Gill Furniss is MP for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough

What has Gill Furniss been up to today?

Gill Furniss is MP for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough and a member of the Labour party.

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Nobody should have to face bullying, but sadly thousands of young people experience it every day.

We can make sure they don't face it alone. Find out about what you can do to help: #SpeakOutAboutBullying

This week I'm proud to support #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek!
Cervical screening (smear tests) can save lives, but 1 in 3 do not attend when invited.
If you have any questions or concerns, @JoTrust have information, tips, and support for you!

As #ArmedForcesWeek begins, @Keir_Starmer and I visited NATO Allied Maritime Command & Permanent Joint HQ today to thank troops for their service to our national and NATO commitments.

But concerns are growing about the UK meeting these. That's why Ministers must halt Army cuts.

Visiting NATO Allied Maritime Command, I spoke to our troops about the situation in Ukraine and the need to bolster Britain’s defence and security at home and abroad.

Labour’s commitment to NATO is unshakeable. We stand with our allies against Putin's illegal war in Ukraine.

🚨 Time is running out for the Tories to avert the rail strike.

The Government has just 24 hours to stop the grandstanding and fix the mess it has created.

Add your name to tell the Tories to avoid the strike. ✍️

NHS waiting times have sky rocketed under the Conservative to record levels. It is unacceptable for people to be left waiting helpless at home for an ambulance. The public and NHS staff, who work incredibly hard, are being failed by this Government.

This is deeply saddening and my thoughts are with the victim's family.

The Government must take urgent action to tackle the dangerous use of e-scooters in public spaces.

Towns and cities across the country have been forced to accept rising fares and cuts to routes for too long.

Labour are changing that.


Andy Burnham @AndyBurnhamGM

Good morning, Greater Manchester.👇🏻😉

I was pleased to speak to Colour Blind Awareness in Parliament this week and discuss how to support children with colour blindness in education. @colourblindorg

As costs soar, funding of just 7 pence extra a meal is pathetic and will do little to ensure children are getting a healthy, balanced meal. My comment in @DailyMirror👇🏻

This is a huge step backwards by a government that is simply not serious about tackling the climate and cost of living crisis.

It is shameful that the UK has become the only major European country without an incentive to make the transition to electric.

Many residents in Hillsborough are concerned about the current re-entry policy for the Tramlines Festival. I share these concerns and have written to the Tramlines team calling on them to change this policy.

I was pleased to speak to the Mental Health Foundation and Marmalade today about combating loneliness this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

The government’s decision to sell off Channel 4 -one of Britain’s cultural crown jewels -will kill off our film industry and cost jobs and businesses in the regions and nations.

My ⁦⁦@yorkshirepost⁩ article on Labour’s debate today in Parliament

Today marks 5 years since 72 people were killed in a fire at Grenfell Tower.

Today we remember the victims and demand action to ensure a similar tragedy can never happen again.

Carole voted Tory in 2019.

She told us that after broken promises from Wakefield’s Tory MP, she feels like she was sold a lie.

On Thursday 23 June, Carole is voting for Labour’s @SimonLightwood for a fresh start for Wakefield.

Threats to our security are growing and diversifying. But Ministers are still:

➡️Not halting cuts of 10000 troops
➡️Delaying a modern warfighting division until 2030
➡️Not publishing a resilience strategy
➡️Still cutting £1.7Bn from MOD spending
➡️Failing to fix procurement

I am proud to support @yorkshireSARAG's #CapeMustPay campaign demanding Cape pay £10million to Mesothelioma research:

These are jaw-dropping sums.

£11 billion lost to fraudsters and criminals and now this.

Labour will get a grip of this Conservative government’s wasteful spending and treat taxpayers’ money with the respect it deserves.

When it comes to Levelling Up, this Government is all talk and no action.

Watch my speech in yesterday's debate on the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill below 👇

Education is about opportunity.

The opportunities we give all our children
to explore and develop,
to achieve and thrive,
to have happy and healthy childhoods.

Here's how Labour's Children's Recovery Plan would deliver opportunities for all our children 👇🏼

12 years of Tory sleaze and scandal has eroded public trust.

It’s time to stop the rot.

Labour is the party of honesty, transparency and accountability.

The Tory Party has ignored the British public by backing Boris Johnson.

With my leadership, Labour will put the public first, tackle the cost of living crisis and restore your trust in politics.

The choice is clearer than ever before:

Divided Tories propping up Boris Johnson with no plan to tackle the issues you are facing.

Or a united Labour Party with a plan to fix the cost of living crisis and restore trust in politics.

Labour will get Britain back on track.

It’s clear the levelling up agenda has been dropped by this govt.

The levelling up bill doesn’t have any levelling up in it, just 12 ‘missions’ which minsters can abandon if they can’t achieve them.

If the Tories aren’t going to deliver, Labour will.👇

This plan was in the Tory manifesto in 2015. It was floated again by Michael Gove last month

We need a government with a serious plan to get money back into people’s pockets and make housing more affordable, not one out of ideas that recycles old policies

Labour’s long term plan to tackle the cost of living crisis:

✅ Increase renewable and nuclear energy production
✅ Insulate 19 million homes
✅ Increase onshore and offshore wind capacity
✅ Triple solar power
✅ Cut energy bills

The new ministerial code is a disgrace. It means that the tiny semblance of accountability disappears. If you break the rules just rewrite the rule book is the motto of this despicable government.

Every secondary school pupil will have left by the time the Tories deliver the post-covid tuition they promised. This government’s failure to help children recover lost learning threatens to limit their opportunities for decades to come👇🏻

Charges down, response times up & victims left despairing; BBC investigation shows action on crime getting worse.

With 7000 fewer neighbourhood police, crime rising, more criminals let off & more victims let down, this Govt is badly failing on law & order

📰 READ: it’s important that MP’s don’t spread fake news when it comes to public health issues. Thanks to @MirrorPolitics for covering this; with quote from me. 👇🏻

January 2022: Labour calls for a windfall tax on oil and gas profits to lower energy bills.

Five months later: the Tories finally U-turn.

Their delay has cost British households millions of pounds a day.

The Government has been dragged kicking and screaming to this obvious solution to the cost of living crisis, but why has it taken them so long to bring these plans forward when Labour have been calling for this for 5 months?

First the Tories said they couldn’t introduce a windfall tax because producers were the ones struggling.

Then they called it ‘Unconservative.’

Now Labour has dragged them kicking and screaming to this obvious solution.

Why has it taken them so long while households suffered?

The victim of the disgraced former Wakefield MP told the @Conservatives about sickening child sexual abuse – and they did nothing.

Today Boris Johnson dodged my questions over this shameful failure.

They think victims and the people of Wakefield don't deserve answers.

Work should be a defence from rising cost of living but under Tories:

▪️8 million in in-work poverty

▪️Employment lower than pre pandemic

▪️790,000 people ‘hidden unemployed’

Labour will reform employment support to help provide good well-paid jobs.

📢Applications for the next round of the Production Training Scheme will open on Monday 16th May!

This round will be focused on unscripted production companies🎥

Please keep an eye out on our website for more info:

The failures at the North East Ambulance Service - exposed by the Sunday Times - demand a full inquiry into what went wrong.

Families deserve answers and accountability.

I’ve written to Sajid Javid to this effect.

🔴 Rishi Sunak spends £500,000 of taxpayers’ cash on focus groups ‘to repair his image’

This morning I was really pleased to be invited to @HatfieldAcademy. Its a wonderful school and I loved talking to the children about my role as an MP and all the things they are learning. Thank you for inviting me!

Pothole funding is set to be cut by 30% in real terms over the next five years.

The Government is asleep at the wheel while road users continue to suffer on roads that are not fit for purpose.

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