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John Healey is MP for Wentworth and Dearne and a member of the Labour party.

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Our servicemen and women in the Armed Forces defend our democracy and our country.

Their role is the ultimate public service – and no matter how adversaries seek to undermine our beliefs, we will always believe that our country is worth defending.

Govt plans to cut 10,000 soldiers over next three years are "embarrassing" says @JohnHealey_MP

The shadow defence secretary is calling for a defence spending review

#KayBurley UF

The Conservatives have weakened the foundations of our Armed Forces since 2010:

❌40,000 troops cut
❌1/5 surface fleet taken out of service
❌200 planes axed in the past 5 years
❌Service satisfaction fall below 50%

Defence needs a reboot and we expect more from Ministers.

During #ArmedForcesWeek we have spoken with #veterans about their experiences of #homelessness and specialist support.

Please watch our short film where veterans highlight the significance and perilous future of veteran-specific supported accommodation.

Great new scheme that recognises how our Forces personnel are highly skilled individuals with plenty to offer once they leave the Armed Forces. The Government should learn some lessons from schemes like this.

Labour’s commitment to NATO is unshakable. As the Madrid Summit for NATO’s next Strategic Concept begins today, we need this 10 year plan to spell out how the Alliance will respond to increasing threats to our security – a thread 👇

Labour’s commitment to NATO is unshakeable.

Ahead of NATO’s Madrid Summit this week to agree its next 10 year plan to respond to increasing threats, we have deep pride in Labour’s past in forging the Alliance. My interview today 👇

"Labour stands behind each and every member of our forces community, and thanks them for their commitment and duty – today and always."

My Labour List article as we mark Armed Forces Day this weekend👇

Big thanks to our great Labour team out together today for our latest community canvass. And big ‘thank you’ also to all the residents who gave us their time and views when we called…


Today, on #ArmedForcesDay we thank our Armed Forces for keeping us safe and for their service on the front line.

A Labour government would make sure our veterans get a better deal with fair access to the housing and the services they deserve.

Today on #ArmedForcesDay, we celebrate the special service our UK Forces personnel, veterans, and their families give to our country.

From helping Britain through Covid to keeping us safe and protecting our NATO allies, Labour is deeply proud of you. Thank you.

Britain has a moral duty to help those Afghans who risked their lives to work alongside UK Forces in Afghanistan.

Ministers must fix failings in the MoD’s special Afghan scheme, with just 2 of over 3000 applications since April processed.

Huge congratulations to @SimonLightwood - Labour’s new MP for Wakefield!

A historic victory — this city deserved a fresh start, and you delivered it.

Wakefield is the birthplace of the next Labour government.

Britain has a moral duty to help those Afghans who supported UK Forces in Afghanistan. But ministers have confirmed just 2 ARAP applications have been processed since April.

I've written to the Defence Secretary to ask why this scheme's been neglected and ground to a halt.

Ministers are failing Afghans who supported our Armed Forces.

With only 2 out of 3,000 cases processed in two months, the Government is simply not dealing with ARAP applications fast enough. Ministers must fix this scheme.

On Day 117 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Labour’s full support for military assistance to Ukraine continues. New plans to train Ukrainians are exactly what are needed – but we also to hear from Gov what NATO stock has been provided and if new contracts have been signed.

Visiting NATO Allied Maritime Command, I spoke to our troops about the situation in Ukraine and the need to bolster Britain’s defence and security at home and abroad.

Labour’s commitment to NATO is unshakeable. We stand with our allies against Putin's illegal war in Ukraine.

As #ArmedForcesWeek begins, @Keir_Starmer and I visited NATO Allied Maritime Command & Permanent Joint HQ today to thank troops for their service to our national and NATO commitments.

But concerns are growing about the UK meeting these. That's why Ministers must halt Army cuts.

Today, ahead of Armed Forces Day, I was proud to lead a ceremony in Parliament to say a very big thank you to the Armed Forces. I was joined by the incredible Voices of Armed Forces Children Choir @NeverSuch choir and colleagues from across the estate.

The helpline for Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination in the Armed Forces receives the equivalent of over a call a day.

Ministers must do more to protect our service personnel👇

So privileged to have joined two deeply moving commemorations today … 40th Anniversary of Falklands liberation ⁦@PoppyLegion⁩ and 5th Anniversary of Grenfell fire ⁦@GrenfellUnited⁩

On this 40th Anniversary, we remember the sacrifice in defence of the Falklands and reaffirm the significance of the Islands to our future security. My article today👇

Today marks 40 years since the end of the Falklands War.

Our partnership with the Falkland Islands is one of unshakeable respect and friendship which will always endure.

In the past week, two Brits have faced a show-trial in Ukraine and a British veteran has been reportedly killed. But Defence Ministers can't even tell us how many former British personnel are in the country.

NATO will soon agree its next 10 year plan. But we are yet to hear from Ministers:

➡️If Def Sec warned HMT that UK risks missing the 2% spending target
➡️What will happen to AJAX so the Army can fulfil its NATO commitments
➡️A vision so UK remains NATO’s leading European nation

Our troops fulfil the ultimate public service to protect our nation, and should not need to take on second jobs flipping burgers to pay their bills.

First time figures revealed by Labour show that Ministers are forcing up to 70,000 veterans to rely on universal credit during the cost of living crisis 👇🏻

The UK is the only atomic test nation with no official recognition or compensation for nuclear test veterans. This meeting is a good start - but the PM must right this historic wrong.

Thanks to @RLong_Bailey for her continued campaigning on this issue.

Our Armed Forces are essential to our national resilience, as well as our national defence, as we've seen during the pandemic.

But Ministers are still pushing ahead with further cuts of 10000 troops to the British Army. They must halt these cuts now.

This is an appalling breach of international law by the rogue Russian regime or Putin's puppets.

Prisoners of war are entitled to combatant immunity.

The FCDO must urgently provide support to the soldiers' families.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker, for hosting the commemoration ceremony on the 40th anniversary of the Falklands war.

HRH The Princess Royal, veterans and MPs came together to remember those whose lives were impacted and pay tribute to our armed forces who served.

📸 @Jess__Taylor__

The Queen’s sense of duty and commitment to Her people have made our country a better place.

This weekend, on the #PlatinumJubilee, we celebrate Her Majesty.

Dither and delay at the MOD means the new Chinook helicopters will now cost the taxpayer an additional £300 million. Incompetent and wasteful Ministers are repeatedly failing British Forces and British taxpayers

Too often Boris Johnson’s big plans aren’t matched by delivery…

Our defence sector provides vital jobs across the UK - as @peterkyle and I saw when we visited Thales Belfast yesterday where NLAWs are made.

NLAWs have been key military assistance sent from the UK to Ukraine, and Labour fully backs this support continuing.

To start, a Labour Government would:

✅Conduct a new strategic defence review with people and threats at the heart of plans
✅Halt Army cuts
✅Aim to contribute a warfighting division to NATO well before 2030
✅Commission the NAO to conduct an audit of MOD waste

European countries have rebooted defence plans in response to Putin’s war in Europe.

But Ministers have taken no action. They must rectify flaws in the Integrated Review, review defence spending, reform procurement, rethink army cuts, & reinvigorate UK leadership in NATO.

Threats to our security are growing and diversifying. But Ministers are still:

➡️Not halting cuts of 10000 troops
➡️Delaying a modern warfighting division until 2030
➡️Not publishing a resilience strategy
➡️Still cutting £1.7Bn from MOD spending
➡️Failing to fix procurement

The Government has left UK Armed Forces with weakened foundations and must reboot defence plans in response to the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

I will be outlining what Labour wants next for Britain’s defence policy at @ChathamHouse this morning 👇🏻

The Foreign Affairs Committee's report on Afghanistan is clear - shortcomings with the ARAP scheme before Kabul fell led to "many waiting for a response until it was too late". But the scheme is still failing those who supported UK troops.

Forces' satisfaction with pay has slumped.

But amid a cost-of-living crisis, Ministers are pushing ahead with a £1.7Bn real-terms cut in day to day MOD spending.

This means less money for pay and the Defence Secretary should never have agreed to it.

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