Diana Johnson is MP for Kingston upon Hull North

What has Diana Johnson been up to today?

Diana Johnson is MP for Kingston upon Hull North and a member of the Labour party.

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Chairing the Fifth @CommonsHomeAffs Select Committee evidence session on drugs policy, dealing today with issues such as county lines gangs.

πŸ—£οΈToday at 9.45am we will be questioning our witnesses on the Supply of Drugs and County Lines as part of our inquiry into Drugs.

πŸ“ΊWatch live from 9.45am here: https://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/c0a247f2-e890-490a-85e7-7e205709d510

Now I know why Kruger declined to sign new clause I tabled to #PublicOrderBill proposing that women be able to access abortion clinics without harassment, supported by MPs of 7 parties https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-03/0008/amend/puborder_rm_pbc_0527v2.pdf

Out of step with public opinion and quite frankly disgraceful #BackOff https://twitter.com/mirrorpolitics/status/1541778555088011264

Mirror Politics @MirrorPolitics

Tory MP Danny Kruger says he doesn’t agree that β€œwomen have an absolute right to bodily autonomy".

For those asking about Danny Kruger MP:
Educated - Eton, Edinburgh and Oxford
Has famous mum - Prue Leith
Speechwriter for David Cameron
Supported Brexit
Was political secretary to Boris Johnson
Won Devizes (Wiltshire) seat in 2019
Evangelical Christian

I share my constituent's distress at the deplorable rolling back of women's rights in the United States.

@FCDOtravelGovUK must be updated to reflect the risk that the health care of pregnant women travelling from UK might be compromised by the change in law on abortion in USA

Great to speak at the @TargetOvarian reception today

When more people are aware of Ovarian Cancer symptoms, more lives are saved.

Make sure you're aware of:
πŸ’œ Persistent bloated tummy
πŸ’œ Always feeling full
πŸ’œ Tummy pain
πŸ’œ Needing to wee more

My main contribution in the @HouseofCommons Urgent Question that I secured today on the Far Right threat to women's reproductive healthcare rights following last week's regressive #RoeVWade decision in the US Supreme Court. #WomensRightsAreHumanRights @BPAS1968

Great to hear the Haemophilia Society's chair @Clive_Smith_ talking to @NickFerrariLBC about Sir John Major's evidence to the Infected Blood Inquiry just now. The language our politicians use matters and tells us how much they really understand about those they represent.

Following last week's regressive US Supreme Court decision, today I raised the threat to women's reproductive healthcare rights from the Far Right in the US, UK and around the World.#RoeVWade #WomensRightsAreHumanRights

Very pleased to meet with Rail Trade Unions @RMTunion and @ASLEFunion with @TUCYorksHumber this afternoon in Parliament. Important discussions re future of rail services to #Hull @Hull_Trains @GazJacksonrmt

It’s #WorldWellbeingWeek.

Evidence suggests there are steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Trying these things could help you feel more positive and able to get the most out of life.

For more advice, visit: http://nhs.uk/mental-health/self-help/guides-tools-and-activities/five-steps-to-mental-wellbeing/

Back in London for @bloodinquiry hearings.

Several senior politicians give evidence next week.

Tomorrow, Sir John Major gives evidence to the Infected Blood Inquiry.

A day many have waited decades for…



Articles today reflect on the settled nature of abortion in the UK. @BPAS1968 hasn't settled.
Attitudes to, & laws around, abortion are still underpinned by paternalistic, gendered and judgmental approaches to women, their sexuality, their expected roles as mothers.
Lots to do.

John Major gives evidence to the Infected Blood Inquiry tomorrow from 10am. Press can contact @bloodinquiry to attend - hearings will also be streamed live on the Inquiry YouTube channel. @Factor8Campaign can assist with interview requests for all regions.

We are lucky to live where we are and recognise our American pro-choice colleagues face challenges we never will. But that’s no invitation to rest on our laurels - rather one to turn the UK into a beacon for women’s rights in pregnancy that influences change around the world.

And we’re not immune to increasing incursions on rights and privacy in pregnancy. Look how NICE recently sought to record - without consent - any alcohol consumed in pregnancy. Or the increasing restrictions on life-saving medication for women lest they harm a hypothetical fetus.

Progressive reform - and the successful defence against restrictions to the Abortion Act - hasn’t just happened by chance here. It is down to the commitment and co-operation between hard working women’s groups and championing parliamentarians like @liz_sugg and @DianaJohnsonMP

Agree on the huge difference between the UK and US on abortion.
But when our own Health Secretary recently outlawed safe telemedical abortion services after pro-life lobbying - reinstated only after intense campaigning - there’s no room for complacency.

Precisely 81 years after their death, five Czechoslovak airmen who were shot down near the Dutch village of Nieuwe Niedorp in 1941 have been reburied at the Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery.

Read more here: http://ow.ly/Wjjn50JGHqY

Photo: Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

Pediatrician here. This isn't about babies, because if it were, we'd support kids & families with health care, high-quality education, universal child care, reliable housing, access to healthy food. This is about controlling women's bodies.

I was raped by one of my uncle's. I was 12. My Gran'Mere took me to Arizona to have an abortion. It was her youngest son. No one spoke of it. Staunch Catholic family. I'm 56. I am so thankful I didn't have to raise a baby that was a product of rape. RIP Meem.

A wonderful community get together at 1 Holly Road this morning to celebrate the life and work of Ivy Johns. A true person of the people dubbed β€˜Mrs Exeter’ whose legacy includes Exeter’s Valley Parks. Lovely to be with her family, friends and former colleagues.

Such a salve and an unbelievable privilege to be surrounded by the dignity and resolve of activists from @DemsAbroad @Abortion_Rights @DrsforChoice_UK @WEP_UK this evening ❀️

3 hrs notice and hundreds turned up. We stand in solidarity with πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ women & pregnant people. #RoeVWade

Today on #ArmedForcesDay, we celebrate the special service our UK Forces personnel, veterans, and their families give to our country.

From helping Britain through Covid to keeping us safe and protecting our NATO allies, Labour is deeply proud of you. Thank you.

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