Kerry McCarthy is MP for Bristol East

What has Kerry McCarthy been up to today?

Kerry McCarthy is MP for Bristol East and a member of the Labour party.

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Also, APPG Deforestation met to see clips from new film, The Territory, and meet with Txai, an indigenous rights activist from Brazil. I will find out tomorrow if I've managed to get an end of day adjournment debate next week on the killings of Dom Philips and Bruno Pereira.

Attended APPG #KinshipCare today - good to see that @munirawilson is bringing forward a 10 Minute Rule Bill next week to try to secure more support. Powerful testimonies from kinship carers about the difficulties they face and excellent chairing as always by @GwynneMP.

The 2022 @theCCCuk progress report finds:

❌ Current government policies “will not deliver net zero”
❌ Only 8 of 50 key indicators on track, with 11 significantly off track
❌ No credible plans exist for 61% of required emissions cuts

The Conservatives are failing on climate.

‘Shocking’, ‘devastating indictment’, ‘abject failure’. These are just some of the words being used to describe the government’s climate strategy following the publication of the annual ⁦@theCCCuk⁩ progress report.

Government policy failures are obstacle to UK net zero target, advisers warn

Only this Government could design a windfall tax on oil + gas firms which actually hands back £4bn.

Now it turns out that the giveaway applies to expensive, dangerous fracking too.

What a terrible use of public money during a cost of living crisis.

The suicide rate among young men from the North East is among the highest in the country. Talking saves lives, Sam Fender’s interview is a powerful reminder of that. Together it’s on us all to end the embarrassment attached to opening up. A must watch.


Polling closes at 10pm. 🗳
Excellent support for @simonlightwood & @UKLabour 🌹

Send a message to this shambolic govt #BootBorisOut

Great to spend time with @JimMcMahon @KerryMP and @alexsobel talking #climatechange #transport and Simons’ ambitions for #Wakefield

It is appalling that families will pay £2.7bn more on their energy bills because the Conservatives failed to properly regulate the energy market.

They ignored the warnings and allowed fly-by-night firms to take customers' money without proper regulation

The Prime Minister’s answer to my question could not have been clearer. Much like his answers on #PartyGate. And PPE contracts. And proroguing Parliament. Watch this space 👀 #PMQs

If you didn’t catch tonight’s All in the Mind on @BBCRadio4, it’s on again tomorrow at 3.30pm or on iplayer - featuring the invaluable work of @ChildrenHandS with children from families where an adult has been imprisoned for sex offences.

Digging into the fascinating issue of how 'carbon farming' is driving corporate demand for degraded peatland

Ready to break a world record? 😀

Join me and 1000s of others in London’s Hyde Park on 26th June.

100% of proceeds go to mental health charity @theCALMzone 🙏

Get your tickets here:

@KerryMP Thanks so much Kerry! We need as many politicians to make noise about this as possible.

The UK Government has a responsibility to be stronger in the face of the Bolsonaro regime - which has enabled and encouraged this intolerable violence in the Amazon.

Jo Cox MP was murdered in her Batley & Spen constituency six years ago today. We can still do better to learn the lessons that Jo left us with to consider where we have #moreincommon and to find ways to work together for the greater good. @jocoxfoundation @kimleadbeater @UKLabour

Now Googling #jabbathehutt (no, I’ve never seen Star Wars, but “the slug-like alien would ultimately fall victim to his own hubris and vengeful ways” sounds about right.)

The Culture Secretary seems to be trying to get through this Labour debate on #Channel4 privatisation by trying to talk about everything except Channel 4.

Missed the start of statement on National Food Strategy which means I can't ask a Q. William Hague recently described the Govt's caving in to junk food lobbyists as "intellectually shallow, politically weak and morally reprehensible". That's pretty sums up the whole thing.

Think Ben Wallace must have decided he’s running for Tory leader. Normally a pretty reasonable guy but is being very belligerent today. Just got a one word answer when I asked what steps he was taking to reinvigorate multilateral nuclear disarmament talks - that word was “none”.

“Dogger Bank is about more than shipping forecasts: it shows how we can rewild our seas.” As we were discussing at ⁦@BigTentIdeas⁩ on Saturday, MPAs must be more than just “paper parks”. This is progress…

The All Party Parliamentary Group for School Food is undertaking a short survey to gain a snapshot of the impact of the cost of living crisis on school food❔

Deadline: 22 July

@SharonHodgsonMP @Christian4BuryS @KerryMP

Everyone from @Pele to @KerryMP have today called for more to be done to find journalist Dom Phillips, once of this parish, and Bruno Pereira in Brazil.
Fears are mounting because of the previous threats from illegal mining & logging interests

We look forward to continuing to work with Parliamentarians on this important issue as we campaign to bring back Britain’s #LostRainforest!

@KerryMP @alexsobel

On this day in 1983 Tony Benn lost Bristol East at the General Election. In my 17 years as the MP I've met loads of voters who remember him; even some who remember Stafford Cripps too! Have barely met anyone who even recalls there was a Tory MP for 8 years, let alone his name.

I tried to get an Urgent Question in Commons today on the disappearance of @guardian journalist (and former Bristol resident) #DomPhillips and #BrunoPereira. Unfortunately it wasn't granted by the Speaker but will try again on Monday.

So, so looking forward to seeing @pavement_band @dronecoma at #PrimaveraSound2022 tonight. And @dinosaurjr too… Especially looking forward to Unfair - if they do it! Got me through the hideous 2017 election campaign on repeat. Pure adrenaline.

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