows her policy is unworkable, unethical & cd make trafficking worse.

Yet she chartered a plane she never expected to fly & wrote Rwanda a £120m cheque because she just wants a row & someone else to blame.

Its Government by gimmick. Our country is better than this

This is why I would be the best Labour candidate for Warrington South:

✅ Warrington born and raised
✅ 2019 tough seat winning campaign
✅ Experience working at Parliament

This is where I was born. In Warrington Hospital. I have visited many times over the years, for my own broken bones, to wish family and friends well and most recently for my three Covid jabs.

I will be a proud Warringtonian representing Warrington South in Parliament.

The parts of Warrington in red could be under sea level by 2050. Climate change is a very real threat to us here, especially in Warrington South along the River Mersey.

If I am selected as the Labour candidate I will make stopping the climate catastrophe a top priority.

It was great to spend the morning with the Warrington Litter Networks in Latchford.

They’re a cracking team that go above and beyond to keep our community litter free.

We had a good discussion about the Broken Window Theory and why litter picking matters so much.

It was great to chat with Nat Millar, 2nd Lieutenant of the Royal Artillery at this year’s St Helens Armed Forces Day.

Our armed forces are the best of us. They bravely do their bit to keep our country safe.

"Every single minute that he has been prime minister, he has been under investigation," says Labour MP Chris Bryant on Boris Johnson

"We used to be a country where the rule of law really mattered... all of that is thrown away"

I'm honoured and slightly surprised (that's why I'm filming in my kitchen) to announce that I made the list to be the Labour Parliamentary candidate for my hometown seat of Warrington South.

I love my hometown and it would be an honour to be a proud Warringtonian in Parliament.

This is astonishing. How can the Home Secretary possibly claim to be taking border security and immigration policy seriously if she hasn’t even met with the Chief Inspector for Borders & Immigration in 14 months and hasn’t consulted him on key issues.

The Prime Minister watered down the Ministerial Code to cover his own back.

The standards expected of those in public office need to be strengthened, not weakened.

Liverpool fans were unfairly demonised in Paris. We cannot allow police authorities to return to the dark days of treating football fans like criminals.

I urged the Govt to make sure that this is relayed to every country ahead of any matches taking place abroad.

Thank you to all the Liverpool fans who were in Paris that have been in touch with me.

If you are a constituent that was at the game and experienced the brutality of the French police then do let me know about it. Innocent fans (including kids!) should not be tear gassed.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, there was a rush to remove our dependency on their economy. The same mistake must not be made with China.

Following the latest BBC report on the Uyghur genocide, the Govt needs to start removing our dependency on China before it is too late.

What is happening in Xinjiang to the Uyghur Muslims is inhumane. The Chinese authorities must not be let off the hook for these acts of brutality and crimes against humanity.

The failings from the Afghanistan withdrawal must be learnt from and never forgotten. It is still staggering that Dominic Raab found it acceptable to stay on the beach while the chaos unfolded. A complete failure of leadership.

The FAC report on the UK's evacuation from Afghanistan is one the most damning I have read in my 22 years in Parliament.

It shows the scale of the government’s incompetence, laziness and mishandling that likely cost lives and has badly damaged the UK’s reputation.

A thread👇🏿

A u-turn from Boris Johnson on the windfall tax is inevitable. I just don't get why he won't do it as soon as possible. The longer he waits, the more people suffer. #PMQs

The best way to support our NHS and free up hospital beds is to properly fund social care. The Queen's Speech offered little to do it. We cannot have a fully functioning health service without a fully functioning social care system.

It’s time for a windfall tax on bumper oil and gas profits to bring down bills.

Tomorrow every Conservative MP will have the chance to vote for our plan to support people through this cost of living crisis.

I had a great time campaigning in Wakefield. The response on the doorstep was positive with many 2019 Conservative voters willing to put their trust in Labour.

Today marks a year since the BEIS Committee Report on the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme was published.

It recommended that Govt ensure miners receive a fairer share of their pensions by -
1⃣ Adjusting the 50/50 surplus arrangement
2⃣ Giving the £1.2bn reserve fund to pensioners

What a win and what a performance by Saints @saints1890women.
Nobody seems to be able to stop us! #COYS #ChallengeCupRugby

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