Sammy Wilson is MP for East Antrim

What has Sammy Wilson been up to today?

Sammy Wilson is MP for East Antrim and a member of the Democratic Unionist Party party.

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The Government is restricted in measures it can take to help Northern Ireland because of the NI Protocol.
This is one reason why we support the NI Protocol Bill going through Parliament to deal with these problems.

On the day when the Protocol Bill has its second reading in the House of Commons, @duponline has distributed this report to MPโ€™s on the harm the protocol is doing to businesses and consumers, to political stability in Northern Ireland and to the Union.

(1/5) It was harrowing to attend the โ€˜tears of goldโ€™ exhibition yesterday. The display tells the horrific stories of woman who have suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of Islamic terrorism.

Beautiful day to attend an update with colleagues and stakeholders at the new astroturf sports facility at Carrick Grammar/Academy, great job bringing together a mix of funders to deliver this community project. The contractor hands over the site this Friday, well done all ! ๐Ÿ‘โšฝ๏ธ

Defining Britian's post Brexit role in the world -

Britain needs to re-establish a cohesive national purpose respectful of our past and our traditions and patriotic without being jingoistic. We must now return to what we were, a fully sovereign, ind, ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

These are the kind of real business experiences that you will not hear Manufacturing NI refer to. As far as they are concerned there is nothing to see here. Yet, I have dozens of such businesses contacting me with similar issues all the time.

Great support from โฆ@eastantrimmpโฉ at the Ban Live Exports International Day rally in Westminster, calling for an end to the long, gruelling journeys suffered by farmed animals exported abroad for fattening and slaughter #BanLiveExports

From March 2021 โ€ฆ. The UK extension of grace periods which started out as a unilateral act in alleged breach of international law (and as far as I can see an actual breach of domestic law!) is now almost universally seen as necessary in NI โ€ฆ https://he

Treasury Spokesman & East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has said with 50% of the cost of a litre of petrol or diesel going to the Treasury, the Government must take serious action to reduce fuel prices across the United Kingdom.

DAERA Minister @edwinpootsmla has officially renamed DAERAโ€™s headquarter building in Ballykelly #JubileeHouse to mark the Queenโ€™s #PlatinumJubilee. More info:

After 49 years the victim's families and survivors of the 1973 Coleraine bomb finally have a memorial stone in place to mark the spot where it went off. So glad I could help make this happen.

"the Government should ditch any NI Protocol worries and scrap the VAT element of electricity bills which would give everyone an immediate 5% saving."

Our inept Finance Minister, who couldnโ€™t even secure support for a budget when Stormont was fully operational, tried to scare people and spread lies about the ยฃ400 energy discount payment.

He has been proven wrong yet again

We were delighted to welcome the @Economy_NI Minister @gordonlyons1 to our #BallylumfordP2X site to see how we are exploring the development of green #hydrogen as an affordable, clean, homegrown energy source:

Look forward to todays events to celebrate our centenary. To all taking part - walk with pride in this place, for all that weโ€™ve achieved together & with hope for the future. They told us NI would never see this day. We defied them then & we will defy them again for the next 100.

(1/2) Sinn Fein is cynically using vulnerable people to try and advance their political goals.

Uplifts in benefits & the Winter Fuel Payment will be delivered directly into bank accounts.

Energy companies in NI, like in GB, should give the ยฃ400 discount to every household.

โ€œIt grieves me that we are in this situation now but weโ€™re only in this situation because there hasnโ€™t been solutions put forwardโ€

The DUPโ€™s @little_pengelly discusses her partyโ€™s decision to block the establishment of the Northern Irish Assembly. #bbcqt

Good to see cross party support for the full restoration of GP services in Carnlough at last nights public meeting. @healthdpt and Minister Swann must reconsider the decision to withdraw funding.

Great to visit the new @McDonalds store in Larne tonight with @gordonlyons1 & @Mayor_MEA ahead of its official opening tomorrow.

120 new jobs being created in the town.

Unionists will not sit in the corner and be quiet.

If we can restore Northern Irelandโ€™s place in the United Kingdom, then the prize is great. The prize is stable devolution and the integrity of the EU and UK markets protected.

Just voted for a windfall tax on the profits of oil and gas producers.

Such a tax would provide much needed relief for households struggling with increased energy costs. It can only be delivered at Westminster.

Sinn Fein MPs refused to show up and vote. They donโ€™t care.


Commons now voting on a Labour amendment to the Queenโ€™s Speech motion.

"To get my roses in, I had to take the ferry to Liverpool and drive to Norfolk" - a garden centre owner explains how the Northern Ireland Protocol affects his business

I welcome the legislative steps outlined by the Foreign Secretary to restore political consensus in Northern Ireland and remove the Irish Sea Border.

Words will not suffice. We need decisive action in the days & weeks ahead.

.@J_Donaldson_MP sounded far more positive following meeting with PM. Tells me he โ€œwaited a long time for this momentโ€ and clear that he expects not just the announcement of legislation to overwrite parts of the protocol, but the enactment of that legislation โ€œaction not wordsโ€

16. In which case, why are export health certificates required at all? Can anyone actually point to a single example of the integrity of the single market having been damaged in the 16 months so far that the grace periods have been in operation?

HMG has a choice between powersharing or protocol - @J_Donaldson_MP

The government must honour the commitment they made in the New Decade New Approach to protect Northern Irelandโ€™s place within the UK Internal Market.

Decisive action is required.

The unionist mandate must be respected.

Spoke to the Prime Minister this morning and reiterated our position that we cannot nominate to an Executive until decisive action is taken on the Protocol. Will listen carefully to what is said today in Parliament on the Queens Speech but am clear that action must follow words.

Donaldson will widely slammed for this but his lonely stance is the right one. Dublin isnโ€™t worried about unity of UK. Biden isnโ€™t. London broadcasters tend to prefer SFโ€™s identity politics to DUPโ€™s red, white & blue. Only @J_Donaldson_MP can end the dither of Boris & Brandon.

BBC Politics @BBCPolitics

"We will not be nominating ministers to the executive"

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson says "action is what is required" from UK on post-Brexit trading rules, the Northern Ireland Protocol

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