Bambos Charalambous is MP for Enfield, Southgate

What has Bambos Charalambous been up to today?

Bambos Charalambous is MP for Enfield, Southgate and a member of the Labour party.

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The JCPOA was a landmark agreement and it remains the best option to limit the #Iran nuclear programme. If efforts to restore the JCPOA fail, the consequences may be severe & the UK must continue to support our international partners, including Israel, by holding Iran to account.

Thanks to @ToniaAntoniazzi for her continued support and for drawing attention to the continued blocks to patients trying to access #medicalcannabis prescriptions on the #NHS. It is essential that @sajidjavid acts now and intervenes in this crisis.

NEW: We’re now seeing the longest decline of UK incomes ever.

It’s sapping household spending and leaving us exposed.

The Tories are failing working people.

All they offer are stagnant wages, low growth and higher taxes.

We need a stronger economy.

Great to bump into @AzeemRafiq30 in Parliament today. His courage in speaking out about his experience of racism in cricket continues to be an inspiration. #EnoughIsEnough @TellMamaUK @hopenothate

It’s heart-breaking that 50 years after Roe. V wade, 36 million women in 26 American states have been stripped of their hard-won rights.

We must show women across the US that we feel their pain, and we stand with them in their struggle for the right to choose.

Perfect weather and big turnout for the @EversleyPrimary summer fete. Lots of fab prizes for the raffle and tombola, fun bouncy castles and rides but the highlight of the day will be the sliming 🪣 of Ms. Williams at 4pm!!!

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Take a look at the latest news from #EnfieldSouthgate and my work as Shadow Minister for the Middle East & North Africa, including:
➡️ #Wakefield victory
➡️ Meeting @Sendmyfriend campaigners
➡️ #WorldRefugeeWeek @RESCUE_UK

It was wonderful to meet with @sendmyfriend campaigners earlier this week during their Action Day in Parliament. I was inspired by their important campaign in support of #TheWorldsTeachers and ensuring everyone around the world has access to education.

So proud of Wakefield’s new MP, the fantastic @simonlightwood.

This was @UKLabour’s biggest victory here since we were last in government.

This decisive result shows Labour is winning the trust of the British people, and firmly on the path to power.

Great to be getting out the vote in #Wakefieldbyelection with @HollyLynch5 @SarahOwen_ & @_OliviaBlake for @simonlightwood #VoteLabourWakefield 🌹 @UKLabour

Hundreds of courageous British Council contractors are still stuck in Afghanistan, facing daily violence from the Taliban as a result of their cooperation with the UK.

The Government must act to evacuate those who promoted security, tolerance and democracy in Afghanistan.

Pleasure to meet @AlgeriainUK Ambassador Lounès Magramane at the Algerian Embassy yesterday. We discussed a range of issues including regional security, human rights and the UK’s relationship with Algeria, and I look forward to continuing this important dialogue.

Today I have written to the Minister asking if the Government will make real their commitment to an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace and ensure the UK is at the heart of new multilateral projects and institutions focused on creating the conditions for peace.

The Windrush generation helped build Britain.

But the Tories' hostile environment left many homeless, jobless and without healthcare. Victims are still waiting for the justice and compensation they deserve.

Windrush descendent @DavidLammy tells their story. #WindrushDay

Delighted to join @RESCUE_UK in Parliament during #WorldRefugeeWeek to pledge my support to those fleeing conflict and persecution around the world. The Government needs to stop chasing headlines and start leading on the world stage. #WorldRefugeeDay

NEW - His trip to Bahrain was touted as 'part of his human rights portfolio'.

But FOI shows @FCDOGovUK has no record that @tariqahmadbt raised the cases of ANY imprisoned Bahraini human rights defenders during Feb visit.

More here w/@Bambos_MP:

It's unbelievable that @TrussLiz made no attempt to defends cuts to development aid in the midst of a global food and hunger crisis in FCDO questions today.

Britain should be leading on, not retreating from, the world stage.

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Take a look at the latest news from #EnfieldSouthgate and my work as Shadow Minister for the Middle East & North Africa, including:
➡️ 5 years after #Grenfell
➡️ Rwanda deportation flight cancelled
➡️ Hazelwood summer fayre

There is no point in Govt blaming anyone else but themselves.

Ministers are pursuing a policy they know isn’t workable & that won’t tackle criminal gangs.

But they still paid Rwanda £120m & hired a jet that hasn’t taken off because they just want a row & someone else to blame.

It's five years since 72 people were killed in the #Grenfell tower fire. My thoughts are with the victims and their families, the survivors, and the Grenfell community who continue to fight for justice. Five years on, many people are still in unsafe buildings. This has to change.

I am unable to attend today’s debate on the Passport Office backlog, but this is an issue impacting the lives of many constituents. People face anxious waits for passports despite applying months ago, and some have had to miss holidays. Urgent action is needed to sort this out.

BBC Panorama laid bare the scale of the crisis for GPs and what happens when private profit is placed above patient safety.

This is a government that’s asleep at the wheel, blaming everyone else for their own record of failure.

To quote Nadine Dorries: “wanting and inadequate”

This is a cruel and extortionately expensive scheme that risks making dangerous people trafficking worse. The Government is abandoning British values to chase headlines while failing to improve asylum decision making or crack down on criminal gangs.

Five years on from the Grenfell tower fire we remember the 72 people killed.

The Grenfell community are courageous in their pursuit of justice and change. We stand with them.

To honour the memories of those lost we must prevent such a tragedy happening again.

‘We exist but it is not a life’: Afghan women face bleak prospects under Taliban. A visit to Kabul. It was excellent @DavidLammy went to Afghanistan to examine the overwhelming humanitarian crisis and thanks to him, and the UN, for letting me tag along.

Very enjoyable summer fayre at Hazelwood school N13 this afternoon. Cakes, toys, prizes and I even got to throw a wet sponge at Mr Newham! Big thank you to all parents, staff and students and all those involved with HPSA who made today such a success

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Take a look at the latest news from #EnfieldSouthgate and my work as Shadow Minister for the Middle East & North Africa, including:
➡️ Local Jubilee celebrations
➡️ @TheBHF in Palmers Green
➡️ Religious violence in Nigeria

On Wednesday Gabriel, Romaine and Roanna met with Bambos Charalambous MP for Southgate & Chair of the All Party Group for thalassaemia to discuss issues affecting our #thalassaemia community & upcoming campaigns and events on our political agenda.

Huge thank you to @Bambos_MP

The appalling disaster at Grenfell exposed the deep inequalities in our society.

Five years on, now has to be the time when we stand together and take action to ensure a similar tragedy can never happen again 💚

The UK’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer was a total disaster.

Today I am in Kabul to raise awareness of the millions of Afghanistan’s civilians who are suffering from starvation.

The choice is clearer than ever before:

Divided Tories propping up Boris Johnson with no plan to tackle the issues you are facing.

Or a united Labour Party with a plan to fix the cost of living crisis and restore trust in politics.

Labour will get Britain back on track.

The massacre at a church in south-west Nigeria yesterday was horrific. All should be free to worship in peace and our thoughts are with the victims and their families, as well as Nigerian communities here in Britain & the millions of Catholics impacted by this attack. @lynbrownmp

Fabulous #platinumjubilee street party in Osborne Road N13! A pleasure to award Cleo 1st prize 🏅 for the Osborne Road Bake Off competition 2022 🍰 Big thank you to the organisers of this and all the street parties across Enfield for bringing the community together in this way!

Great to be out in Wakefield this afternoon campaigning for @simonlightwood Strong support for @UKLabour 🌹 on the #labourdoorstep

Fantastic day visiting #platinumjubilee street parties in Conway and Ulleswater Roads. Lots of fun. Very tough judging the best crown 👑 completion! A pleasure to be able to give a toast to the organisers, the local community and also to #HerMajestytheQueen

"To secure a path to peace, I believe we must ultimately look to systemic change rather than piecemeal improvements. It is important that we do not shy away from naming the occupation as an obstacle to peace."

@Bambos_MP on his recent visit to Palestin

Fabulous to see the Jubilee Collage put together by @StitchN13 and @JillKipnis and funded by @London_cf Big thanks to Suzanne, Jill & all the team at Stitch for organising such a wonderful community project and to all the local groups and schools who took part #Jubilee

Enjoyed visiting @TheBHF in Palmers Green earlier today to show my support for its Reuse Revolution this May and meet staff and volunteers. Locally, 6,900 people are living with heart and circulatory diseases, and every penny raised by the charity helps fund lifesaving research.

Great to be out campaigning for @simonlightwood in #Wakefield for the the #Wakefieldbyelection Strong support for @UKLabour 🌹 on the #labourdoorstep #voteLabour

This is staggering.

Ministers knew there would be a surge in application, they knew the outsourced call handling company was failing, and they have done nothing.

Not one of them will take any responsibility.

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Take a look at the latest news from #EnfieldSouthgate and my work as Shadow Minister for the Middle East & North Africa, including:
➡️ West Bank and East Jerusalem trip
➡️ Sue Gray's report
➡️ The #BigPlasticCount

It's incredibly concerning that Iraq's Parliament has passed a law to criminalise, and even threaten death, for those with relations with Israel.

The British government must urgently use its diplomatic weight to deter Iraq from this appalling law.

Busy final day seeing the impact of the fence on the community of Al Walaja followed by a visit Al Arroub refugee camp to hear of the excellent work done by @UNRWA Then on to Hebron to hear testimonies from former IDF soldiers now part of #BreakingtheSilence

For 5 months, Labour has called for a windfall tax on oil and gas profits to help people with the cost of living.

Today, the Tory Government has been dragged kicking and screaming to this obvious solution after months of dither and delay. They're out of touch and out of ideas.

A pleasure to meet the Palestinian Deputy Foreign Minister @amal_jadou in Ramallah today and learn more about the Palestinian Authority’s vision for the future and the challenges they face in the West Bank & East Jerusalem

The door of 10 Downing Street is one of the great symbols of British democracy.

A democracy which relies on the principles of honesty and integrity.

Its current inhabitant has failed to uphold these principles.

Boris Johnson must go.

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