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David Lammy is MP for Tottenham and a member of the Labour party.

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For 1700 days, Jagtar Singh Johal has been in jail without due process.

@TrussLiz must urgently raise this case of arbitrary detention with the Indian government. Jagtar and his family deserve justice.

👏🏿 @AngelaRayner

"My advice to the Deputy Prime Minister is to cut out the snobbery and brush up on his opera. The Marriage of Figaro is the story of a working-class woman who gets the better of a privileged but dim-witted villain."

Those of us in public life should admit our mistakes. That's why I'm apologising to all BA workers for getting it wrong on Sunday.

BA must restore the pay of their loyal workforce - and the gvt must sit down with employers and workers to address chronic low pay in aviation.

Dominic Raab outclassed by @AngelaRayner at #pmqs.

No plan to fix the cost of living crisis, no defence for his PM who has lost the confidence of backbenchers and no explanation why the @Conservatives are cutting the army further.

This time he should have stayed on his sun-bed.

This month I visited Afghanistan. What I saw will stay with me forever. Millions facing starvation; women and girls denied their livelihoods and dignity.

After the government's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, we owe Afghans the support they need.


It’s heart-breaking that 50 years after Roe. V wade, 36 million women in 26 American states have been stripped of their hard-won rights.

We must show women across the US that we feel their pain, and we stand with them in their struggle for the right to choose.

Boris Johnson’s government is intent on making Europe their bogeyman to distract the public from their shortcomings - so much so that they are risking a trade war and the future of the people of Northern Ireland.

A senseless, cowardly attack on a wholly civilian target. Yet more indication of widespread war crimes committed in Ukraine.

My thoughts go out to all those affected.

Those responsible for these atrocities must be held fully accountable.


A question I asked today regarding high rise/high density developments

Negotiate. Just as Labour did to get the Good Friday Agreement. We negotiate.

You do not break international law and alienate our partners and allies not just in Europe but around the world.

Nobody in Wakefield, or anywhere else, thinks Boris Johnson is waking up every morning thinking about their concerns.

He’s got nothing to say about the cost of living, their children falling behind, or queues in the NHS.

That’s why Conservative voters are switching to Labour.

My condolences and prayers to all those affected in Norway by this callous and despicable act of terrorism. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-61933817

This is devastating and will have immense consequences for women across America.

My prayers go out to the millions of women who will be put at increased risk as a result of this cruel and regressive act.

A dark chapter in the history of the US.


Huge congratulations to @simonlightwood on his thumping win.

He will be a fantastic voice for the people of Wakefield🌹

I was incredibly emotional watching the unveiling of the Windrush statue in Waterloo Station this morning.

The fight for justice and compensation for the generation of Black Britons who were detained, deported and denied their rights goes on 🤜🏿

On this day in June 2000 I became an MP. It was the first time I remember going to Westminster, let alone Parliament. I was young, slim and full of optimism. 22 years on I’m a little older and bigger, but I still have hope for our country’s future.

The Windrush generation helped build Britain.

But the Tories' hostile environment left many homeless, jobless and without healthcare. Victims are still waiting for the justice and compensation they deserve.

Windrush descendent @DavidLammy tells their story. #WindrushDay

Emotional to be at the unveiling of the Windrush memorial at Waterloo station. Thinking of my father who arrived here in 1956 and all who came to this country to help rebuild it after WW2. I shall bring my children to see the statue and one day I hope my grandkids #WindrushDay

This is horrendous news. Thinking of all the those who have lost their lives. This will inevitably make the lifesaving work of courageous aid workers on the ground even more difficult.


It's unbelievable that @TrussLiz made no attempt to defends cuts to development aid in the midst of a global food and hunger crisis in FCDO questions today.

Britain should be leading on, not retreating from, the world stage.

The Protocol Bill breaks international law, risks the integrity of the GFA, divides our continent when we should be pulling together against Putin’s war and risks causing new trade barriers.

@TrussLiz must now quit posturing to backbenchers and negotiate a practical way forward.

In an unpredictable world, Britain and Europe must work together and take a consistent approach to geopolitical challenges.

Pleasure to discuss Europe’s geopolitical role at the @ecfr conference in Berlin with @AnnLinde, @W_Schmidt_ , @a_schallenberg and @Haavisto.

Another morning, another horrid queue at airport security! This time at Stanstead. Well done @BorisJohnson. Top marks @pritipatel Welcome to #BacklogBritain

It was an honour to speak at #UNDC22 this week in sunny Brighton.

@unisontheunion has a special place in my heart because it helped my late mother re-qualify after my father left our home when I was 12.

If it wasn’t for Unison and my mum’s hard work, I would not be an MP today.

.@SadiqKhan is right. Deep cultural problems within the Met have been exposed. The new Met Commissioner urgently needs to commit to root and branch reforms, an overhaul of disciplinary processes, and systemic change to rebuild trust for all Londoners.

Thousands of innocent lives have been lost in Ukraine, including hundreds of children.

We must step up our support for President Zelensky and Ukraine’s courageous people in the face of Putin’s barbarism.

Six years ago our colleague and friend, Jo Cox, was murdered.

In Jo’s memory we continue to look ahead with a belief that the world she believed in so passionately remains within our grasp.

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”

This is devastating. Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira were dedicated defenders of indigenous rights and the Amazon.

The FCDO must do all they can to support their families and ensure Brazilian authorities use all the resources necessary to secure justice.

Great to join ⁦@simonlightwood⁩ campaigning in Wakefield this evening. Wonderful weather and good atmosphere on the doorstep. Hope to see him entering Parliament after the vote next week. 🤞🏿

The Foreign Office's own travel advice highlights the discrimination LGBT+ individuals can face in Rwanda.

It's unacceptable for asylum seekers potentially fleeing persecution based on their sexuality to be sent there.

You can see my question below:

The @Conservatives’ have manufactured a row on their Rwanda plan that they know is unethical, unworkable and extortionate as a distraction.

This Government has turned its back on solutions and abandoned all decency and common sense.

I had to be in Cairo this week for @alaa's visit, but I am glad, next to my sister @sana2 other families and friends, @DavidLammy was there fully representing me and our family's just demand: the UK government and @trussliz should actively engage with us and help us #FreeAlaa

1/4 #UK shadow foreign secretary @DavidLammy & shadow minister for international development @PreetKGillMP visited #Kabul #Afghanistan to see first-hand the scale of the ongoing #humanitarian #food crisis and @WFP's work supported by the UK Government 🇬🇧.
More in this 👇🧵

"Why in this country are people waking up in buildings with poor cladding, where if a fire breaks out they could lose their lives in a similar way?"

@DavidLammy on why the Grenfell Tower fire was political.

Last night's Panorama shows the corporate takeover of our NHS isn’t a distant threat, but a present reality.

Instead of pouring NHS money into the coffers of US corporations, the Government should reinstate our NHS as a fully public service that works for people, not profit.

Five years ago, my friend Khadija Saye and 71 others died in one of the most horrific tragedies in our country’s history.

Today, 58 buildings still have the same cladding as Grenfell Tower.

The govt must ensure a fire like Grenfell never happens again.

Today marks 40 years since the end of the Falklands War.

Our partnership with the Falkland Islands is one of unshakeable respect and friendship which will always endure.

The Protocol Bill is not driven by the needs of Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK, or our economy.

It’s a lawbreaking and desperate attempt by Boris Johnson to distract from his leadership crisis that makes solutions more difficult.

Me for @guardian

(1/4) Many thanks to @DavidLammy & @PreetKGillMP for their visit to #Afghanistan. The humanitarian situation in the country remains critical. @WHO is extremely concerned about the overlapping #health threats facing Afghans.

Today’s Protocol legislation is desperate attempt by Boris Johnson to distract from his leadership crisis. It risks creating new trade barriers in a cost of living crisis and will only bring more uncertainty for the Northern Irish people who are trying to make the Protocol work.

Under the Tabilan, Afghan women have been robbed of their livelihoods, their education and their dignity.

As one former student told me this week so poignantly, "we are only existing, not living'.

The @Conservatives have sunk to such depths that the UN has had to intervene to accuse them of misleading refugees and breaking the law.

We should be leading the world on human rights and the rule of law. Instead this government pulls Britain backwards.


Arriving from work in Afghanistan this morning at 7am. @pritipatel has achieved the longest passport control queue I have ever seen at Heathrow. A warm welcome home to fellow citizens and visitors alike. Another feather in her cap. Well done.

It’s truly despicable that a 12-time Conservative candidate sent me a racist death threat.

I will never be silenced by abuse, but this raises serious questions for the Conservatives about the prevalence of anti-Black racism in their party.

This is an appalling breach of international law by the rogue Russian regime or Putin's puppets.

Prisoners of war are entitled to combatant immunity.

The FCDO must urgently provide support to the soldiers' families.


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