Andy Slaughter is MP for Hammersmith

What has Andy Slaughter been up to today?

Andy Slaughter is MP for Hammersmith and a member of the Labour party.

Andy Slaughter has 26008 followers on Twitter.

Liz Truss's reversal of NI hike would give a full-time worker on National Living Wage just £59, but someone on six figure salary would get more than £1,000, according to figures from Team Sunak

The plan for mandatory voter ID was always unworkable, undemocratic and unnecessary. It should be scrapped immediately.

EXCLUSIVE: In a leaked video, Rishi Sunak boasted to Conservative Party members that he was prepared to take public money out of “deprived urban areas” to help wealthy towns.

@REWearmouth reports:

"There's nothing that I could say about either of them that they haven't already said about each other"

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford responds to comments made by Tory leadership hopefuls Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss about him and his government

Law Commission to review criminal appeals. See the article by @JoshuaRozenberg :
#criminalappeals @DoughtyStCrime

The Central London Bus Review closes this Sunday 7th Aug. If you have not submitted your views to @TfL already, or signed @UKLabour ’s petition, you can do so here 👇

As the govt faces criticism for being absent at a time of crisis, we did invite a govt minister on the show this morning but were told they didn't have time for us in their busy schedule.

If any ministers are watching, our chair in Westminster is ready and waiting for you.

Indian Independence Day celebrations @BhavanLondon in West Ken with acting High Commissioner HE @sujitjoyghosh and @VirendraSharma. The best of Indian music, dance and culture.

So sorry to hear that Rev John Asbridge former vicar of St Stephen's, Shepherds Bush, has died. Fr John set up @SBHGLondon with his curate (later bishop) Wilfred Wood in 1966. I last saw him marking 50 years since Cathy Come Home. Donations in his memory to @Shelter

Given the news today, it is astonishing that the Conservative Party is debating as if they’re not in power right now.

No sign of the Chancellor. Or the Prime Minister.

They’re not even in the office, let alone in power.

The new PM, cost of living crisis & Ukraine. My latest E-news 👇

Little story looking at the difficulties getting new housing built in London - even when it’s replacing existing homes no longer fit for use

"Johnson understands the press exceptionally well, and as PM managed it skilfully, giving the newspapers everything they wanted in exchange for their support.This meant allowing media barons to set his agenda." By @OborneTweets

"I was decisive and I was honest," says Liz Truss, who changed her mind about a multi-billion pound policy hours after announcing it, and then lied about it.


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Having spent 18 months shadowing Liz Truss, the idea of her not realising what she’s signed up to is not exactly novel: the freeports fiasco, the shipbuilding blunder, the list goes on. After all, this is the minister who writes TL;DR with dead eye emojis on policy submissions….

Liz Truss wilfully misrepresented her own pay proposals and then tried to cover her tracks. She’s a lightweight and a liability.

Her latest mess has exposed exactly what she thinks of working people across Britain.

On Friday 9th September there will be a charity concert at @posklondon raising money for a Ukrainian children's charity. Come along and enjoy some wonderful music and help to raise money for an important cause!

Ten years ago, the government promised every 'council house' in England sold under Right to Buy would be replaced one-for-one. Since then, 107k have been sold, of which 42k have been replaced.

Harry our springer and Dom had lots of fun taking part in the first dog show at Wormwood Scrubs this weekend - Big thanks to ⁦@ScrubsAction⁩ for hosting this lovely event in one of Harry’s favourite parts of town.

Sunlit stadium as #Lionessess won last night

record #UEFA Euro Tournament attendance

Warm, lovely feels all round

Didn't hear a nasty, or even a swear word!

Lots of women just loving the game & men walking around with women's names on their backs

Lovely day with @ScrubsAction for the first Wormwood Scrubs Dog Show. About 150 people and nearly as many (very well behaved) dogs enjoying this great natural asset

Astute assessment of Liz Truss by @DavidGauke.

She was out of her depth at @MoJGovUK - a poor communicator who struggled to grasp the basics of the justice system & let the judiciary down badly.

She served less than 11 months - the shortest-serving Justice Secretary ever.

David Gauke @DavidGauke

My attempt for @NewStatesman at a balanced assessment of Liz Truss. She's been underestimated but her judgement makes her an enormous gamble as Prime Minister.

‘Ambition greater than ability’: Liz Truss’s rise from teen Lib Dem to would-be PM

Here's my official response to reports in The Telegraph tonight that the AG has banned govt lawyers from telling her if proposed govt actions are illegal
How much more can Suella Braverman debase the role of Attorney General?
And how much lower can this wretched government sink?

Homelessness increased by 11% in the first quarter of this year, including 25,610 families with children & 10,560 households in full-time work



Just been interviewed on @BBCr4today about #interimpayments #contaminatedblood scandal. Government knew from March about this recommendation & nearly 6 months on still have not responded. What exactly is the hold up ? @Michael_Ellis1 @BorisJohnson @RishiSunak @trussliz @HaemoAPPG

Too important for a paywall - Attorney General, upholder of legal standards,and wannabe PM, bans Govt lawyers from telling ministers their policies are unlawful when they are

There are 58,910 families living in temporary accommodation in England right now. These households include 119,840 children.

We've been advocating on behalf of homeless families in West London for 34 years and we won't stop now. Hit the link in our bio to learn more ⬆️

Here's my official statement on Sir David Calvert-Smith's report into the failings of leadership at the Serious Fraud Office so shockingly exposed by the Unaoil scandal.

Rishi Sunak & Liz Truss completely eviscerate the whole Tory Government in their best @UKLabour campaign video yet - thank you for your honesty Rishi & Liz

Tomorrow at Posk

Classical Music in aid of Babusya Fund in celebration of The National Day of Ukrainian Statehood.

⏰️ 7.00pm
📌 Atrium - 3rd Floor
🎟 £20 available online:

Developers in west London face a potential ban on new housing projects until 2035 because the electricity grid has run out of capacity to support new homes, jeopardising house building targets in the capital. W/ ⁦@GeorgeNHammond⁩ @FT

NEW 🚨 | Transport Minister Grant Shapps has said he will never hold talks with the union RMT to end the rail strikes.

He can resolve this dispute.

But instead, he's been blocking an agreement and picking fights with unions.

EXCL: This is the NHS as you’ve never seen it.

19 patients crammed on trolleys in corridors unable to get into a full A&E.

92 year-old May has been stuck on hers for 3 days.

Outside, ambulances queue, delayed getting to other calls.

Patients have died waiting. #ITVTonight

How to read a formal document

Following yesterday's popular post on Boris Johnson's Lebedev letter, this is a guide for you on how to read formal documents

“As far as I am aware, no Government business was discussed”

A close reading of Boris Johnson’s letter about the Lebedev meeting

Public services at breaking point.

Chaos, queues and backlogs everywhere you look.

@RishiSunak is right, there is a national emergency, caused by 12 years of the Tories.

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