Angela Eagle is MP for Wallasey

What has Angela Eagle been up to today?

Angela Eagle is MP for Wallasey and a member of the Labour party.

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Ball firmly in BT’s court as CWU smashes ballot thresholds and demands new talks

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BREAKING: The whip has been removed from Chris Pincher, meaning he’ll no longer sit as a Conservative MP while under investigation, Downing Street confirm.

Many will only question why it didn’t happen sooner.

Angela Eagle @angelaeagle tells the House LGBT+ rights were won because LGBT+ people and their allies fought for them, in the face of the worst ridicule, persecution and discrimination. But warns it can go backwards.

#50YearsOfPride #pride @LGBTLabour

This is not believable The so called ‘allegations’ were plastered all over one of PMs favourite tabloids & Pincher resigned

Remember - as we're watching this mess unfold in real-time - Tory MPs were told several months ago that the Government and No.10 had been reorganised specifically to ensure messes like this wouldn't happen. And part of that restructuring was the appointment of Chris Pincher.

We're ready to go for day 2 of #TUCLGBT Conference with motions on:

🏳️‍⚧️supporting trans and non-binary workers
🌈 international LGBT+ rights
🏳️‍🌈 #Pride as a protest not a brand

PARLIAMENT: @angelaeagle says US women are experiencing the "shocking reality of a bonfire of the rights that they thought were established" 🇺🇸

Celebrating #PrideMonth, @angelaeagle reminds the House how wedge issues were similarly weaponised in the 80s. "For some of us, the so-called 'War on Woke' began at least forty years ago, and has been waged, often unrelentingly, and always irresponsibly, ever since." Share! ~AA

Today marks 50 years since the first UK Pride. Members of the LGBT+ community who marched through London faced hostility and backlash.

But they persevered and today we celebrate and remember the groundbreaking work of LGBT+ activists over the past 50 years. 🏳️‍🌈


Everyone in Westminster knows Pincher is going to end up having the whip withdrawn today. Except for the Prime Minister and the Chief Whip. Again, who is actually running the Tory party.

Boris Johnson returns after 8 days abroad to face questions of why put a man in charge of party discipline who’d already been forced to quit over allegations of sexual misconduct, only for him to quit a second time over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Labour has a proud record on #LGBT+ rights delivering real change in the face of implacable opposition #Prideat50 #HappyPride2022

Greetings to the #TUCLGBT conference today dong vital co-ordination to protect LGBT+ people at work #ProudToBeUnion #Pride50

Angela Eagle @angelaeagle says it seems the Govt has decided to use LGBT+ people, esp. trans people, as a wedge issue ahead of a General Election, and hopes they will think about the damage that does and step back. "We will not let it work"

#50YearsOfPride #Pride @LGBTLabour

Splendid by @angelaeagle celebrating #PrideMonth, but warning that recent events in the US are a reminder that progress is hard-won and not irreversible. And that those who want LGBT+ people "back in the closet and women back in the kitchen" are also "lurking here in the UK". ~AA

Angela Eagle @angelaeagle lists the LGBT+ rights achievements of the Labour Government: end the ban of LGBT+ people in military, equalised age of consent, repealed Section 28, unmarried couples inc same-sex adoption rights, civil partnerships

#50YearsOfPride #pride @LGBTLabour

Angela Eagle @angelaeagle recalls how the weaponisation of homophobia in the 1980s worked. Campaigning in 1987 doors were shut in her face because "Labour only stands for the Blacks and the Queers"

#50YearsOfPride #pride @LGBTLabour

Angela Eagle @angelaeagle - male homosexuality was only decriminalised by the pioneering Wilson Labour Government in 1967. LGBT+ people have come a long way - gay men were regularly jailed, and targeted, entrapped, blackmailed by the police.

#50YearsOfPride #pride @LGBTLabour

Angela Eagle MP @angelaeagle refers to the #SCOTUS opinion on #RoevWade that targets same-sex marriage, the legality of same-sex relationships and even contraception. LGBT+ rights can be revoked, and in the US this is a very real risk.

#50YearsOfPride #pride @LGBTLabour

The real story behind the Charles’ Qatari cash ‘Exclusive’ is who in Downing Street leaked what was a well known fact at Private Secretary level and above to the press in ‘revenge’ for Rwanda. We will know one day.

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