Karl Turner is MP for Kingston upon Hull East

What has Karl Turner been up to today?

Karl Turner is MP for Kingston upon Hull East and a member of the Labour party.

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Next time @DominicRaab does media pls ask why no minister has met @TheCriminalBar since strike action began? A shortage of barristers caused by low fees meant 567 criminal trials didn’t go ahead in ‘21. We can’t fix the backlog unless Govt takes action NOW to recruit & retain

Former chef John Lansdown needs help for legal fees to sue Dover P&O after mass sackings https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dover/news/sacked-chefs-appeal-to-sue-p-o-269446/

While the Tories should've been at the negotiating table, they were at the banqueting table - squeezing cash out of donors. #ToryRailStrike


"No wonder the PM has fled the country & left the Deputy PM to carry the can. The PM hasn’t just lost the room, he’s lost the country" @AngelaRayner is on 🔥

⚖️ The truth about money and the criminal bar ⚖️

Median income of a junior criminal barrister in first three years of practice is £12k.

Here is a full breakdown of the last year’s income for one junior criminal barrister.

£50k of debt to get to this.

#Action4Justice https://twitter.com/TheJJBarrister/status/1541384478064525313

The Junior Junior @TheJJBarrister

@TheCriminalBar @BarristerSecret @CrimeGirI

“We need to stop the misinformation this government has put out there.”

Barristers are on strike following a row over legal aid.

One said he'd earned just 49p an hour on a trial, after he'd calculated the preparation time.

In just one year SW Railways went from a £4million loss to a £28million profit. First Transpennine Express went from a £6.5million loss to a £57million profit. FirstGroup’s profits for the year from its 4 contracts trebled from £46million to £132million

Tory contracts boosted rail fat cats’ profits:
Bailing out the TOCs: How the Tory government saved – and boosted - the Train Operating Companies’ profits

It was an honour to walk @simonlightwood into the Commons Chamber to take his seat today after his by-election success in Wakefield on Thursday.

Proud to be part of this historic @UKLabour victory, I know Simon will be an excellent MP for Wakefield.

Conservative MP Simon Hoare says that if a Labour government were planning to break international law as the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill does they would all accuse them of "not being fit for government."

"For a Tory to have to point this out to fellow Tories is shameful."

Tied highest % to say 'incompetent' that we've recorded.

Government Competency Rating (26 June):

Incompetent: 54% (+5)
Competent: 20% (+1)
Net: -34% (-4)

Changes +/- 19 June


Construction of telegraph poles in East Hull: Please sign my petition. https://www.karlturnermp.org.uk/2022/06/10/construction-of-telegraph-poles-in-east-hull-update/

Under the Tories, your bills and taxes have risen to historic highs.

Labour has a plan to take on the Tory cost of living crisis and build a stronger economy.

Woman charged with perverting course of justice told to represent herself in legal first ⁦@guardian⁩ https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jun/27/woman-charged-with-perverting-course-of-justice-told-to-represent-herself-in-legal-first

Last year, I graduated with a BA in English from Oxford
@PembrokeOxford @UniofOxford.

This year, I've been offered a place for a two-year Masters in Creative Writing at Cambridge
@LucyCavColl @Cambridge_Uni.

Can you help me cover the £16k tuition fees?

He needs to stop inflaming tensions and get people around the table to find a fair resolution.


At least half a dozen Tory MPs are talking about defecting to Labour, according to Labour insiders. Westminster was full of speculation that a defection could take place at PMQ's two weeks ago.

While it did not happen, the recent by-elections are thought to be a new trigger

The Tories now face a credible Labour party: a government-in-waiting with a plan to deliver on the country’s demands.

We will not shy away from that responsibility, duck those challenges or fail to grasp the opportunities our country has.


The entrance hall and dome to the "Technical Administration Building of Hoechst AG" is part of a German expressionist office building in Frankfurt from 1924 designed by German architect Peter Behrens.

.@LibDems apparently want to prepare the army to break strikes but at the same time criticise the Government for not lifting a finger to end these #ToryRailStrikes. Is it Lib Dem policy to break strikes with the military now @EdwardJDavey?

@redfernreturns I understand MPs don't generally sign petitions (unless you're Oliver Dowden then you start one!) but if you could share this one and give it some publicity, we can be that annoying nippy dog at govt's heels.
@KarlTurnerMP @wesstreeting @KeeleyMP

An enlightening, enjoyable, and funny article on the Lord Chief’s unwise attempt at strike breaking yesterday.

Barristers' on strike: should the Lord Chief Justice have gone 'no comment'? https://barristerblogger.com/2022/06/23/barristers-on-strike-should-the-lord-chief-justice-have-gone-no-comment/ via @barristerblog

Praise indeed for ⁦@RMTunion⁩ leader Mick Lynch from ⁦@spectator⁩ 👏 https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/in-praise-of-mick-lynch


Liar Johnson either knows this and knows he’s telling lies or doesn’t know what’s actually going on?

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