Catherine McKinnell is MP for Newcastle upon Tyne North

What has Catherine McKinnell been up to today?

Catherine McKinnell is MP for Newcastle upon Tyne North and a member of the Labour party.

Catherine McKinnell has 28720 followers on Twitter.

The APPG was formally re-constituted yesterday. @CatMcKinnell & @robertlargan were elected co-chairs. Andrew Percy MP remains an officer as Vice-Chair and @AlexDaviesJones joins as a Vice-Chair. The full list of officers will be published in the next edition of the APPG Register

The Govt are already backtracking on promises made just 6 months ago in the Integrated Rail Plan, & no clear commitment to promised investment in the East Coast Main Line was given today. I seriously worry we’re heading for another North East rail betrayal #ECML #Rail

The idea of a shorter school week's been debated in Parliament after more than 100,000 people signed an e-petition calling for pupils to have every Friday off.
@alfiejoey spoke to the chair of Parliament's Petitions Committee @CatMcKinnell
Listen here:

Opening today’s @HoCpetitions on the school week I said that the strength of feeling behind the petition was a cry for help & a call for investment in improving the life chances of young people. Let’s ensure all pupils have the opportunity to do more of what they love in school.

Our Chair @CatMcKinnell has called on the Government to look at what lies behind petitioners' call for a shorter school week.

The Government should "invest in improving the life chances of our young people", she said.

Later I'll be leading a @HoCpetitions debate on the school week. I’ve chatted to @MattChorley @TimesRadio & @GloriaDePiero about how the strength of feeling behind the petition shows a real cry for help from children and young people.

Later today, MPs will debate a petition calling for Friday to be made part of the school weekend.

To inform the debate, we asked petitioners how such a change would affect them.

🧵 Here’s what they told us:

On #ArmedForcesDay we recognise & thank our armed forces for their dedication, service & sacrifices keeping us safe. As Vice-Chair of Armed Forces APPG & with @RoyalAirForce on the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, it has been a privilege to work with many serving personnel.

Sunny, hot and lots of support for @simonlightwood on the doors in the #Wakefieldbyelection today 🥵 😎 🌹 #VoteLabour

.@BorisJohnson did not take the opportunity to deny reports he attempted to give Carrie government jobs, when asked a 'yes or no' question at PMQs

The Prime Minister’s answer to my question could not have been clearer. Much like his answers on #PartyGate. And PPE contracts. And proroguing Parliament. Watch this space 👀 #PMQs @Politics_co_uk

Today’s inflation figures show a deepening cost of living crisis as prices increase, wages stagnate & taxes increase on working people. It is long past time the Government got a grip ahead of what is set to be an extremely difficult winter.

Honoured to host @ChiefofAirStaff & Wing Commander MC Allen during #ArmedForcesWeek at the Armed Forces All Party Parliamentary Group for the @RoyalAirForce. An opportunity to thank them for their service & hear about the vision for the future.

This weekend communities are joining the Great Get Together bringing communities together to support Jo’s message that we have #MoreInCommon, with this year’s theme embracing the idea of 'welcome'.

No-one wants strikes this week.

Except, it seems, the Transport Secretary.

Instead of getting round the table to resolve this dispute, he’s spent today touring TV studios blaming other people.


"Johnson wants you to think his failing government is handling the economy well. That is yet another lie. The Tories are overseeing a criminal waste of Britain’s potential," @Alison_McGovern writes:

Day after day constituents are seeing yet more broken Tory promises as they fail to address the challenges faced. Instead of investing in the GPs we need, they’re more interested in pitting patients against their practices. As @wesstreeting says, Labour will put patients first.

Russia's war against Ukraine is having global consequences. @SaveUKNews & @oxfamgb report that in East Africa one person dying every 48 seconds of hunger. Today I called on the Government to support @CAFOD calls to bring forward future funding to prevent a potential famine.

They seem happy to let everyone be angry with their GPs but unwilling to do something about it - they should be making sure we have sufficient GPs says @CatMcKinnell

Brilliant to be at @labourforces reception with Shadow Secretary of State for Defence @JohnHealey_MP, @HollyLynch5 & many @UKLabour colleagues. Great atmosphere & so important to recognise the service & commitment of our brave Armed Forces Personnel #ArmedForcesWeek

Really interesting & engaging @fawcettsociety roundtable on childcare & early education following my previous work with @HoCpetitions on childcare. Great to join @Laura__Farris @PregnantScrewed @emeliaquist @PACEYchildcare @workingfamUK @Walker_Essex @eugemigliori & many more

It was very moving to mark the start of #ArmedForcesWeek ahead of @ArmedForcesDay on Saturday. I joined the @CommonsSpeaker for the #ArmedForcesDay Flag Raising Ceremony. Beautiful performance from Armed Forces Children Choir @NeverSuch & poems written by the children.

Spent this afternoon with the dedicated staff & volunteers at @WEFoodbank thanking them for their work supporting Newcastle residents. Heard many stories from those delivering frontline support that will feed into the APPG on Ending the Need for Foodbanks inquiry @FoodbanksAPPG

🚨 Can you help? 🙏 The @WEFoodbank are looking for donations of Women’s Products like Sanitary Towels & Pads. Please donate them to their Benwell Centre at the address below or in local supermarkets if you can help. Thanks very much. #GenerousGeordies #NUFC 🙌🏁

Really special to welcome campaigners from across the UK to Parliament as Chair of Parliamentary Friends of @CAFOD alongside @CommonsSpeaker to recognise their work & enthusiasm for creating a fairer, more equal, and more united world.

Grave warnings about potential famine in East Africa at the All-Party Friends of @CAFOD meeting this afternoon from @fconmee @reinpaulsen & Gloria Soma of the Titi Foundation. UK Govt & Global Community must urgently step up

Too often we think of a lonely person stuck at home in their own, but in reality we can all experience loneliness at any point in our lives. This #LonelinessAwarenessWeek I joined @mentalhealth to raise awareness of the impact of loneliness on our mental health.

Inspiring event celebrating the progress made on #menopause awareness with @CommonsSpeaker @mariellaf1 @WellbeingofWmen @carolinenokes & @carolynharris24 tonight as @HouseofCommons signs up to the #MenopauseWorkplacePledge

Disgraceful that low-income families turned away because govt didn’t fix obvious problems with digitisation of Healthy Start - I warned about this in March. It must be resolved urgently - as diets & health will only get worse with cost-of-living crisis.

Busy constituency Friday starting with an update from @NewcastleCC on the Outer West Leisure Centre, meeting with @AldiUK regarding relocating to West Denton Retail Park, followed by a meeting with @NCLairport & visit to @StudioWest_ meeting with Year 7 and Year 8 pupils

Such wonderful support from our MP @CatMcKinnell who has continuously supported not only our family, but the batten community in raising important issues including access to treatment #brineura in Parliament.We feel proud that Catherine is our voice🧡@BattenDiseaseuk @BDSRA 🧡

Catherine McKinnell @CatMcKinnell

Today I am once again showing my support for #BattenAwareness after supporting and campaigning alongside the amazing @njrchfoundation & @BattenDiseaseuk to secure the life saving Brineura treatment through the NHS for Nicole & Jessica.

Today I am once again showing my support for #BattenAwareness after supporting and campaigning alongside the amazing @njrchfoundation & @BattenDiseaseuk to secure the life saving Brineura treatment through the NHS for Nicole & Jessica.

We are also delighted to be joined by @CatMcKinnell. Catherine explains how like so many of us, our CAFOD journey into campaigning started at school.

This week the Culture Secretary said successive Conservative governments left our health service “wanting and inadequate”.

Fewer GPs. Longer waits for cancer care. Buildings crumbling.

As in 1997, it will fall to the next Labour government to sort out the Conservatives’ mess.

As Parliament debates 'Levelling-Up' today, I've written for @NorthernAgenda_ on how if Government is serious about ‘levelling up’ being more than just an election slogan, tackling child poverty must be a priority.

Read the article 👇 or sign up below

The Northern Agenda @NorthernAgenda_

In The Northern Agenda political newsletter today, have a look out for an op-ed by Newcastle North MP @CatMcKinnell

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"There's a child pay gap and woman are being penalised."

#Newcastle Labour MP @CatMcKinnell is calling for more investment in childcare following rising costs. #CapitalReports

Women are dropping out of the workplace as they can’t afford the childcare. Early years support is as essential for parents to get to work as roads & the rail. Until we approach it as the vital infrastructure it clearly is we will let down women, families, & the whole economy.

In The Northern Agenda political newsletter today, have a look out for an op-ed by Newcastle North MP @CatMcKinnell

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Education is about opportunity.

The opportunities we give all our children
to explore and develop,
to achieve and thrive,
to have happy and healthy childhoods.

Here's how Labour's Children's Recovery Plan would deliver opportunities for all our children 👇🏼

Still feeling inspired after meeting @HillaryClinton on Friday at the #SouthShieldsLecture. So refreshing to hear conviction, hope & optimism for the future - too often lacking in our politics today. Thanks @DMiliband for inviting her & thanks @HillaryClinton for visiting the NE!

Boris Johnson is now the sick man of Downing Street, infecting all those around him

💬 “It’s like a lion chasing a zebra,” one MP said. “The zebra may escape but with a gammy leg that will get infected. And he’ll be down in the end.”

🔵 @paulwaugh

.@Jess__Taylor__ has a real talent for capturing the House of Commons at work. Here are some of her photos of yesterday’s economic statement. An exhibition of some of her fine work is long overdue.

📸 ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

Great session with @CatMcKinnell @CPJElmore & @JSmallEdwards in Wakefield this week. Lots of support on the doors. Afterwards joined my nephew who was very excited by the poster but gutted he’s just too young to join his parents in supporting @simonlightwood on 23 June 🌹 🗳

Catherine McKinnell @CatMcKinnell

😎 Sunny #labourdoorstep in Wakefield this week with @CPJElmore, @dangreenhough, @JSmallEdwards & @UKLabour team. Lots of support for @simonlightwood & people thoroughly sick of being let down by Johnson, Sunak & the Tories.

😎 Sunny #labourdoorstep in Wakefield this week with @CPJElmore, @dangreenhough, @JSmallEdwards & @UKLabour team. Lots of support for @simonlightwood & people thoroughly sick of being let down by Johnson, Sunak & the Tories.

Great fun on #labourdoorstep earlier this week in Wakefield with @CatMcKinnell, @JSmallEdwards & @dangreenhough for our brilliant @UKLabour candidate @simonlightwood - so good to hear person after person tell us they’re voting Labour on 23rd June. #VoteLabour 🌹🗳

The PM’s response to the #SueGrayReport showed yet again he has no shame whatsoever – it’s always everyone else’s fault. In the middle of an unprecedented cost of living crisis we can’t afford a PM focused only on saving his own skin. My statement

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