Khalid Mahmood is MP for Birmingham, Perry Barr

What has Khalid Mahmood been up to today?

Khalid Mahmood is MP for Birmingham, Perry Barr and a member of the Labour party.

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Thanks to @RINKAL10 and @BrumLeader for coming in and listening to issues raised at Oaklands Centre. #Workingtogether

I extend my deepest respect to my dear brother Amb. Al Duwaisan of @MOFAKuwait for his leadership of the Arab Diplomatic Corps in UK. Our debt to your dedication & wisdom is immeasurable. I look forward to contribute to steering another era of strong Arab-British relations.

@Jacob_Rees_Mogg @FCDOGovUK @Bambos_MP @khalid4PB @AnthonyMangnal1 Thanks to all who joined us for some constructive discussions. We also wished a fond farewell to HE Khaled Al Duwaisan, Kuwaiti Ambassador, as he retires after nearly 30 years of service.

Wonderful to host an event on Global Britain's role in the Arab World yesterday with our guest of honour @Jacob_Rees_Mogg.
I was glad to share the discussion with Arab Ambassadors, UK MPs, colleagues from @FCDOGovUK, and Shadow Minister @Bambos_MP.

Brilliant Performance by Angela Rayner at PMQs today. Dominic Raab spent £1 million on Private Jets while more and more working class people are forced to use food banks. This government are out of touch.

My contribution in Parliament urging the government to consider more investment in our army so that we can in turn provide better military assistance to Ukraine.

Instead of trying to resolve the rail dispute the Tories are using it as another excuse to attack trade unions my piece for @LabourList

🚨There's only 5 days left to nominate our fantastic group of students standing in this summer's elections🚨

Make sure you're registered as a student 👇🏻…

Nominate here!! 👉🏻…

Together, we can build a new Labour Student's!🌹

When something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, leave it, walk away from it. Trust your judgement, your intuition, your feeling. It’s the Almighty’s way of guiding you and steering you away from what’s not right. You don’t owe anyone any explanation. Just do it.

An #Afghan old man appeared in the 7th decade of his life. He experienced decades of war and now yesterday’s #earthquake has taken his family members and everything he had.
Today’s #Afghanistan

Today Wakefield residents have an opportunity to make a positive change.

Polls are open until 10pm; I urge you to vote Labour, so that Wakefield gets the fresh start it deserves.

#Wakefield #VoteTheToriesOutToday

'The Home Secretary has failed herself and the nation in what she's done.'

Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, Khalid Mahmood, shares his views on the Rwanda migrant policy.

🖥 GB News on YouTube

After the draconian life sentence for Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik.British parliamentarians @YasinForBedford @TahirAliMP @Imran_HussainMP,@khalid4PB have written to the @BorisJohnson asking him to intervene in the unjust and flawed so called legal process of sentencing Yasin Malik

MPs @morton_wendy @PreetKGillMP @TahirAliMP @liambyrnemp @ShabanaMahmood @GarySambrook89 @khalid4PB @steve_mccabe @jessphillips & Colleen Fletcher - #PublicPoll on Officer pay rises reveals 75% think #PoliceOfficers deserve a pay rise in line with inflation. #PayOurPolice

After the draconian life sentence for Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik my colleagues @YasinForBedford MP @TahirAliMP , @Imran_HussainMP and @khalid4PB have written to the Prime Minister asking him to intervene in the unjust and flawed so called legal process of sentencing Yasin Malik.

حریت رہنما یاسین ملک کو سزا، برطانوی ممبران پارلیمنٹ کا بورس جانسن کو خط
#Pakistan #India #Kashmir #YasinMalik @MushaalMullick @TahirAliMP @Imran_HussainMP @YasinForBedford @AbdulWahab_uk

Officers from the team will be assisting @BhamCityCouncil with parking enforcement due to complainants regarding inconsiderate parking and obstruction of parking bays near to shops. Please park considerately or risk being fined. Please see attached for guidance.

Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum AGM this Tuesday 21st June (7.00pm) at the United Reformed Church, 13 Wilton Road, Handsworth B20 3RX. Main item on the agenda CLEANER STREETS. Councillor Majid Mahmood, Cabinet Member for Environment, will be attending. @birchfieldNHF @InHandsworth

A section 35 dispersal notice will be in effect from 1029hrs on Saturday 18/06/22 around Handsworth Park for a period of 48 hours due to reports of ASB. Those taking in part in such behaviour will be dispersed from the area. Please see below for the dispersal area.

Thank you to @LozellsWMP for speaking to Cllr Hussain and I in relation to ongoing concerns which can only be resolved through collaborative working and creating a safe area for all the community and those visiting from other areas/ cities. #StrongerTogether #CollaborativeWorking

Lozells Police @LozellsWMP

Thank you to Cllr Hussain and @khalid4PB MP for attending the station today to discuss local policing issues. There are some persistent challenges in the ward we are only going to solve by working together.

This detailed analysis by @Unite of how and why the recent leap in corporate profits is driving inflation putting workers in danger of seeing real terms wage decline & consumers having to pay entirely unnecessary levels of price increases begs big (1/2)

Six years ago today the person we loved most in the world was taken from us. Our family’s wish is that on this day we remember what we have in common, even with those we might disagree with. And to emphasise what connects us rather than what divides us. #MoreInCommon

Brilliant campaigning with @TahirAliMP in Wakefield for @simonlightwood to become Wakefields next Labour MP.
#LabourToWin #SimonForWakefield

Great to be out campaigning for @simonlightwood for #Wakefield along with my colleague @khalid4PB

Simon will make a brilliant MP for the people of Wakefield and I wish him all the luck with the rest of the campaign

Great to meet young people from @maryvalebham in Parliament today. It was a privilege to answer some very tough questions from the pupils. Many thanks to the teachers who accompanied them to experience Parliament first hand. Hope to see you all again soon!

Maryvale @maryvalebham

Yr6: To finish a fantastic day, we met with our local MP @khalid4PB who answered many questions and spoke to us about his job as an MP! #Parliament #EducationForAll

As humans, we love to plan. We plan for today, tommorw, the future. It’s fine to plan. Dream. Hope. Pray for the best. But put your trust in the One who knows you better than you know yourself. And in the process, always remember that the Almighty is the Best of Planners.

The trouble with us is we stress over everything. We want to micromanage and control things. Don’t. The truth is six months from now or even sooner, everything you're stressing about won't even matter. Take things in your stride. Let the Almighty take charge.

Abducted off the street. Tortured. Imprisoned for 4.5 years without trial.

Even the UN has called for Jagtar Singh Johal’s release.

Why after four and a half years is a British citizen still waiting for his government to do the same?


Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. Don’t be discouraged because there are many ungrateful people out there. You just have to figure out who’s worth your efforts and who’s just taking advantage of you. Focus your energy on those who matter.

Great to attend Labour First Annual Meeting today.
Wonderful to welcome Shadow Chancellor, @RachelReevesMP @BrumLabour @spellar to the first face to face meeting following the Pandemic.

Great to catch up with @khalid4PB yesterday about housing, HMOs and Exempt - really constructive discussion.

Look forward to catching up with other local MPs to discuss housing challenges, policy concerns and to continue the collective work on Exempt. #CollaborativeWorking 🏘

Here is the teams monthly newsletter for May 2022, all the good work we do as a team within the community condensed. #newsletter @PerryBarrWMP @HandsworthWMP

Great to catch up with Cabinet Member for Housing Councillor Sharon Thompson. Constructive discussion about housing, HMOs and Exempt Accommodation. #CollaborativeWorking

In any hardship, don't feel depressed. Ask the Almighty for strength to endure; for at the end of the dark tunnel of despair is HIs reward waiting for you.

“To have a Muslim character that isn't always carrying the weight of the political environment is so refreshing. A fun, positive and adventure-seeking character is what Muslims want to see, and so do general audiences” ⁦#msmarvel

Today saw the first meeting of the Cabinet take place since the election. Our new Cabinet are working hard to build a cleaner, safer and better Birmingham for everyone!

211 for v 148 against

Time for the Labour Party to get ready to take power. The public deserve integrity, honesty, trust and confidence we therefore need @Keir_Starmer for PM, to resolve Cost of Living and Energy Poverty Crisis. #BorisInOfficeNotInPower

Thank you to His Holiness Bhai Saab Ji from the Soho Road Gudwara along with the congregation from the Gudwara who helped to create a fantastic tribute to Her Majesty whilst encouraging her example of Sewa (Service to the people). Thank you to @SimonFoster4PCC #PlatinumJubilee

Privileged to be involved with the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations at the Uplands Allotments, Oxhill Road, Handsworth. Thank you to @Nasirawanuk @BrumLeader @Ms_SThompson @AspireHouse @rinkusher. #PlatinumJubilee

Choral Martin’s in Celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Many thanks to Father Bob Stephen for a wonderful service. #PlatinumJubilee

⁦@Keir_Starmer⁩ urges PM to request India release UK citizen Jagtar Singh Johal
Labour leader writes to Boris Johnson after UN working group declared Johal’s five-year detention arbitrary #FreeJagiNow

The Queen’s sense of duty and commitment to Her people have made our country a better place.

This weekend, on the #PlatinumJubilee, we celebrate Her Majesty.

38 years since Indira Gandhi ordered army attack on Darbar Sahib complex in #Amritsar, leading to the #SikhGenocide, destruction of their historic structures and looting of artefacts.

Still no justice for victims, nor UK inquiry into Thatcher Govt involvement!

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