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Chris Bryant is MP for Rhondda and a member of the Labour party.

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The Australian election showed that when a party has been in office for some time and the prime minister is unpopular, the electorate finds all sorts of ways to defeat them, including in constituencies that had long been considered safe

New from @YouGov - Johnson's favourability falls below -50:

Lab Party: -15 (+1)
Cons Party: -39 (-1)

Rayner: -18 (-11)
Starmer: -23 (-1)

Javid: -29 (+2)
Sunak: -33 (-1)
Truss: -35 (-3)
Raab: -40 (-6)
Gove: -51 (-)
Johnson: -51 (-5)

24-26 June, changes with 9-10 June

@sturdyAlex The Marriage of Figaro, based on a play banned in the Austrian Empire where the opera was 1st performed, was a deliberate satire on an out-of-touch ruling class, bullies & sexual predators of the people who worked for them. Mozart would have loved to see @AngelaRayner there.

Thank you @BarryGardiner

As Exeter’s Labour and Co-op candidate and MP I would fight to end fire and rehire so people in Exeter have proper employment rights and protections at work.

I hope members will choose me. I’m working hard to earn every vote in Exeter.

It is at least arguable that calling the Committee of Privileges a “kangaroo court” is itself a contempt of parliament.

If you ever need cheering up just remember that every July thousands of Kate Bush fans gather around the world to perform Wuthering Heights dressed head to toe like Kate Bush herself

The Foreign Affairs Committee has been far more clear sighted than Government over Russia.
Our Moscow’s Gold report warned them in 2018. Today we publish a new report.
Ministers’ complacency over “morally bankrupt billionaires using the UK as a safe deposit box” has led to


- Early ineffective action on sanctions was due to inadequate preparation and foresight by the leadership of the FCDO and understaffing in sanctions unit

- Corrupt money has continued to flow into the UK.

Key recommendations...


- Shameful that it has taken a war to galvanize the Government into action.

- Economic Crime Act does not go far or fast enough

- We're STILL doing too little to address the fundamental mismatch between the resources of law enforcement agencies and their targets

1/. Today @CommonsForeign releases our damning report into Govt negligence in tackling dirty money.


- Govt 'unwillingness to stem flow of dirty money likely to have contributed to Russia's belief that the UK is a safe haven for corrupt wealth.

@RhonddaBryant Well deserved. I watched you on Politics Live today and I have to say I’ve never seen such a decent, amiable and on occasion jovial conversation between the panel and the presenter. Nice for a change.

I’m honoured to receive the Politician of the Year at this year’s Civility in Politics Awards. The award comes with a £1500 donation to my choice of charity which will be Mabon Trust.

Dominic Raab won’t approve but I did indeed go the opera last week (it cost me £62).

Tom Eisner, a working-class lad from Buxton near where I grew up kindly invited me. He’s been playing violin at Glyndebourne for 36 years.

Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. 🎻

Rayner outwits a condescending Raab in a bloodless PMQs pantomime

Chris Bryant on Steve Bray getting.his amplifiers taken away by the police.

"It's not patriotic or British to close down dissent... this is the kind of thing they do in Russia"

#PoliticsLive #PMQs

.@AngelaRayner wiped the floor with Dominic Raab at #PMQs. Tax rises, struggling families and broken promises - how much more will Tory MPs tolerate before they tell Boris Johnson enough is enough.

Angela Rayner says it's ironic that the Speaker has to intervene to stop the "mob" of Conservative MPs shouting her down in the House of Commons, while the government brings in a law to stop people noisily protesting against them outside. #pmqs

It's Pride Month and sportsman Dan Jervis has been speaking about his sexuality ahead of next month's Games.

I have recused myself but I wish the privileges committee well today. I have every confidence that all my colleagues on the committee will be thorough, precise, and fair in pursuing the evidence and coming to whatever conclusion they feel right.

I’m working hard to earn every vote in Exeter.

Thank you to Chris from Central Exe Branch for his backing.

I’m a leader who will bring people together, to work together, to take action on the issues people care about in Exeter.

BREAKING: The leaders of Turkey, Sweden & Finland have just signed a memorandum for the two Nordic states to join NATO, removing a Turkish block to the accession process, a source said.
“It’s a three-way agreement on accession,” the source said. @jensstoltenberg to make statement

Asked about members of No10 press office misleading hacks (PM's spox has said sorry for it), Case says, "it is important that there is a degree of trust, which is why he apologised".
[Not sure that's how trust works, sadly - in my experience, once you've been lied to, it's gone.]

This is going to be the clip that goes viral.

Asked by @RhonddaBryant if Saudi Arabia is an "authoritarian regime", Truss pauses for a while and then tries to answer a different question all together.

Liz Truss having a torrid time, trying to explain to @RhonddaBryant why a state that murders journalists abroad and executes people at home is not "authoritarian".

Incredibly awkward. In the end, effectively, has to admit that the UK can only deal with one threat at a time. ~AA

Truss says she "raises human rights issues with Gulf leaders all the time". Her spokesman says she hasn't. Asked by @RhonddaBryant to name a single occasion, she cannot.

This is Brexit's wider context: not just the alliance we trashed, but what alliances it's forcing us into.~AA

Here’s the point about last week’s by-elections. A majority of the UK don’t want a Tory government led by Johnson. Voters know how to choose to get them out without pacts or pincers

NEW: Theresa May slams her successor's new law to suspend parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol

She argues..
a) it isn't legal under international law
b) it won't achieve its aims
c) it will hurt UK's standing in the eyes of the world

So... not a fan.

"She says the Bill is legal. Lots of other people disagree with her, including lots of very eminent lawyers both in this country and elsewhere. Which body will arbitrate on that decision as to whether this Bill is legal?" Great question from @RhonddaBryant #NIProtocolBill

Very bad form. @trussliz just left the chamber without listening to even two other speeches. Her bill gives enormous powers to the government without reference to parliament and she can’t even be bothered to listen to parliament

Negotiate, just as this opposition did to get the Good Friday agreement, and do not break international law and alienate our partners and allies says @DavidLammy

Westminster voting intention:

LAB: 41% (-)
CON: 33% (+1)
LDEM: 15% (+2)
GRN: 4% (-1)
REF: 3% (-2)

via @RedfieldWilton, 26 Jun
Chgs. w/ 22 Jun

NI protocol bill 'breaks treaty', trashes our international reputation' and threatens trade war, former Tory chief whip tells Truss -

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