Ben Bradshaw is MP for Exeter

What has Ben Bradshaw been up to today?

Ben Bradshaw is MP for Exeter and a member of the Labour party.

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Rarely have I listened to a more complacent & partisan statement than that of the Police Minister today on the multiple failures at @metpoliceuk (with reference to the hounding today of @snb19692 )

Memo to Labour:

Adopt Rayner's "enough is enough" as a slogan.

Adopt "Enough is Enough" by Donna Summer as an election anthem.

Victory guaranteed. #banger

Germany has introduced unlimited travel on public transport for just 9 Euros a month, to help public transport & the economy recover post-COVID, encourage modal shift & reduce carbon & air pollution. I asked the Minister at @TransportCttee why we couldn’t have such a scheme here.

One school in Exeter is going above and beyond to support and physical & emotional development of pupils, with a new wellbeing programme, packed with 45 activities!

@TedWraggTrust #LiveAndMove #ShareyourMoves
#ExeterLiveBetter #TheBrilliantAlternative

🚨There's only 5 days left to nominate our fantastic group of students standing in this summer's elections🚨

Make sure you're registered as a student 👇🏻…

Nominate here!! 👉🏻…

Together, we can build a new Labour Student's!🌹

The LibDems lost their deposit in Wakefield and Labour lost their deposit in Tiverton not because of a dark secret electoral pact between the parties as ministers allege. Voters no longer want to waste their vote in a voting system on which Toryism is founded. We’re wising up.

🏙 Earlier this week our PAL Springboard learners enjoyed a fantastic trip to London to tour the Houses of Parliament.

Our students even had the chance to meet and interview @BenPBradshaw!


My question to the spokesman for the @churchofengland @churchstate about the drastic reduction in priests in many diocese & its impact on the centuries old parish system & church schools

Extraordinary claim by Farming Minister, George Eustice, in response to my question today, that England’s farmers are enjoying a “profits boom”, thanks to the Tories’ flawed #Brexit deal #TivertonandHoniton

Thousands of holiday flights cancelled.
People unable to renew their passports.
Biggest rail strike in a generation.

The Tories simply aren’t doing their job.


The cost of living crisis is being made worse by ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ ‘s poor trade deal with the EU new research from ⁦@resfoundation⁩ finds today with workers on av £470 a year worse off & long term damage to Britain’s openness and competitiveness

NEW: Inflation up at 9.1% today.

Inflation is pushing family finances to the brink - but the low wage spiral many face isn’t new.

It’s a result of a decade of Tory mismanagement of our economy.

Labour will build the high wage, high growth, stable inflation economy we deserve.

.@patmcfaddenmp is correct here. The government needs to get a grip, but they won’t because they can’t. Like all populist governments they’ve given up on governing. It’s all about division and blaming everyone else, but they are being found out.

Pat McFadden @patmcfaddenmp

Passports, driving licences, health waiting times, strikes. A government without grip. It doesn’t function. It only campaigns. From ⁦@SkyNews⁩ this morning.

People are in so much pain, they are pulling their own teeth out.

DIY dentistry in one of the richest countries on the planet.

The Conservatives’ response is to blame the patients.

This is so far from the original promise of the NHS.

Care must be provided to all who need it.

Is Brexit partly causing flight chaos?
No, says aviation minister: "It looks as if Brexit has little if anything to do with it."
But this morning the easyJet boss told me: “We have had to turn down a huge number [8,000] of EU nationals because of Brexit.”

This week is @JustLikeUsUK's #SchoolDiversityWeek – the annual celebration of LGBT+ equality in schools - and a record number of schools are signed up to celebrate diverse families, promote kindness and tackle anti-LGBT+ bullying. Find out more:

Ludicrous that U.K. airlines are having to charter in planes from the rest of Europe while their own planes sit on the tarmac because post #Brexit visa rules means they can’t staff their own planes with EU crew to help meet current demand #BrexitReality

If this were a Labour PM it would be on front page of the Times/ Mail and the BBC would have felt compelled to lead with it in all bulletins. There would be at least 3 items on the Today programme tomorrow. This is what happened under last Lab govn with any hint of scandal.

Adam Bienkov @AdamBienkov

Simon Walters says he stands "100%" by his story about Boris Johnson and Carrie that was mysteriously pulled by the Times.

The @labour4europe is proud to nominate @ClareMoodySW to be Labour's next MP for Stroud. A former national Chair of the LME Clare brings unparalleled expertise and energy to how the UK can rebuild our relationship with Europe.

It’s fantastic that @unisontheunion has voted in favour of Proportional Representation at its #undc22 Conference. ✊

It adds its voice to growing calls for electoral reform from right across the labour movement. 🌹

@Politics4Many #Labour4PR

A forward look to next week’s parliamentary by-elections in #TivertonandHoniton & #Wakefield & the possible implications for Boris Johnson. My latest @DevonLiveNews @ExpressandEcho column

Extraordinary stat via #WATO: in 2008, when oil prices peaked at $144/barrel, no one in Britain paid more than 120p per litre of petrol. Today, oil price is $113 but pump prices 186p litre. Difference is collapse in sterling from $2 to $1.20. Welcome to the Brexit.

Yes, the Labour Party are searching for the right candidate to take on Johnny Mercer. Read this story and you'll get a pretty clear picture why I think I'm that person.

For #WorldElderAbuseAwarenessDay2022, we're proud to support #DoYouSeeMe, a new campaign raising awareness of abuse among older members of the LGBTQ+ community.

From @choiceolderppl @AberUni
Directed by @christgordine

Watch the short film 👇

This is great news! I had the privilege to know Ivy Johns. She was & remains an ⁦@exeterlabour⁩ legend who did so much for “the Lane”
& for #Exeter as a whole.

Yet more evidence of the impact of the poor deal ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ negotiated with the EU; there are many things Ministers could do to reduce this impact but so far they aren’t prepared to; putting jobs at risk & making the cost of living crisis worse

If you live with in #Exeter & are worried about traffic congestion, pollution, air quality, climate change & parking and please participate in this consultation

Really impressed by this campaign by @DC_Police that enables members of the public to upload footage of law breaking by motorists & local residents to take the initiative in tackling deadly speeding. A way to enforce 20 MPH at last!

Vision Zero South West @VisionZeroSW

Thanks to @BenPBradshaw for dropping in - we discussed cycling in Exeter and how to submit helmet camera footage through #Opsnap

NEW: GDP figures show UK economy shrank by 0.3% in April.

Really worrying.

Instead of addressing structural weaknesses, all the Tories have are sticking plasters.

Labour will create a stronger, more secure economy - by boosting our energy, supply chain and business security.

I like the new concept of the malevolent Oracular Remainers: The failures of Brexit are down to those who opposed Brexit predicting that it would have these failures. Had they predicted it would be a great success then it would have been a great success.

To do something about the high price of gas, Germany has introduced a €9 ticket that lets you travel all around the country.

Basically free transit for an entire month.

I'm here for 3 days and bought one.

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