Barry Gardiner is MP for Brent North

What has Barry Gardiner been up to today?

Barry Gardiner is MP for Brent North and a member of the Labour party.

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Had to laugh @SuellaBraverman talking of “dishonest electoral pacts”. In 2010 Liberals promised to end student fees and Tories promised to eliminate the deficit by 2015. Then they went into government together.

Get your thermals ready!
The Convention on Biological Diversity just announced COP15 will now be held in Montreal in December. The aim for a new Global Agreement is laudable but it must be ambitious and come with financial resources to implement it.

Banners on the #WeDemandBetter rally: Love them. Love their history. Love what they represent about our fabulous Labour movement.

Thanks to all my selfie friends today on the #WeDemandBetter march.
Brilliant solidarity and comradeship but now I’m shattered and need a cuppa

Really powerful speeches by @FrancesOGrady Christina McAnea from @unisontheunion and @UniteSharon
Three amazing women leading the Trade Union Movement and Demanding Better on the demonstration and rally in Parliament Square today.

Proud to have such a good group from Brent North Labour Party on the TUC #WeDemandBetter march and rally today. And of course so pleased Kath got to meet her hero!!

With so few people in developing countries having had their first Covid vaccine, why are @annietrev & @BorisJohnson so determined to stop some of the richest companies across the globe from giving the poorest people in the world what they need to stop transmission & save lives?

The Labour Party must not be scared of its own shadow. Striking is not a dirty word. It is the fundamental right of the worker to withdraw their Labour when they are being treated unfairly. My Article in @LabourList

Our Shadow Minister for Disability, Vicky Foxcroft MP speaking brilliantly at the packed @unisontheunion meeting in parliament about the Disability Employment Charter.

Register here 👇

Big shout out to the FA for putting on a fantastic Jubilee Party lunch for local people. I nearly managed to pinch a strawberry out of the @DawnButlerBrent Bento box😂

Such enormous fun at Mount Stewart Street Party today: musical chairs, archery, Rubic Cube competition (completed in 17 secs!) and Face Painting (obvs!)
Huge Thanks to my wikid face painter and to Raj who organised it all on his birthday.

Yesterday’s Jubilee celebration at Busy Bees Nursery on Preston Hill was one to make Her Majesty proud.
Wonderful food, singing & dancing from across the Commonwealth

The Legacy of Fire and Rehire:
Family holidays wrecked.
Flights cancelled.
Airport mayhem.
All the workers the airlines sacked and treated so disgracefully don’t want to come back and work for them. Who’d have guessed!

The Sue Gray report confirms Boris Johnson lied to parliament, broke the law and presided over a culture of disregard for the rules he had set. One rule for the population and one rule for his cronies.
My interview with GB News

So proud of @AlpertonCS who have just won the Pearson National Teaching award for Secondary School of the Year.
A wonderful achievement and a great afternoon showcasing their talent

A fine rendering of our National Anthem by @ElsleyPrimary this morning watched over by guardsman Raphael Moss (otherwise known as the Headteacher). Good luck to everyone for your “Street Party” later today.

As news of another hike in energy bills lands, I spoke to Stephen Morgan on how energy charges need to be turned on their heads. Its outrageous that those that use the least pay the most and the big users heating their swimming pools get a bulk discount rate.

Richmond upon Thames College's motto is "trust, integrity & excellence"

But it's threatening to FIRE and REHIRE every teacher on worse terms and conditions

It's wrong and we need to fight it

@BarryGardiner & @DrJoGrady

What sort of message do the Management of Richmond Upon Thames think it sends to students to sack 127 teachers unless they accept 10 days off their holidays?
It says bullying is the way to get what you want.
Congrats to @ucu on 97% YES vote for strike action.

This government broke their promise to bring forward an Employment Bill, and broke their promise to deal with Fire and Rehire tactics.
Instead we see stupid attacks on Trade Unions - the very people fighting for workers in this country.

Such a tonic to address the @POAUnion Conference today. Huge thanks to them for passing a motion calling on the government to outlaw Fire and Rehire tactics and stop unscrupulous managers like P&O treating loyal staff so disgracefully.

Last week I asked for an urgent statement from the Attorney General on the Legal Basis for the invocation of Article 16. Today the government are making a Statement on the N.I.Protocol — let’s see if they provide any legal case to invoke!

Last night’s Labour Party Meeting in Richmond gave practical solid support for the 127 teaching staff fighting against vicious Fire and Rehire tactics by Richmond Upon Thames College. Labour doing what is right, as government sits on its hands.

If we are to address the imbalance of power and wealth in our country we need land reform at the centre of a Labour Manifesto.

To all our nurses on Nurses’ Day:
We Need You
We Thank You
We Clap You.
Now let’s:
Recruit more of you
Restore the nurses burseries
And Pay you properly!

127 teachers at Richmond on Thames College threatened with the sack. The government refused to act when they had the chance. Now employers think they can sack staff with impunity. Fire & Rehire is becoming the new normal. It’s a disgrace.
@ucu have balloted and will fight back.

🚨 Richmond upon Thames College are threatening to FIRE AND REHIRE *127* teachers.

97% of our members who voted, on a huge 88% turnout, backed strike action at the college to beat this disgraceful attack.

They will strike for 5 days from 23 May ✊

A great political discussion at ASLEF talking about the cost of living crisis.We need to explain how wage levels have fallen since 2010? Firms stop wages keeping pace with inflation (unless it’s directors’ remuneration or shareholders dividends).
Protect your family. Join a Union

What does a good night for Labour look like?
1. Take Wandsworth, Barnet, Southampton.
2. Add 28-30 seats in London.
3. Stabilise Hull, Sunderland.
4.Take back Hartlepool, Bolton
5. Largest party in Sheffield, Kirklees
6. Add 150 seats overall.
7. Share of the vote >35%+

So let’s get this straight:
BP made £5billion and
Shell made £7billion profit
in just the first three months of this year!
They made these profits by charging us more. It is our money. Yet the Conservatives say they can’t afford a windfall tax to return it to us.

97.3% of the vote on a 70.2% turnout
No — not my prediction of the vote in the local elections.
The percentage of workers voting for strike action in the CWU Ballot.

Home buyers & renters have right to know local air pollution levels and @DefraGovUK⁩ a duty to meet ⁦@WHO⁩ targets by 2030 not 2040 to save thousands of lives ⁦⁩

A likely bunch of lads: out on the doorstep in Wembley Central tonight. Lots of good conversations and strong support for next week’s election.

The Justice Secretary wants to discuss what names we give to prisoners. The public want to discuss justice and the failure of the justice service. My response on Politics Live:

"I answered specifically about my school" says Social Mobility Commission Chair, Katharine Birbalsingh, after her comments yesterday that "hard maths" is something girls would "rather not do"

"People like to selectively listen," she says


Brilliant to have Young Labour out in front here in Guildford for a screening of the Stop Fire and Rehire documentary. Great to see the party so fired up about campaigning and doing the tough door to door casework ahead of next years council elections.

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