Jeremy Corbyn is MP for Islington North

What has Jeremy Corbyn been up to today?

Jeremy Corbyn is MP for Islington North and a member of the Independent party.

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We've just released £10 tickets for our BIG Comedy Night on 12th July!
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Solidarity with Royal Mail postal workers, who are balloting for strike action over pay and job security.

Whilst Royal Mail bosses and shareholders announce massive profits, the workers cannot be expected to pay the price of the cost of living crisis.

Today’s commemoration service for Shireen Abu Akleh at St Bride’s was an incredibly moving testament to her work as a highly-respected journalist, who reported on the truth and inhumanity throughout unimaginable circumstances in occupied Palestine.

May she rest in peace.

Delighted to be giving the inaugural @LiberationOrgUK Fenner Brockway Annual Lecture at Hamilton House at 7PM this Thursday 30 June.

Tickets still available here:

🚆 @jeremycorbyn is absolutely right. Rail privatisation has been a disaster for the public.

It's time to bring the WHOLE railway into public hands!

If you can, please support the @DEAcampaign crowdfunder to help stop the extradition of Julian Assange to the US.

#FreeAssangeNow 👇

People are protesting in the streets of Ecuador to demand social justice. They've been met with violence and repression by the Lasso government.

Instead of attacking protesters, Lasso should listen to the demands of indigenous communities, workers, women and civil society.

It was a pleasure to speak and attend Jarrow Rebel Town Festival today alongside my great friend, @jeremycorbyn. It was lovely to see so many people attending this event. Thank you to the organisers for all their hard work putting together an excellent day.

This morning I joined the @RMTunion picket at Newcastle Central Station to stand in solidarity with striking railway workers defending their jobs, pay and conditions.

Victory for those taking action this week will be a victory for all working people.

The US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade is devastating for the millions who have fought and won reproductive rights in every state.

We stand in solidarity with all fighting for abortion rights and access to healthcare around the world.

We stand with striking railway workers who deserve fair pay in a transport system that operates for the benefit of the people and the planet – not for private profit.

Join us:

Today marks 11 years since Bahrain’s pro-democracy leaders received life sentences for leading the 2011 uprising.

We stand with and call for the release of all political prisoners unjustly held and who continue to sacrifice so much for democracy.

Today is #WindrushDay, where we mark the wonderful contributions and achievements of that generation of migrants who rebuilt Britain after the war.

We continue to stand with them and fight against the injustices they have faced from successive governments.

Solidarity with @RMTunion railway workers striking up and down the country this week.

We cannot let the profits of the rich continue to grow at the expense of workers’ jobs, wages, conditions, pensions and safety.

The stunning win for @petrogustavo in Colombia is testament to the organising work done in communities across the country — a win for human rights, peace and social justice.

Unity, solidarity, victory! 🇨🇴

Incredible news from Colombia with the election of a socialist president, who has shown the power of community organising to build a popular policy platform to heal the divisions of the past and bring about social justice.

Felicidades y solidaridad @petrogustavo! 🇨🇴

Today marks a painful day 5th anniversary of terrorist attack at MWH & claimed the life of Makram Ali & scarred others. In this heartbreaking day MWH received a number of officials, including @SadiqKhan, @jeremycorbyn. We hope that more is done to tackle Islamophobia & racism.

Five years on from Finsbury Park terror attack, we remember the life of Makram Ali and how our entire community wrapped its arms around his family after his death.

We will stand together and never let those who seek to divide us with hate win.

Today I was proud to march alongside thousands of incredible activists from all over the country, numerous industries and trade unions to demand action on the cost of living scandal.

#DemandBetter 🪧

When we march at the #DemandBetter demonstration today, remember this:

Nothing is too good for the working class.

The Home Secretary’s decision to allow Julian Assange’s extradition to the US is utterly wrong and marks a very dark day for press freedom and the justice system.

We will continue the fight to free Julian Assange.

Movements are the motor of change in history. When we come together, we can transform the world.

Join us:

On the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, my thoughts are with those we lost, the survivors and their families whose lives were devastated by the tragedy.

We stand with you in the fight for truth and justice for Grenfell. 💚

Last night I was presented with an award from @PalMissionUK in recognition of advocacy for Palestinian rights and liberation.

My solidarity and thanks to @PalestinePMO, @hzomlot and all who campaign for a free Palestine and an end to the occupation. 🇵🇸

An undercover investigation into Operose Health has exposed patient safety is being put at risk in the name of private profit.

We must remove this dangerous privatisation from our NHS.

Watch @BBCPanorama on BBC One at 8pm tonight.

Excellent set of results for @JLMelenchon’s #NUPES coalition in France’s National Assembly elections, securing the highest share of the vote.

The power of solidarity, organisation and unity!

We need to build social housing, not sell it off.

This cost-of-living crisis is unprecedented.

Poverty pay is rife and the national minimum wage isn’t enough.

We need a real living wage, and Progressive Economy Forum's research shows that it should be £15 an hour by 2024.



I am devastated to learn of the passing of Bruce Kent, an incredible local activist and a dear friend.

My thoughts are with his family and the global peace movement at this difficult time.

Scrap the deportation flights to Rwanda and give refugees the safety and security we all deserve.

Five years on from the the 2017 general election, I continue to be inspired by the incredible campaign we fought and the millions who stood up and demanded better for themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

For the many, not the few.

In the face of Erdogan’s intensified war on the Kurdish people, I stand in solidarity with the Kurdish struggle for freedom and dignity.

It’s time to build a global peace movement to dismantle the war machine.

Tonight’s vote on Boris Johnson’s leadership will not provide any comfort to the millions of families pushed into poverty by the soaring cost of living, relying on food banks and struggling to pay the bills.

They need real change and policies to give them hope for the future.

Solidarity with @RMTunion workers on the London Underground taking strike action today.

We must stand with them as they take a stand against pension cuts and attacks on jobs and conditions.

Excellent to visit Paris and campaign alongside @Simonnet2 in the 20th arrondissement with @Deputee_Obono and dozens of enthusiastic @NUPES_2022_ activists standing up for economic, climate and social justice across France this month.

Solidarity, unity, victory!

Every dot on this map is a food bank.

Every dot represents amazing people doing their best to help others who have been ripped off by the economic system and abandoned by the government.

Real patriotism means looking out for everyone in society.

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