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Kate Hollern is MP for Blackburn and a member of the Labour party.

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BT Group made £1.3bn profit and paid over £700m to shareholders.

Royal Mail Group made over £750m profit and paid over £400m to shareholders.

We are not accepting them claiming a proper pay rise for staff if unaffordable

In my column this week: "...there is a challenge for us as a community to have what can be very scary and difficult conversations around screening...No matter how unnerving, they are our chance to start the fight early and win."


“Generally speaking what we’ve had in the last few years is significant pay increases for public sector workers” @BorisJohnson tells @SkyNews

Its complete & utter boll**** and he knows it!

Imagine being a nurse listening to this bull****

🚆 These cuts are bad for workers, passengers, and for the future of our railway.

Railway workers are fighting back against a government that is quietly destroying our railway - please support them.

Solidarity @RMTunion!

"You have the power. A wheel doesn't turn. A light doesn't go on without us."

Speaking at the @RMTunion rally at King's Cross, Mick Lynch calls on workers of the UK to unite and demand better conditions for all

"Tory donor who paid for Downing Street refurb won string of lucrative public contracts" https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/politics/tory-donor-who-paid-for-downing-street-refurb-won-string-of-lucrative-public-contracts-266665/

“Train drivers are on £59,000 some on £79,000. Fine they want to go on strike” @BorisJohnson tells @SkyNews

Imagine his shock when he finds out this is not a train drivers dispute

We lose quite a few followers because we seem to be anti-Conservative

But they *seem* to be hell bent on underfunding, understaffing and privatising our NHS so what are we supposed to do?

Please follow and RT if you understand our position and want to help fight for our NHS

I have never heard so much bull**** from a senior member of the Government in a single interview

It’s their typical playbook to divide the country & set worker against worker


Mick Lynch from the @RMTunion points out that during Covid, in the worst year of revenue on the railway, the private rail companies extracted £500 million in profit. Thats the scandal, not working people fighting against real term pay cuts during a cost of living crisis.

This is the Tory record. This Government continues to underdeliver. People in Blackburn, like other communities across the North, have long been underserved by the primary care system and it’s getting worse.

Constituents are finding it harder every day to access basic services.

Mick Lynch of the RMT says funding cuts made by a "government of billionaires" are to blame for rail strikes - accusing ministers of 'telling everyone else they've got to tighten their belts while they're raking it in'.

Live: https://trib.al/HNsrEac

📺 Sky 501 and YouTube

Exclusive: No.10 plans to ease restrictions on City bosses' pay - while preaching 'wage restraint' to everyone else.


'Do you want me to carry on? I can carry on.'

This Shelagh Fogarty caller slams a previous caller for being appalled by strike action by rail workers.


Suella Braverman claimed the Northern Ireland protocol had left the region “lagging behind the rest of the UK”. In fact, Northern Ireland (the only area of the UK to remain in the EU’s single market for goods) is the best performing part of the country apart from London https://twitter.com/PeterStefanovi2/status/1538469939329355776

Peter Stefanovic @PeterStefanovi2

Imagine the shock for the Attorney General when she actually reads a law book and realises her Government is breaking international law

Bang goes the PM’s promise of a high-wage economy.

Working families struggling to pay their bills have earned a decent pay rise.

When will we hear the govt calling for restraint in the boardroom and on profits? ⏳


Boris Johnson has proudly announced he has delivered the EXTRA £350m a week Brexit dividend he promised for the NHS

It is of course complete boll****

How is he getting away with this breathtaking level of rank dishonesty?

It's great to be supporting #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek!

Cervical screenings can save lives, but only 1 in 3 attend when invited.

Follow @JoTrust this week for more information, support and #CervicalScreeningTips that might make it easier for you and your loved ones.

'Grant Shapps has got some brass neck to come on your programme'

Labour's @LisaNandy slams the govt for presiding over "chaos" and 'pitting workers against workers' amidst "soaring" inflation rates.

#Ridge https://trib.al/NXtx4PC

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The full @YvetteCooperMP take-down of the #Rwanda policy, is the most thorough, detailed and florid dismantling of gov't policy I've seen in many years.

Worth watching in full and sharing. Patel reduced to gurning. I won't quote from it, because every line is quotable. ~AA

I'm honoured and slightly surprised (that's why I'm filming in my kitchen) to announce that I made the list to be the Labour Parliamentary candidate for my hometown seat of Warrington South.

I love my hometown and it would be an honour to be a proud Warringtonian in Parliament.

Families are being let down yet again by this Government. A growing number of constituents are having to wait more than 10 weeks for passports. It's unacceptable and it's another crisis that families are being made to pay for.

@pritipatel has serious questions to answer for.

Private companies have a profit motive. Their goal is not quality of care, it’s cutting costs and saving money. They are cutting doctors and hiring Physician Assistants to do doctors jobs. The few doctors available are under increasing pressure, which hurts quality. #Panorama

A firm linked to Tory peer Michelle Mone was awarded £200m of taxpayers’ money in contracts via the VIP fast lane.

MedPro is now under National Crime Agency investigation but Ministers won’t come clean about these contracts.

What have they got to hide?

This #VolunteersWeek, I’ve been proud to celebrate the unstoppable volunteers in Blackburn.
The Community Volunteer Awards 2022 are a chance to celebrate these amazing people who help make our borough a better place.
Nominations are now open here: https://communitycvs.org.uk/volunteer/volunteer-awards/

Great to join @UNISONdm celebrating @unisontheunion Year of Disabled Workers and promoting the Disability Employment Charter

This is what happens when you starve most of the country of investment for over a decade. You create a hugely unequal country and leave most of us exposed to the cost of living crisis. Are we angry? You bet we are.


The government promised to implement Grenfell recommendations in full.

That's a promise that now lies in tatters, with a key recommendation on evacuation of disabled residents ignored.

It's disgusting - 72 lives lost and they still won't take fire safety seriously.

The left has always argued that the Tories are the political arm of the rich, a party funded by the wealthy to defend their interests, so it's welcome to hear a senior Conservative set all of this out so clearly.

"I'd do it again" - fined lying lawbreaker Boris Johnson boasting he'd go to lockdown-breaking parties again means any Tory MP who believes that rules should be followed must vote to oust him.

He doesn't even pretend any more.

This really is one of the most significant tweets a Tory minister has ever sent.

She has effectively admitted that people unnecessarily died because the Conservative Party failed to prepare for the pandemic.

There is no other honest way of interpreting this tweet! https://twitter.com/NadineDorries/status/1533763409627566080

Nadine Dorries @NadineDorries

3/4 Your pandemic preparation during six years as health secretary was found wanting and inadequate.Your duplicity right now in destabilising the party and country to serve your own personal ambition, more so.

In my column this week: "...at long last and begrudgingly, support has arrived and people across the country will welcome this...much more can be done by a Labour government that’s on the side of people and communities."


It took @RishiSunak long enough to act. It shouldn't have been this painful to get important additional support to the British people.

They know how to act to save their own skins.

Yesterday I raised the case of my constituent, Elliot Simpson, with the Prime Minister directly and his response was worse than disappointing.

Many had to deal with the harrowing consequences of the circumstances of the last two years. Elliot's story is one of the toughest.

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