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Holly Lynch is MP for Halifax and a member of the Labour party.

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Standards falling across government with a Prime Minister who never sticks to the rules.

Yesterday the Policing Minister made cheap political attacks and broke parliamentary convention, because he has nothing to say about rising crime and falling convictions.

What a great read and blue print for our towns #TheEconomicsOfBeingNice from @chrissands100 and the #TotallyLocally gang.
(Love the take on Calderdale’s weather!)

In response to my written question, Minister says we have coordinated with allies inc. Canada on sanctions, but will not say if we have asked for their evidence given they have sanctioned Alexander Lebedev, nor an explanation as to why we still haven't if that is the case?

Yesterday I responded for @UKLabour in the Westminster Hall debate on the Rights of Children in Police Custody. It was good to share some of the research undertaken by @wy_vru on the relationship between young people and violence, in order to protect both them and the public.

All credit to the incredible Lissie Harper for her powerful campaign to see #HarpersLaw become a reality. It was an honour to see her again today in Parliament.

If there’s a music venue of the year award then @ThePieceHall wins hands down. Halifax having its own Glasto with Noel Gallagher, Nile Rodgers, Pete Tong, Paul Weller, Paloma Faith and Duran Duran appearing in the space of a fortnight. Incredible. 💪❤️👌

Lol Dominic Raab saying they are focused on crime fighting which is a weird focus because crime is up 18% and charging and conviction is down 18%. Not the go to I'd think if you are claiming to be good on delivery.

Restricting women’s access to safe and legal abortion puts women’s lives and safety at risk.

As Labour’s Health Secretary, I will always support a woman’s right to choose.

Solidarity with women across the USA fighting back. https://twitter.com/ewarren/status/1540345157282922496

Elizabeth Warren @ewarren

In the face of this dark post-Roe reality, I have three words: Hold onto hope. Do not give into despair. Here’s how I’m staying in the fight:

Thanks to @TogetherHousing and partners from @Calderdale for showing me around the 83 new homes built at Abbey Park in Illingworth. The development is a mix of 42 3-bedroom houses, 33 2-bedroom houses and 8 2-bedroom bungalows. Quality and affordable housing for North Halifax.

Brilliant to be at @labourforces reception with Shadow Secretary of State for Defence @JohnHealey_MP, @HollyLynch5 & many @UKLabour colleagues. Great atmosphere & so important to recognise the service & commitment of our brave Armed Forces Personnel #ArmedForcesWeek

Massive well done to Haaris and Eesaa from @HalifaxAcademy_ for their presentation at the national final of the #SolutionsForThePlanet’s Big Ideas Programme in Parliament today!

"They've been asleep at the wheel for 12 years," says Shadow Health Sec @wesstreeting MP.

❌DIY dentistry that belongs in the Victorian era

❌ 2-year waiting lists

❌An exodus of dentists from the NHS

For the sake of millions, Ministers must do more than tweak a broken system

It has become almost impossible to see an NHS dentist under this Government. The contract system has broken NHS dentistry, forcing dentists out of the NHS, leaving adults and children unable to get the treatment they need. I ask to Minister to please, please fix it:

An absolute demolition job on the Conservative record on access to Dentists in West Yorkshire from my Bradford East neighbour @Imran_HussainMP in the chamber just now.

.@HollyLynch5 forensically questions @DamianHinds. “Canada have recently announced sanctions against Alexander Lebedev. I've asked the Govt this question 6 times. Did the PM meet with Lebedev during the Salisbury poisonings in April 2018?

Canada has sanctioned Alexander Lebedev on a list of 14 people it says has ‘directly enabled Putin’s senseless war in Ukraine.’

At today’s Home Office Qs, I ask for the 7th time, did Boris Johnson meet with him without officials, during the Salisbury poisoning? No answer.

An inspirational evening at the #WYPAwards22. A privilege to present the award for Special Constable of the Year award and meet Jade Craven from Calderdale, nominated for the Student Officer of the Year award.

Samuel Webster founded Webster's Brewery in 1838 from Halifax’s very own, Fountain Head Pub and Brewery.

It’s been a pleasure to talk through plans for the pub to be owned by the community with Dave this morning.

A lovely visit to #TheLittleBoxCompany this morning who provide messy play opportunities for children 0-12, to discuss how the energy crisis is affecting both them, and their customers. Do pay them a visit at Asquith Bottom Mill in SB with your little ones. More info on Facebook!

Thank you to all those schools who took part in the competition to design ⁦@ThePieceHall’s new Jubilee⁩ plaque. Some stunning designs!

11-year-old Halifax school pupil announced as winner of Jubilee plaque competition | Halifax Courier https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/news/people/11-year-old-halifax-school-pupil-announced-as-winner-of-jubilee-plaque-competition-3732799

I’ve always felt the photos of Jo doing the charity Tug of War captured her so well.

Working with others from across the benches, full of fun but still giving it absolutely everything.

Today and always; “We have far more in common than that which divides us”

It was really good to see @HOT_CEO_Halifax Alison Haskins in Parliament this week with the @right_hereUK campaign, showcasing the even greater potential of organisations like @HalifaxOppTrust if we can empower them further.

This Government is presiding over #BacklogBritain

At the worst possible time, the costs for Home Office failure are being passed on to families desperate to have their passports processed. Ministers must deliver better.

The @Conservatives’ have manufactured a row on their Rwanda plan that they know is unethical, unworkable and extortionate as a distraction.

This Government has turned its back on solutions and abandoned all decency and common sense.

There is no point in Govt blaming anyone else but themselves.

Ministers are pursuing a policy they know isn’t workable & that won’t tackle criminal gangs.

But they still paid Rwanda £120m & hired a jet that hasn’t taken off because they just want a row & someone else to blame.

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