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Karen Buck is MP for Westminster North and a member of the Labour party.

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Not eating, heating or meeting the bills - @jrf_uk’s detailed survey of low income households to assess the scale of hardship being faced is a grim read. ⬇️

Low-income households in UK living in ‘year of financial fear’ says charity @patrickjbutler 1/ https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jun/29/low-income-households-in-uk-living-in-year-of-financial-fear-says-charity

No, we cannot reasonably “disagree on that question”. This isn’t a rarefied question of moral philosophy. Compelling a women to carry a pregnancy to term when she does not wish to is an act of despotism. https://twitter.com/MirrorPolitics/status/1541778555088011264

Mirror Politics @MirrorPolitics

Tory MP Danny Kruger says he doesn’t agree that “women have an absolute right to bodily autonomy".

Cleaners, carers, bin collectors and other council workers kept us going through the pandemic. Many are now using foodbanks because they can’t afford to feed their families.

They need and deserve a pay rise.

But councils are under huge pressure…


The Met needs reform. What it hasn’t needed is 12 years of government slashing police numbers.

Good that @MayorofLondon has shown real leadership through these tough times, as well as investing £1bn+ with 1,300 more officers and the country’s first Violence Reduction Unit.

Pippa Crerar @PippaCrerar

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has oversight of the Met Police, says 👇🏼

My story in the @ObserverUK today: Imminent changes to the legal costs awarded in court means tenants who are illegally evicted or live in squalor will no longer have any recourse to justice https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/jun/26/i-wouldnt-have-the-money-to-pay-a-lawyer-tenants-left-without-means-to-sue-rogue-landlords

Under the Tories' inflation crisis, working people are facing the biggest pay cut in years.

They have every right to fight for a fair pay rise and decent conditions.

Working people must not pay the price for Tory failure. https://twitter.com/LouHaigh/status/1539250212472078337

Louise Haigh @LouHaigh

Rail workers kept our country going during the pandemic.

They deserve fair pay and respect.

Grant Shapps should get around the table with them and resolve this dispute.

The Tories now face a credible Labour party: a government-in-waiting with a plan to deliver on the country’s demands.

We will not shy away from that responsibility, duck those challenges or fail to grasp the opportunities our country has.


🔴 EXCLUSIVE: Under-25s were treated like ‘free bodies’ under the government’s £1.9bn Kickstart project.

Our investigation found that the Department of Work and Pensions failed to properly vet employers and consistently flouted its own rules https://bit.ly/3tZwYp4

Grateful as always to @LEASEonline for sending their solicitors to a session I’m running this morning for leaseholders facing major works and service charge issues

As we've all seen, the Transport Secretary can’t run the national railways, let alone London's huge transport system - especially after they've spent the best part of 6 years trying to run it into the ground.

What TfL needs is a long term capital funding deal.

Evening Standard @EveningStandard

A leading London MP on says the Government should consider taking Transport for London out of Sadiq Khan’s hands 🚏 https://bit.ly/3HPjamH

Our essential bus routes are still under threat from cuts to TfL ordered by Conservative ministers.
You can help us save them - sign our petition now!

The cost of living crisis is being made worse by ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ ‘s poor trade deal with the EU new research from ⁦@resfoundation⁩ finds today with workers on av £470 a year worse off & long term damage to Britain’s openness and competitiveness https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jun/22/brexit-is-making-cost-of-living-crisis-worse-new-study-claims?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

We’ve hit the ground running & it’s only just the beginning. By pivoting the priorities of @CityWestminster to focus on better outcomes for residents, whether that’s tackling cost of living or putting them at the heart of the climate transition, we’ll build a fairer Westminster.

Judges, enemies of the people. Lawyers, friends of the people traffickers and illegal immigrants. Human rights, unnecessary protections for foreign criminals. Government systematically destroying or undermining our most basic constitutional protections. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/06/21/new-bill-rights-gives-britain-power-overrule-european-judges/

Really not a fan of all this morally loaded "workers must show pay restraint" rhetoric. It's entirely rational for people facing 10% inflation to try to get a pay rise. Tell them no if you want, but don't tell them they were wrong to even ask.

Totally agree in a free and democratic society workers must always have the right to take industrial action & when those calling the shots refuse to meet it is hard to see what other option there is. Ministers must get to the negotiating table so people have no further disruption https://twitter.com/AngelaRayner/status/1539166668584255489

Angela Rayner 🌹 @AngelaRayner

Workers have been left with no choice.

No one takes strike action lightly. I will always defend their absolute right to do so for fairness at work.

The PM needs to do his own job. His Government caused this. Now they must solve it.

I am one of almost 100 Labour women MPs who have written to Boris Johnson today urging him to block new rules which threaten the rights of rape survivors to seek counselling before their attackers go on trial. No survivor should ever have to choose between therapy and justice.

Children from low income or unemployed households are locked out of 30 hours funded childcare provided by the Government. @LEYFonline want to give every child the best start. Donate today & @ChildhoodTrust will double the donation. #ChampionsforChildren https://bit.ly/3tohb2M

Strong support for ⁦@CityWestminster⁩ Have raised exactly this issue with government and directly with Flood Re. Existing scheme doesn’t work for London #floods https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/westminster-council-government-flooding-insurance-b1006659.html

Not one, not two but three Parliamentary contributions today, all housing related: on proposals for reform of the rented sector, on the catastrophic private+public failures revealed by the Grenfell disaster + on the government’s continuing failure to control the short-let sector

The Conservatives first promised to do this three years ago.

They promised 'Renters' Reforms' in the 2021 Queen's Speech, yet failed to deliver.

Struggling renters need emergency legislation to protect them not a White Paper and further consultation. https://twitter.com/BBCNews/status/1537222934460350464

BBC News (UK) @BBCNews

Renting: No-fault evictions to be banned in England https://bbc.in/3zGmVc5

Excited to be at this launch with @LM_Westminster @maxpsullivan @RyanJudeGreen @JSmallEdwards and a very decent local attendance. I did a 2 week stint with a portable air monitor a while back, and it was both scary and educational. This project will really help us raise awareness

CleanAirBayswater @AirBayswater

Very excited about our Clean Air Bayswater Launch next week -Wed 15 June 7-8pm

"Labour will stop this policy. We will campaign to stop it now"

Shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock says Rwanda asylum plan is "unworkable, it is profoundly wrong and it is extortionately expensive"

The full @YvetteCooperMP take-down of the #Rwanda policy, is the most thorough, detailed and florid dismantling of gov't policy I've seen in many years.

Worth watching in full and sharing. Patel reduced to gurning. I won't quote from it, because every line is quotable. ~AA

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