Lisa Nandy is MP for Wigan

What has Lisa Nandy been up to today?

Lisa Nandy is MP for Wigan and a member of the Labour party.

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Everything this Transport Secretary touches falls apart.

And now too his flagship promise on buses.

From October in South #Yorkshire a third of services will be axed. This isn’t levelling-up, it’s managed decline.

Government funding cuts mean we’re set to lose 1 in 3 bus services in South Yorkshire. This is going to be devastating for our communities ... 🧵(1/17)

"The job of central government is to give councils the powers to be able to deliver".

Following her #LGAConf22 plenary, we caught up with @lisanandy on @UKLabour's vision for #LocalGov.

Michael Gove needs to act now to prevent a crisis in vital services like home care and bin collections.

Staff need proper pay. Councils need support to keep services running.
Only ministers can square the circle.

The country can’t afford a Grant Shapps tribute act 👇

"Nicola Sturgeon has some brass neck"

Labour's @lisanandy says the First Minister is putting the SNP before Scotland in her push for #Indyref2

#KayBurley UF

Shadow levelling up secretary @lisanandy tells @KayBurley the government "forgot about the problems in our own neighbourhood" by planning defence strategy around China and not Russia. #KayBurley

📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

What classic hometown nightclub would you like to see re-open? 👇

@LisaNandy outlines her idea to regenerate nightlife @MattChorley on #TimesRadio

Cleaners, carers, bin collectors and other council workers kept us going through the pandemic. Many are now using foodbanks because they can’t afford to feed their families.

They need and deserve a pay rise.

But councils are under huge pressure…

If this Government genuinely believed it was on target to end roughsleeping by 2024, why is Michael Gove attempting to bring back the Vagrancy Act of 1824 to re-criminalise it?

We have soaring inflation, low growth, high taxes, and chaos wherever you look.

All because the government isn’t doing its job 👇

Under the Tories' inflation crisis, working people are facing the biggest pay cut in years.

They have every right to fight for a fair pay rise and decent conditions.

Working people must not pay the price for Tory failure.

Louise Haigh @LouHaigh

Rail workers kept our country going during the pandemic.

They deserve fair pay and respect.

Grant Shapps should get around the table with them and resolve this dispute.

Our armed forces mean a lot to us in Wigan. It was a pleasure to thank them, our veterans and their families on this #ArmedForcesDay

The feeling in Wakefield in the last few weeks has been amazing.

People don’t just want to get rid of Boris Johnson.

They’re also enthusiastic about what the next Labour government can do for them and their communities 🌹


Getting out the vote for our brilliant candidate @simonlightwood with @SharonHodgsonMP and the Labour Team #VoteLabour #Wakefieldbyelection

“Most will not be in a position to take up the new policy”

That’s the view of the PM’s housing plans from *checks notes* his own government.

If you ever needed proof that this tired government is out of ideas, this is it…

For every electoral fraud conviction in the last 5 years, the Tories are now shelling out over £380k.

Not only will ID requirements make it harder for people to exercise their democratic rights, it’s also costing us millions 💷

We need to smash up a century of centralisation to build an economy that works.

There’s chaos at airports ✈️

Chaos at ports ⛴

And chaos on the railways 🚂

Why? Because the government is not doing its job.


The Transport Secretary has got some brass neck to be touring the TV studios blaming everyone else for travel chaos 🚂🚌✈️


"Railways are fast becoming no-go areas"

Labour's @LisaNandy says railways have become increasingly unsafe for those with 'disabilities, elderly and women', adding that any potential cuts to the industry would "harm" both workers and the public


Incredible to see thousands of people on the streets of London fighting for a new deal for working people.

Workers didn’t cause the cost of living crisis. They shouldn’t have to pay for it.


British people showed amazing generosity in stepping up to help Ukrainians. But because ministers were more interested in grandstanding on TV than in doing their jobs, hundreds are now homeless.

It’s utterly shameful. We need to see a plan to fix this now

Six years ago our colleague and friend, Jo Cox, was murdered.

In Jo’s memory we continue to look ahead with a belief that the world she believed in so passionately remains within our grasp.

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”

The Conservatives first promised to do this three years ago.

They promised 'Renters' Reforms' in the 2021 Queen's Speech, yet failed to deliver.

Struggling renters need emergency legislation to protect them not a White Paper and further consultation.

BBC News (UK) @BBCNews

Renting: No-fault evictions to be banned in England

"Labour will stop this policy. We will campaign to stop it now"

Shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock says Rwanda asylum plan is "unworkable, it is profoundly wrong and it is extortionately expensive"

It has been five years since 72 people were killed by a fire at Grenfell Tower.

The appalling tragedy is evidence of the unequal society we live in under this Tory government.

Today we remember the victims and demand action to ensure a similar tragedy can never happen again.

The @Conservatives have:

✂️ Slashed services and demanded deep cuts to our railways.

⚠️ Risked safety with cuts to safety-critical staff

❌️ Poured fuel on the fire, rather than finding a deal.

Have they forgotten they're the ones actually meant to be running the country?

Oliver Dowden @OliverDowden

Families are facing global cost of living pressures. Labour's response? Backing national rail strikes.


Sign the petition:

Britain’s economy has ground to a halt.

But Rishi Sunak thinks sticking plasters will fix it.

Only Labour has a plan to make our economy stronger – giving families, businesses, the energy sector and our supply chains the security they need.

This is what the Tories really think of us in the North and the Midlands. They turn up looking for votes but then when the cameras stop rolling, nothing but contempt for our towns and cities.

What an absolute shower.

They tell us they’re levelling up the country but this is what they truly think. They can’t even tell the difference between “Blackpool or Birmingham or somewhere godawful”.

Clueless and offensive.

The appalling disaster at Grenfell exposed the deep inequalities in our society.

Five years on, now has to be the time when we stand together and take action to ensure a similar tragedy can never happen again 💚

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