Hilary Benn is MP for Leeds Central

What has Hilary Benn been up to today?

Hilary Benn is MP for Leeds Central and a member of the Labour party.

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The climate emergency is the gravest threat we face and this report is proof of the Conservatives' failure to act.

The British people are paying the price of this failure today in higher bills, and future generations will pay the price tomorrow too.


The 2022 @theCCCuk progress report finds:

❌ Current government policies “will not deliver net zero”
❌ Only 8 of 50 key indicators on track, with 11 significantly off track
❌ No credible plans exist for 61% of required emissions cuts

The Conservatives are failing on climate.

Britons continue to think that Brexit is going badly

Going well: 16%
Going badly: 54%
Neither: 20%


Great day at Beeston Festival, the park was buzzing! Massive thanks to the @BeestonFestival committee and all the other volunteers that helped make it happen!

On the #teamlabour stall we had some great conversations about our area. #localdemocracy

Britain’s armed forces are the best in the world — today, on #ArmedForcesDay, we thank both those serving and our veterans for their service.

Most of the rail network is already publicly owned and it’s now time to bring back the rest. Money from the Treasury should not be going to the shareholders of private train companies when rail workers have seen their real pay cut. Why not use it to fund a fair settlement?

Preparation well underway for this year’s @Leeds_WF with the ever-popular Dragonboat Races and lots else. Come on down to @LeedsDock

The only way to resolve the rail dispute is for ministers to get around the table with the @RMTunion and the employers and agree a fair pay deal and no compulsory redundancies. So instead of attacking rail workers, the Transport Secretary should get on and do his job.

Today's devastating Supreme Court decision is a massive setback for women's rights in the United States of America.

The right of women to make their own decisions about their own bodies is a fundamental human right.

Lovely to visit @The_Tetley just now to catch up on future plans with @BryonyBond1 and to see the wonderful TinyTetley play space. Come on down and find out what’s on.

Great to be at the @HealthforAllLds AGM at the Tenants Hall in Middleton this morning. A simply wonderful organisation that is working hard to change lives for the better.

Politics rarely delivers unequivocal moments. Yesterday was one such. Labour achieved a much bigger swing in Wakefield than even we thought possible and the Tories were still briefing they might win in Tiverton yesterday morning. Voters dealt Johnson a decisive blow.

Thanks to @GoogleCloud_UKI for supplying @HunsletClub with tickets to the @Lionesses’ game against the Netherlands at Elland Road tomorrow night. It’s great to be able to give young footballers the chance to see the Lionesses in action. Here’s to an England win!

The regional impact is less certain (particularly when it comes to the size of the hit to London). But what is clear is that some of the poorer parts of the country will be worst affected - the North East and Yorkshire top the list

On #Windrushday I’d like to share this picture of me, Emanuel Mitchell, Nelson Mitchell and Mum. When I was a kid the NF smashed their windows, they suffered incredible racism and yet their home was always open to me and many others. Thank you for the love.

“There’s only so long the Govt can hide from these warnings. Denial is not an effective policy. Ministers must review their Brexit deal, reopen conversations with the EU and set out steps they intend to take to make the UK more competitive.” @hilarybennmp

The cost of living crisis is being made worse by ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ ‘s poor trade deal with the EU new research from ⁦@resfoundation⁩ finds today with workers on av £470 a year worse off & long term damage to Britain’s openness and competitiveness https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jun/22/brexit-is-making-cost-of-living-crisis-worse-new-study-claims?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Brexit will leave workers poorer than they would have been and has damaged Britain's competitiveness, new study says http://news.sky.com/story/brexit-will-leave-workers-poorer-than-they-would-have-been-and-has-damaged-britains-competitiveness-new-study-says-12638190

.@BeestonFestival has published it's programme for Saturday and there's certainly plenty for everyone to enjoy

👋 Thank you @hilarybennmp for your support! #MoreInCommon

Join the Great Get Together in Leeds this weekend ⬇️

Liz Truss in the Commons just now, kept telling @hilarybennmp how "clear" she is with regard to the Northern Ireland Protocol. The only thing clear from this exchange is that she has held no talks with the EU and has absolutely no strategy on or pathway to reopening talks. ~AA

The Leeds Central CLP team this morning heading off to knock on doors in Horbury. Lots of support for @simonlightwood #VoteLabour

A huge cheer for @simonlightwood and @Keir_Starmer in Wakefield this morning and a huge turnout to help get Simon elected this Thursday. #VoteLabour

Thinking of our wonderful friend Jo Cox & all her family & friends today.

In West Yorks we lost an amazing champion & pioneer as well as a much loved friend 6 yrs ago. But Jo’s family & community continue to ensure her values, kindness & determination, shine on #moreincommon

Warnings from business groups that the N.I. Protocol Bill risks further damaging trade & investment ought to have been ringing very loud alarm bells. Ministers must commit to publish analysis of the implications of their bill for those whose jobs depend on exports to the E.U.

Our first award of the night is the Heat and Efficiency: Operational Award!

And the winner is...

@VitalEnergi / @LeedsCC_Help / @ener_vateuk!

For their Leeds PIPES Energy from Waste District Heating Project.

Congratulations 🎉

A privilege to attend the Service today to remember all those who gave their lives 40 years ago for the freedom of the Falkland Islands.

Yet more evidence of the impact of the poor deal ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ negotiated with the EU; there are many things Ministers could do to reduce this impact but so far they aren’t prepared to; putting jobs at risk & making the cost of living crisis worse https://www.ft.com/content/2f63ef97-8d49-47a4-accd-4fb2e7ee9a5a

My question to Sajid Javid today asking him when the final go-ahead will be given for work to start on the new Children's Hospital and Adult Hospital Building at the LGI in Leeds. His reply was encouraging.

'The idea that we would make life even more difficult for ourselves economically doesn't make any sense.'

Labour MP Hilary Benn insists that the government's unilateral action on the NI Protocol is fundamentally flawed.

@IainDale | @hilarybennmp

A question. Has the UK ever previously decided to disapply parts of an international treaty it has signed, citing the legal concept of “necessity” as the reason ?

Exclusive: Material leaked to @politicshome this weekend sets up an almighty row when the government publishes its Northern Ireland Protocol legislation, expected tomorrow...

Just short of 800 young people at our football gala today, another amazing event for the club. A big thank you to our brilliant volunteers and staff

“The economic damage that Brexit has caused is becoming clearer and harder to ignore”. Candour and clarity from ITV correspondent. We need an equally honest debate about how to limit the damage going forward. https://www.itv.com/news/2022-06-09/brexit-cost-the-uk-billions-in-lost-trade-and-tax-revenues-research-finds

Today in Kabul, I saw first hand the impact the Government's cuts to humanitarian aid are having on women and children in Afghanistan.

The hopes and aspirations of the brave Afghan women are no different to ours. Our Govt must have women and girls at the heart of its strategy.

Deeply revealing anecdote by @pernilleru in today's panel on the UK-Japan trade deal:

'A Japanese embassy official said to me, "Do the British really want to follow rules?"'

The row with the EU over the NI protocol is about the UK's credibility as a trusted trade partner.

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