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Edward Miliband is MP for Doncaster North and a member of the Labour party.

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It's finally happening again after all these years...forget McCartney and the Pyramid Stage...Reasons to be Cheerful LIVE is coming to King's Place in London and you're invited.

As long as Ed and Geoff can find it of course.

Tickets 👉 https://www.kingsplace.co.uk/whats-on/words/reasons-to-be-cheerful-live

Looking forward to my conversation with @hannahmacin at @ThePapersLive this weekend - get your tickets here: https://www.sundaypaperslive.com/tickets

Today's @theCCCuk report is a damning assessment of govt failure to act on the climate crisis.

❌"Major failures in delivery programmes"
❌”Shocking gap” on home insulation
❌”Current strategy will not deliver net zero”

This government is failing current and future generations.

The climate emergency is the gravest threat we face and this report is proof of the Conservatives' failure to act.

The British people are paying the price of this failure today in higher bills, and future generations will pay the price tomorrow too.


The 2022 @theCCCuk progress report finds:

❌ Current government policies “will not deliver net zero”
❌ Only 8 of 50 key indicators on track, with 11 significantly off track
❌ No credible plans exist for 61% of required emissions cuts

The Conservatives are failing on climate.

The Energy Bill is coming soon.

After the Conservatives' decade of failed energy policy, this is an opportunity to cut bills for families, boost green energy to tackle the climate emergency, and deliver energy sovereignty for the UK

Here are 5⃣ things the Bill must do:

Only this Government could design a windfall tax on oil + gas firms which actually hands back £4bn.

Now it turns out that the giveaway applies to expensive, dangerous fracking too.

What a terrible use of public money during a cost of living crisis.


Great to be at #Glastonbury2022 today. Come and see me at the Green Futures Speakers Forum at 2pm talking about the Green New Deal.

I promise I won't sing...

It is appalling that families will pay £2.7bn more on their energy bills because the Conservatives failed to properly regulate the energy market.

They ignored the warnings and allowed fly-by-night firms to take customers' money without proper regulation

Great to be at the @unisontheunion conference today, talking about Labour's Green New Deal, our plan to:

- Fix our broken energy system

- Cut energy bills with cheap, home-grown power and a national home insulation plan

- Create thousands of unionised jobs across the country

What can the wealthy contribute to our society? 💸
@Ed_Miliband and @GeoffLloyd talk tax, change and philanthropy with
@GemmaMcGough member of @PatMillsUK
@steph_brobbey CEO & Founder of the Good Ancestor Movement
@DerekABard CEO @tenyearstimeltd

🎧 https://pod.fo/e/12998c

This is the wrong decision from Government. Doubling down on fossil fuels is not the answer for our country and won’t lower bills.

We need a green energy sprint to cut bills, deliver energy security, and tackle the climate crisis.


I was surprised to learn during @beisgovuk questions today that the Business Secretary opposes the Chancellor’s u-turn on the windfall tax.

Everyday there is more chaos, uncertainty and division from this Government

“Biggest no brainier in policy making today is energy efficiency” @edmiliband echoes @cbitweets @tonydanker as he kicks off the final session of Day 1 at #achievingnetzero

The sting in Rishi Sunak's windfall tax is a huge multi-billion £ tax break for more fossil fuels that excludes renewables

This giveaway is a disaster for the climate. Instead we need a green sprint for homegrown renewables to cut bills and cut emissions


NEW: A third of any revenue from the Chancellor's windfall tax u-turn could go straight back to oil and gas producers in a tax giveaway.

This is a chaotic, incoherent Tory package that:
⁉️ Undermines the windfall tax
⁉️ Incentivises investment in fossil fuels over renewables

I wrote for tomorrow’s Observer about how the Tories can no longer represent British values nor cherish our treasured institutions nor adequately invest in our future, but Labour can. That’s what modern patriotism is. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jun/04/as-we-unite-for-the-jubilee-lets-believe-britains-best-days-are-ahead-not-behind?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_gu&utm_medium&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1654372801

The Green New Deal is the great cause of our time to deliver climate and economic justice. Thanks @sensanders for sharing your thoughts and time.

Thank you @Amprog for a very thought-provoking discussion earlier this week with @Johnpodesta and Emma Rebhorn from @climatejobs. We can and must partner with trade unions to ensure that as we tackle climate change, we build a stronger, fairer economy.

Great to meet White House National Climate Advisor @ginamccarthy46, hearing about how @POTUS’s plans to tackle the climate crisis can build a stronger economy for working people with good jobs and strong trade unions. Labour’s Climate Investment Pledge will do the same for the UK

The Conservatives spent months claiming a windfall tax would hurt oil and gas producers.

Meanwhile the British people suffered from astronomical price rises.

What took them so long?

"The chancellor has finally realised the problems the country is facing"

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves says there is "no doubt about who is winning the battle of ideas in Britain, it is the Labour Party"

Finally. The Government has been forced to u-turn on a windfall tax on oil and gas producers. I want to thank people across the country who have campaigned on this issue for months.


On Friday, the UK govt quietly passed over the chance to save consumers billions off their energy bills by contracting more cheap wind and solar – when many millions of households are facing fuel poverty

Few seem to have noticed



Families are paying higher energy bills as a direct result of Conservative failure.

They have blocked access to the cheapest, cleanest, quickest forms of new power by stopping enough onshore wind and solar energy to power 3m homes.


Energy bills are already sky high for millions of families. This is a social emergency- Government should be taking every measure possible to support the British people, including a windfall tax on oil and gas giants making record profits.

BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking

Energy price cap in UK expected to rise to £2,800 in October - up by more than £800, regulator warns https://bbc.in/3lEf5rq

As if times weren't scary enough already, this will have families and households all over the country terrified about making ends meet. A small reminder that there's still 3 months left before the final decision is made - so it could go even higher than £2,800. Gov must act now. https://twitter.com/PickardJE/status/1529076034267643909

Jim Pickard @PickardJE

if the head of Ofgem is right that household energy bills are currently heading for £2,800 in the autumn that marks a circa £1,700 increase since early 2021, this is a financial tsunami heading towards millions of vulnerable households

It's 136 days since Labour called for a one-off windfall tax on oil and gas profits to lower your energy bills.

Every day the Tories don't act, your bills grow higher. ⏳

A windfall tax on huge energy company profits is urgently needed.

The UK is facing a staggering cost of living crisis, pushing many families to the brink, as these heart-wrenching stories show. Action must be taken immediately to relieve the extraordinary pressure they’re under.

"You’ve raised everybody’s taxes in April and then you’re reducing that same tax in July claiming it’s a tax cut, but it isn’t”

Labour’s @LucyMPowell takes issue with Conservative’s @lucyfrazermp claim that the government is supporting people with the cost of living. #bbcqt

We've only gone and done it! ✅ Doncaster is to become a city!

This is brilliant news for Doncaster. I am utterly delighted that our borough has been recognised in this way as part of the Queen’s Platinum jubilee.

#WeGotItDN #DoncasterIsGreat #CityStatus2022

It’s another day of chaos, confusion and inaction from government on the cost of living crisis.

A paralysed government, an out of touch chancellor, a tin-eared PM and a country deeply suffering from their failure.

The case for a windfall tax is clear- the Tories must act.

Sky News @SkyNews

Splits have emerged between Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak over how to respond to Labour's call for a windfall tax on energy companies https://trib.al/dNS51F6

Our country faces a cost of living crisis, and a growth crisis.

Neither are inevitable but a consequence of Conservative choices.
We need an Emergency Budget now to tackle the cost of living crisis, and we need a real plan for growth.

Tonight Conservative MPs voted against our windfall tax on oil + gas giants making record profits.
This Government will never put working people first, will never stand up to the vested interests, and has no answers to the cost of living crisis.

The Tories have failed to tackle the cost of living crisis and rocketing energy bills.

It is time for a windfall tax on the oil and gas giants making record profits.

It is time to insulate every home that needs it, cutting energy bills.

It is time to back Labour's plan.

It’s time for a windfall tax on oil and gas producers to provide real help to families now. The Chancellor should swallow his pride and get on with it. My speech earlier:

"I think a massive u-turn is lumbering slowly over the hill"

Labour's Ed Miliband tells Chancellor Rishi Sunak to "swallow your pride and get on with" introducing a windfall tax on energy companies - "what is he waiting for?"

A windfall tax on the oil and gas companies making record profits is not just about the cost of living crisis.

It is about who the country is run for.

The Conservatives defend the vested interests rather than stand up for the British people.

It is time for a windfall tax.

Another grim set of wages data.

Real pay ⬇️ £68 a month compared to a year ago.

And still the government is missing in action.

We need an Emergency Budget and windfall tax now.

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