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Barry Sheerman is MP for Huddersfield and a member of the Labour party.

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At the @W_Autism_Comm we have published a new report on "Support Surrounding Diagnosis".

I was pleased to raise our findings with the Secretary of State in Parliament.

Watch my question here ⬇️

How successful has been the outsourcing of hospital pharmacy services to private sector companies? I have received many complaints about this.

Patrick Stewart has gone very quiet recently he was a notably successful Chancellor of Huddersfield University he would be very concerned at the sacking of staff & the closure of arts & humanities courses @SirPatStew

Worrying evidence of a growing number of fatalities & serious injuries of drivers & passengers who are not wearing seat belts! Time for three penalty points for non-wearing & more police checks! @PACTS @Brakecharity @IAMRoadSmart

Yesterday I started wearing my impressive air quality detector at work in Westminster stand by for some accurate information on the air we all breath in Parliament!

Could we have a serious independent evaluation into the number of doctors we have trained in the last 10 years & where they are now working?

What kind of Prime Minister boasts of his active support for Ukraine when he is with world leader buddies but at home reneges on his manifesto commitment to increase defence spending?

The Government must get a grip on the housing crisis. There's been enough conning of the British people, it's now time to get on with the job of building homes for the future.

Watch my question to the Secretary of State ⬇️

Morale in the Home Office is at an all time low. Throughout her entire department, people feel let-down and side-lined.

Watch my question to the Home Secretary ⬇️

Many of us have been clean air campaigners for years but it was welcome when a national newspaper joined up in support @thetimes #CleanAirforAll @wcraq

Brilliant that presidents of eight medical royal colleges have called for the Government to take the health risks of breathing polluted air seriously @wcraq

I am now even more worried about the role of the United States as the leader of the free democratic world the whole country seems to be struggling to maintain its democratic equilibrium.

Clarence Thomas is still a Supreme Court judge how can that be possible he now wants the Supreme Court to reappraise rights to contraception & gay marriage?

What kind of deeply divided society is America becoming as the nonentities Trump appointed to the Supreme Court remove basic woman’s rights?

For the last 12 years I have warned against Tory cuts to our Armed Forces.

Now is the time to reverse this strategic mistake and invest in a fully equipped Army that is capable of defending us all.

July 13th is John Clare’s birthday tell us which poem you want read in the cottage in which he was born & lived on the special day!

John Clare’s lovely cottage gardens & cafe in the beautiful village of Helpston gets many more visitors in the summer! If you live in the Stamford-Peterborough area why not join us as a volunteer? We need help with our educational work, in the cafe, & in the gardens!

The John Clare Trust is seeking two new trustees to join our excellent small charity we are looking for someone keen on poetry who loves John Clare’s work & who are passionate about the countryside @JohnClareTrust

Why are so many families with a child that has special educational needs still struggling to get the help or support they desperately need? @W_Autism_Comm

The murder of two brave men who were working to preserve the Amazon rain forest & support the indigenous peoples of Brazil must surely stimulate us all to support the campaign they gave their lives for!#SaveAmazon

The outbreak of polio must be a wake up call for every family to protect their children from the disease but vaccination is essential for polio as are those for Measles Mumps & Rubella

Almost unbelievable that no police officer has been disciplined for the their dismal failure to protect vulnerable young girls in Rotherham has there been any radical shake up in South Yorkshire police?

Today I've written to @grantshapps asking for a limit on the levels of toxic chemicals in tyres.

The chemicals that come off tyres due to wear and tear are responsible for huge levels of air pollution.


Many families of fatal road crash victims feel let down by the justice system, especially in the way that the defence of automatism is being used.

Today I've tabled this EDM calling for an urgent review of the use of automatism as a legal defence ⬇️

The Criminal Justice system is in a mess, there is a shortage of criminal lawyers and access to justice is being stifled.

The Department of Justice has had the biggest cut in budget of any Government Department since 2010.

We cannot do justice on the cheap.

Possibly my new favorite shot of all time. I woke up at 1:30am this morning to capture a rare scene- the sunlit international space station transiting iconic craters over the last quarter moon.

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