Ian Byrne is MP for Liverpool, West Derby

What has Ian Byrne been up to today?

Ian Byrne is MP for Liverpool, West Derby and a member of the Labour party.

Ian Byrne has 38200 followers on Twitter.

Mick Lynch of the @RMTunion gives his support to @unisontheunion care workers on strike in St Monica’s Trust.

The media has tried to pit rail and care workers against each other – but it’s the same fight.


Unite secured a game-changing deal for their members working on the SAS Connect contract. This outstanding result is a reminder of what can be achieved when a well-organised, unionised workforce stands together. @DaveWardGS @CWUnews @NWCWU


Every single time workers have to pay the price.

Financial crisis. Climate crisis, pandemic, Brexit.

Well no more. The line is drawn.

There needs to be a serious rebalancing of wealth and power in the UK.

Join a union.

If Priti Patel's ban on peaceful protests had been in place earlier, trade unions would be illegal, women wouldn't have the vote, and the poll tax would still be in place

Our food collection with @Tesco starts on Thursday! 🌱

Keep an eye out for our collection point in Deysbrook Tesco and please consider putting an extra tin in the trolley to support us.

Every donation will make a massive difference to people in hardship across North Liverpool💚

Today I have written to the French Sports Minister to ask her to present evidence of her repeated claim that up to 40K fans with fake tickets tried to enter the Stade de France at the UEFA Champions League final in May or retract her comments and issue a full apology to fans.

For any parents wanting to improve their awareness surrounding their children's mental health, there is a free workshop this Friday, 1st July. Details below. #childrensmentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

Today the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act comes into law and can be enforced by police forces around the country.

This Act criminalises the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller way of life & will have an incredibly negative impact on the mental & physical wellbeing of GRT communities.

The first national telecoms ballot since 1987 closes on Thursday.

Thousands of lone workers, home workers and call centre workers.

A massive logistical challenge but one we have risen to.

We can never accept imposition from the employer.

Get your ballots back.

Vote YES

Just today we’ve had a Tory MP suggest women should not be able to make decisions about their own bodies, we’ve had a protestor the government doesn’t like apprehended by police and we’ve been told that only the Prime Minister can approve an investigation into his own conduct

Rest in peace Deborah James. What an incredible, fierce, bright and brilliant woman. An absolutely extraordinary campaigner. Thank you for your rebellious hope and the millions you have inspired @bowelbabe Thinking of your many loved ones ♥️

"It is absolutely disgraceful that the Westminster government should have announced its intention to do this without a single word to the Welsh government, without a single word to the Welsh Parliament

"Of course we will resist it."

We may not have sunshine today but we have all the freshness and goodness at @FazakerleyComm2 @SFoodbanks #RightToFood #FeedingLiverpool #Community ❤️💙

Strike ballot begins today for 115,000 Postal workers.

Inflation (RPI) is 11%, Royal Mail have imposed 2%. any additional increase is conditional on worse terms and conditions. £400 million created by posties was paid to shareholders!

#Solidarity with @CWUnews & @RMTunion

The decimation of legal aid doesn't just leave lawyers earning below minimum wage, it rigs the justice system in the interests of the wealthy and powerful – that’s why criminal barristers are on strike.


"The dam of lies and smears is broken" - West Derby's @IanByrneMP responds after the French interior minister apologised to "everyone who suffered from bad management" at the #ChampionsLeagueFinal.

Gerald Darmanin hasn't said sorry for claims of 'industrial scale ticket fraud'

We shouldn’t underestimate the significance of this. A week after the SOS @LiverpoolDSA & @FansEurope told the truth at the Senate an ‘apology’ has followed. However deflecting blame isn’t acceptable. Our basic demand remains, a fully independent investigation is essential #YNWA https://twitter.com/rtlfrance/status/1541662496800620545

RTL France @RTLFrance

Incidents du Stade de France : "Je m'excuse contre tous ceux qui ont subi cette mauvaise gestion", @GDarmanin dans #RTLMatin avec @VenturaAlba

@doctorlaub @ChrisKirkland43 @HillsboroughSu1 @LFC @Everton @walkingsbrill @gantrycranes @hotelanfield @soliv21 @rosste @JoDQC @PD07LFC @HatwellJames @AlexCousins7 @keith_salmon @paddyjamessmith We've 140 people working hard, some amazing companies sponsoring us (like yourself) & generous people who just want to help. Cant wait for Saturday. We are giving something back too with many donations being made before the start to @SFoodbanks. These people look after their own!

We've just released £10 tickets for our BIG Comedy Night on 12th July!
£10 tickets for RMT/CWU/GMB/Unite/DiEM25 members, NHS workers and low earners...
Book now:

Later today we will be launching our radical basic income pilot.

Simply put – this scheme gives care leavers a guaranteed monthly income to help set them on a path to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

We'll explain in more detail in today’s press conference.

Violence keeps impacting those who strive for social justice in Colombia.

Juan David Ochoa, a young activist, was killed today in Antioquia.

He had campaigned for @PactoCol, the coalition of new president @petrogustavo.

Juan’s partner and father were badly hurt in the attack.

Breaking strikes using agency workers is recklessly gambling with public safety – via @LabourList https://labourlist.org/2022/06/breaking-strikes-using-agency-workers-is-recklessly-gambling-with-public-safety/

This is an attack on democracy, an attack on working people, an attack on our Trade Unions and an affront to devolution.

It is totally unacceptable and I will be joining colleagues in Wales to do everything in my power to stop this.

#JoinAUnion https://twitter.com/BBCWalesNews/status/1541472021174943747

BBC Wales News @BBCWalesNews

UK ministers plan to undo a law on how trade unions operate in Welsh public services

Thanks to @BBCTheOneShow for speaking with @sabineegoodwin about the challenges our members are facing as they reach breaking point and yet more people seek their help. We're urging the UK Government to ensure that people have enough money to be able to afford food #CashFirst

This Friday is the tenth Anne Williams Golf Day (@annewilliamsgo2) with this year's chosen charity being the brilliant Inclusive Hub (@liamstarkey) https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/annewilliamsgolfday

Support for @SFoodbanks continues too & whatever you can spare would be massively appreciated ❤️🔥💙

I'm striking because nobody should have their legal representative turn up to their trial when they might have had 2-3 hours sleep, they're on £12,200 pa, they're burning or are already burnt out, they've only had the papers since 6pm the night before, and the £75 trial fee... 1.

Striking Barristers joined today on picket line by @RMTunion ✊
Tory efforts to demonise striking workers have failed.
Strikes don’t pit barrister versus railway worker, or postie versus cleaner.
ALL workers have a right to a fair day’s pay for a day’s work.

This is a lie.

81.5% voted for this action.

There is no “15% pay rise” on offer.

There is no “£7,000 more a year”.

Junior criminal barristers will remain on less than minimum wage.

Read the truth here: https://twitter.com/barristersecret/status/1541314822222004224?s=21&t=q_-Tao58ThnYSDtrBibn9Q https://twitter.com/dominicraab/status/1541341821258833920

Dominic Raab @DominicRaab

Soldarity with @TheCriminalBar members on strike this week ✊

"barristers suffered an average fall of 28% in their real earnings since 2006 and juniors in their first 3 years of practice earned a median income of just £12,200, below the minimum wage"

This summer Liverpool City Council will be providing a £135 food voucher for every Liverpool resident Free School Meal child.

If you believe your Liverpool resident child is entitled to FSM please make sure you have applied by 5pm on 28/6/22


Last week the @Conservatives legislated to bring in agency workers to break strikes, now the @LibDems are proposing that the Army should do the same.
It is quite clear that these people do not stand with the workers of this country.
Never has it been more important to #JoinAUnion

We have mapped over 5⃣0⃣0⃣ strikes in >2 years.

⛱️The summer of discontent has meant our map is struggling with the amount of action and visitors.

🆘We need your help to save strike map🆘

Donate now to save our map here>>https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/save-strike-map-uk/

#strikemapuk #savestrikemap

"You have the power. A wheel doesn't turn. A light doesn't go on without us."

Speaking at the @RMTunion rally at King's Cross, Mick Lynch calls on workers of the UK to unite and demand better conditions for all

Hang on, where is the liberal outrage about @munirawilson, @LibDems spokesperson for Education, actually saying that the army should be brought in to break a strike? This hasn’t happened since the 1926 General Strike. Absolutely scandalous thing to say.

A serious government ends austerity & wage freezes ensuring nurses are not using foodbanks.
A serious government tackles rogue employers who have created Victorian style poverty through poor working conditions.
A serious government represents the many not the few.

When I started nursing ( 80’s) we had changing rooms, laundered uniforms, free parking, cooked meals ( even on night duty) staff rooms. What happened? We were made to feel valued and appreciated. #SaveOurNHS

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