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Kate Osamor is MP for Edmonton and a member of the Labour party.

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My constituent and his disabled child are facing eviction due to @dwp delays.

I first wrote to the @dwp in April. They now advise me they won’t even reply to me until 15th July, by which time my constituent is likely to be homeless

How does @theresecoffey sleep at night?

My constituent's partner remains stuck in Ukraine despite applying to come to the UK via the Family Scheme back in April.

Upon raising this with the @ukhomeoffice, they said they've lost the application.

What is happening @PritiPatel?

The compensation being offered to victims of the Windrush scandal doesn't reflect the trauma inflicted on them by the @ukhomeoffice.

Denial of education? £500.

Denial of housing? £1,000

That's how much the Government values the rights of British Citizens.

Today I led a motion in Westminster Hall on the Windrush Lessons Learned Progress Update.
It's clear the compensation scheme is failing victims of this scandal
No lessons have been learnt by the @ukhomeoffice.

This is an important first step.

Trust between the Met and the people they serve is broken.

Fundamental change is needed and those within the force who resist it must be forced out.


In March, Wendy Williams published a progress report on her important Lessons Learned Review into Windrush.

She concluded that the @ukhomeoffice has broken pledges to transform its culture and that the scandal could be repeated.


Every day I see how desperately my constituents need social housing due to overcrowding and terrible housing conditions.

Today in LHUC I asked the minister why 7,000 social homes were built in England last year, while 4,000 families are on the waiting list in Enfield alone.

Solidarity with all @British_Airways workers going on strike.

As a Labour MP I'll never remain 'neutral' when it comes to fire & rehire, unnecessary job cuts and pay being slashed.

@British_Airways need to restore the money they took out of workers' pockets opportunistically.

Today, millions of women across America no longer have the right to decide what happens to their bodies.

A moral choice will be imposed upon them, as states coerce them into giving birth.

This is a tragic day for women everywhere.


The 'isolated' case of Child Q now appears to be part of a wider pattern of behaviour.

The Met has no interest in being honest about this. Let's stop playing their game.

We need a full and independent investigation now.



The #ToryStrikes continue as more workers say enough is enough.

For 12 years workers' wages have stagnated, working rights have been eroded and in-work poverty has skyrocketed while the rich have gotten richer.

Solidarity with all workers. It's time to organise for change.

Nadine Batchelor-Hunt @nadinebh_

BREAKING: British Airways workers at Heathrow have vote to strike this summer

According to @LQHomesMatter, there is no mould in my constituent's home (see pic below).

Even worse, an independent surveyor has said the mould is caused by a leak that is likely to affect the property's fire protection system.

L&Q refuse to act or respond to my emails.

Racism in aid sector is a hangover of colonialism, says scathing report by MPs https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/jun/23/racism-in-aid-sector-is-a-hangover-of-colonialism-says-scathing-report-by-mps?CMP=share_btn_tw

Please join me at 6pm today at a virtual event hosted by @CoopParty, where I'll be speaking alongside @JaneHutt @EnverSol @AliceMpofuColes to mark #WorldRefugeeDay

We'll be talking about issues refugees face, and the rights they deserve.

Register below: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEkduuupjgiGdFJ8mGTeTzz91wpfhrvAut3

I support the #SocialSecurityBill, additional help is welcome.

But after more than a decade of cuts, we urgently need to permanently uprate benefits.

Losing your job or getting sick shouldn't mean falling into poverty.

It's time to rebuild the safety net.

Today on Windrush Day we remember the huge contribution made by that generation to this country.

We must also never forget the betrayal of that generation by this Government.

Many are still fighting for justice.


I have secured a Westminster Hall debate on Wendy Williams' Windrush Lessons Learned Review: progress update on 29 June 2022 between 2.30pm-4pm https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cdp-2022-0121/


Workers up and down the country are fighting against the biggest drop in wages in 2 decades.

As a Labour MP, I will always support workers with actions, not just kind words.

See you on the picket line @RMTunion.


Solidarity with @ApsanaBegumMP. All parties need to ensure that survivors of domestic abuse are not exposed to further harrassment in their roles, and understand the impact that ongoing abuse can have. Violence against women must always be taken seriously.

Tory ministers will go to extraordinary lengths to stand in the way of a pay rise for ordinary workers.

Meanwhile, bankers' bonuses are up 28% and British billionaires wealth increased by £55 billion last year.

Britain needs a pay rise.


Solidarity with @RMTunion workers this week who are striking to defend their jobs, pay and conditions.

Rail Companies are making huge profits while seeking to cut wages and jobs.

The country needs a pay rise. This is a good place to start.


The Government is wasting public money re-traumatising refugees in a pathetic attempt to keep Boris Johnson in number 10.

What we should be doing is working with the international community to make sure we take our fair share of refugees.


:@pritipatel has refused to answer my Parliamentary questions about the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

I've now sent in a Freedom of Information request instead.

We deserve to know if even a single claimant has won their appeal against these insulting offers of compensation.

In the last 5 days, we have been in the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and ECtHR. The interim measure from Strasbourg set the wheels in motion for all remaining others to be taken off the flight. No one went to Rwanda yday. No one is above the law. The fight continues

Tories are repeatedly blaming Migrants for failing public services.

But study after study shows migrants help grow the economy and contribute more in taxes than they cost.

The real people to blame for failing public services are the Tory MPs who voted for austerity.

The Lawyers challenging the Government's attempted Rwanda deportation flights should be congratulated.

They are fighting to uphold British law as the Government seeks to break it.

@pritipatel may not like it but the @ukhomeoffice must act lawfully.


My constituent has settled status and qualifies for Universal Credit.

But his claim has been suspended for 7 months and he and his disabled child now face eviction.

After 12 years of Tory Government, the Welfare state is all but gone.

Good job @DWP

640,000 people will go to sleep tonight in flats that could burn as Grenfell did.

5 years on it's clear the Government is comfortable with another Grenfell happening.

72 people were killed in their homes and the Government shrugged its shoulders.


3 companies helped to murder those in Grenfell tower.

@KingspanIns_UK & @arconic marketed their cladding with results based on different products.

@Celotex rigged their safety tests.

All 3 have made billions in profit since 2017 and paid £0 in compensation.

#GrenfellTower 1/2

5 years ago today 72 people were killed in Grenfell Tower.

Nobody has been held accountable for their deaths and 640,000 people will go to sleep tonight in flats that could burn at any moment.

Justice for the 72 is a long way off.


I visited the @unitetheunion picket line at @arrivayorkshire in Wakefield today along with @KateOsamor and @MarshadeCordova to show solidarity with the bus drivers’ strike for fair pay.

People don’t take strike action lightly and these drivers deserve decent pay from Arriva.

Lawyers don't have the power to stop deportation flights.

They are only stopped if they are found to be unlawful by the courts.

It's clear this plan is unlawful, but it is also immoral.

It must be stopped.



This week I was contacted by a single mother who is subject to the benefit cap.

After rent, her family is left with £80 to last them a month. This is a common story.

The Government needs to increase benefits and scrap the cap now.


A clear example of institutional racism.

With the racist Hostile Environment driving everything it does, the @ukhomeoffice is riddled with racism and bigotry from top to bottom.

It is beyond fixing and must be replaced.


My constituent's benefits were wrongly refused.

It took 9 months and my intervention to get the decision reversed.

The @DWP offered my constituent just £100 compensation. Inhumane.

I also took the time to urge that awareness of #menopause amongst black women be raised, so we can understand our symptoms and access the right treatment.

We know that unconscious bias from medical professionals means that our pain is disproportionately ignored and misdiagnosed.

All credit to the brilliant @carolynharris24 for securing the important debate on #menopause in Parliament today.

I spoke about my own personal journey to understand my symptoms, with a bit of help from @ThisisDavina

Such a powerful message from @KateOsamor telling us how #menopause disproportionately affects black women who are told to be strong and to keep struggles to themselves and this is exacerbated by less visibility in the media of how these struggles are experienced

The worst COVID outcomes were disproportionately felt amongst ethnic minority communities.

I asked @SteveBarclay what work the Government has done to ensure the Public Inquiry fully examines these disparities, so we get the answers we deserve.

At PMQs today, the Prime Minister said the economy is "strong".

Another lie.

12 years of austerity and chronic underinvestment have left us with the slowest economic growth in the developed world.

This #CarersWeek, @CarersUK are calling for the UK Government to publish a Recovery and Respite Plan for Unpaid Carers.

I fully support this call to ensure all unpaid carers get the support they need and deserve. You can also support the campaign here:


On this day 95 years ago, the @CoopParty and @UKLabour signed the Cheltenham Agreement – creating the historic partnership between our Parties.

We're proud to be an independent political party whilst also working with @UKLabour to stand candidates who share our co-op values 🌹🐝

Research by @playitsafefood shows that 22% of people skipped meals in March because of the cost.

The single most effective action the Gov could take to reduce that number is to increase benefit rates substantially.

We need action now, this is a national emergency.

Over the last year, bankers' bonuses increased by almost 30%.

In March alone £6 billion was paid out in city bonuses.

Meanwhile, 5.3 million people across the country have to choose between heating and eating.

This level of inequality is grotesque and inhumane.

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