Jonathan Ashworth is MP for Leicester South

What has Jonathan Ashworth been up to today?

Jonathan Ashworth is MP for Leicester South and a member of the Labour party.

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It was pleasure to drop into Eyres Monsell coffee morning with @laurielorry recently.

It’s clear pensioners are really struggling with the rising costs of everything especially after Boris Johnson broke his promise on the pension triple lock.

I’ll always fight for retirees.

The Conservatives are soft on rape, soft on rapists and they don’t like to face the fact that they’re letting sex offenders off and letting survivors down. No-one is going to stop me from standing up for victims.


Now British Airways should do the same - restore the pay of your loyal workforce which is rightfully theirs, and settle this dispute.

And then Tory Ministers should finally ban shameful fire and rehire for good, so no workforce is ever put in this position again.

Trades Union Congress @The_TUC

Unite WIN 🚨: 'Game-changing' pay deal secured for Heathrow cabin crew. 👏

Tory Ministers & MPs trying to silence women for pointing out their appalling record on convicting rapists, is as low as it gets.

The only people who should apologise for the failure to prosecute criminals and failure to give victims justice is this Government. #VAWG

Deborah was phenomenal. It was a privilege to talk to her about cancer care albeit over zoom in the pandemic where she lit up the screen!

She inspired so many. Deborah’s legacy must lead to a sea change in improved cancer care. I send my love to her family. RIP Deborah James.

BBC News (UK) @BBCNews

Dame Deborah James dies aged 40

If this Government genuinely believed it was on target to end roughsleeping by 2024, why is Michael Gove attempting to bring back the Vagrancy Act of 1824 to re-criminalise it?

☎️ 470,000 mental health 999 calls each year.
🚑 Thousands going to A&E in a mental health crisis.
⏳ Some children stuck in A&E for days waiting for a mental health bed.

The Government needs to get a grip of the mental health crisis across our country.

It was an honour to walk @simonlightwood into the Commons Chamber to take his seat today after his by-election success in Wakefield on Thursday.

Proud to be part of this historic @UKLabour victory, I know Simon will be an excellent MP for Wakefield.

At @EMCYP_ food bank with @laurielorry hearing how more & more desperate families on Eyres Monsell- often in work - are using food bank because of cost of living crisis.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Workers deserve fair pay rises & social security should tackle poverty.

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🦊 #IndiaTourMatch | #LEIvIND | #TeamIndia

The Tories now face a credible Labour party: a government-in-waiting with a plan to deliver on the country’s demands.

We will not shy away from that responsibility, duck those challenges or fail to grasp the opportunities our country has.

This is a brave & touching interview from @sajidjavid.

So many families are impacted by suicide and mental health issues.

Speaking out about family circumstances is hard but I know from my own experience of speaking about addiction it’s so important.

#ArmedForcesDay is a day to thank the extraordinary men and women in our Armed Forces community.

We are grateful for your professionalism, dedication, and exceptional service to our country.

Thank you!👏🏼🙏


Today on #ArmedForcesDay, we celebrate the special service our UK Forces personnel, veterans, and their families give to our country.

From helping Britain through Covid to keeping us safe and protecting our NATO allies, Labour is deeply proud of you. Thank you.

Today's devastating Supreme Court decision is a massive setback for women's rights in the United States of America.

The right of women to make their own decisions about their own bodies is a fundamental human right.

.@SpeakerPelosi on overturning Roe: "The hypocrisy is ranging, but the harm is endless. What this means to women is such an insult. It's a slap in the face to women about using their own judgement to make their own decisions about reproductive freedom."

Inspirational to meet @jamilaslegacy at Highfields Library who do brilliant work offering mental health support in the community.

Ensuring people can access good mental health support is a driving priority of mine.

I’m looking forward to working closely with this project.

Keir Starmer and Simon Lightwood greet Labour activists in Ossett. Starmer say the result in Wakefield is “vindication” of the party’s progress in the last two years.

Incredibly proud of the brilliant @simonlightwood - Labour MP for Wakefield.

The biggest ever majority on the current boundaries.

This historic result shows the progress we’ve made towards forming the next Labour government.

The body representing 3,000 agency companies wants no part in replacing safety-critical rail workers and hasn't even been consulted.

Operation of 25,000-volt control centres or 140mph train signals by temps? Really?

Bad for workers, business and public.

Good to hear coverage of the UK’s lack of access to the #Horizon science programme on #r4today this morning.

Exactly the sort of area @UKLabour will deliver on by focusing on practical improvements to our trading relationship with the EU

If you live in Wakefield, today is your chance to send a message to the Tories the can’t ignore:

Vote for @SimonLightwood.

Vote for a fresh start.


Exciting redevelopment of St Margaret’s opening Monday, 27 June. A fantastic gateway into city and huge boost for commitment to providing sustainable transport in #Leicester with new #netcarbonzero Bus Station. Congratulations @OweniteAdam and all who helped make it happen.

Thousands of holiday flights cancelled.
People unable to renew their passports.
Biggest rail strike in a generation.

The Tories simply aren’t doing their job.


About to debate the Social Security (Additional Payments) Bill.

Cost of living rising rapidly & pensioners, children& disabled facing more hardship & poverty we’ve pushed for support.

Payments are needed but there are still problems with govt scheme:

"Johnson wants you to think his failing government is handling the economy well. That is yet another lie. The Tories are overseeing a criminal waste of Britain’s potential," @Alison_McGovern writes:

Labour's Louise Haigh says rail strikes represent "a catastrophic failure of leadership" by the government, stating Transport Secretary Grant Shapps "has still not lifted a finger" to resolve them.

@LouHaigh | @grantshapps

"Even at this eleventh hour it is still possible for Grant Shapps to step in."

Shadow Transport Secretary @LouHaigh says a "resolution must be found" to settle rail strikes.


📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

Under the Conservatives:

- 350,000 children are on NHS waiting lists
- 12,000 of them waiting more than a year
- Almost 500 for two years!

Rising child poverty has seen the return of Victorian diseases and massive health inequalities.


"We are leaderless at the moment, but not powerless"

Former UK PM Gordon Brown says world leaders could come together to tackle high oil prices, the food supply crisis and rising inflation


5 days to go to win in Wakefield.

People from across Wakefield and beyond are coming together to campaign for @simonlightwood.

The people of Wakefield deserve better than Boris Johnson’s lies and broken promises.


Fantastic to be back in Wakefield with Labour’s brilliant candidate @SimonLightwood.

This Thursday is Wakefield’s chance for a fresh start.

A chance to send a message to the Tories that they can’t ignore: Wakefield deserves better.


A beautiful morning in Wakefield with @simonlightwood @Keir_Starmer and @JonAshworth

The 🌞 was out and so were the @UKLabour activists ready to turn Wakefield red on Thursday!

Made by two #Leicester film makers, about the inspirational @SianLord89 from @dmuleicester and playing at @PhoenixLeic on 15th July… it’s proper a “Lesta” production. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh and you’ll look at life differently.Come see #Documentary #film #amputee #fridayfilm

No Fare Documentary @NoFareFilm

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I know the challenges we face can be overcome if government works hand in hand with business.

It’s a partnership that can be the route out of the low growth we’re facing, towards a dynamic economy where opportunity is shared.

My @thetimes piece today.

What a pleasure to catch up with @michaelwoodnz @nzlabour Employment Minister visiting London today.

Great to discuss similar objectives - creating good quality jobs, supporting people into work, economic recovery and strengthening the links between UK & NZ Labour parties.

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