Jeffrey M. Donaldson is MP for Lagan Valley

What has Jeffrey M. Donaldson been up to today?

Jeffrey M. Donaldson is MP for Lagan Valley and a member of the Democratic Unionist Party party.

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Rosie who works in our #socialenterprise cafe @2ndavenuecafe in #Lisburn meeting Dan Cartland from #esf delivery and telling him about her job and the support she has received throughout the years from Stepping Stones NI. It was great to have you visit Dan @Economy_NI

The Government is restricted in measures it can take to help Northern Ireland because of the NI Protocol.
This is one reason why we support the NI Protocol Bill going through Parliament to deal with these problems.

On the day when the Protocol Bill has its second reading in the House of Commons, @duponline has distributed this report to MP’s on the harm the protocol is doing to businesses and consumers, to political stability in Northern Ireland and to the Union.

"We will continue to be condition and not calendar led as we look forward to this bill now making rapid progress.”

The protocol also violates the GFA and has completely undermined the cross community consent required for it to function. The choice is clear - prioritise the protocol or protect the GFA. You can’t do both. The U.K. Government recognises this reality. Others should do likewise.

Tracey Magee @Tracey_utv

The signatories urge the Biden administration to use "all possible diplomatic channels necessary to oppose this potential violation of the GFA without delay".

This morning a plaque commemorating former North Down MP Sir Henry Wilson was unveiled in Parliament. Ian Paisley was in the Commons chamber as it was unveiled, 100 years after Sir Henry's murder in London.

Progress is made in NI through cross community consensus yet some appear to be arguing for majority rule. Legislation is needed to resolve the problems of the Protocol and to restore consensus politics.

The EU has threatened to remove access for NI businesses to their Single Market. Policing that would require the creation of a hard border on the island of Ireland. Their focus isn’t on protecting peace and stability but on punishing NI businesses.

At Westminster I’m backing the #SENDABetterMessage pledge for a fairer and more accountable support system for disabled children.

So restoring consumer choice & allowing Northern Ireland businesses to benefit from the same State Aid measures as their GB counterparts is “economic vandalism” according to @MichealMartinTD

An odd conclusion to draw…

I like @martin_compston as an actor but his statement is utterly inadequate. The PIRA was responsible for 1,705 murders. 48% of Troubles deaths, including Scot’s. He should condemn those chanting about PIRA and do more to dissuade such behaviour in future

martin compston @martin_compston


This is the EU trying to stop the U.K. government implementing grace periods which everyone (bar EU) believes are absolutely necessary and which have been operational for over a year with no detrimental consequences

Environment Minister @edwinpootsmla and @Education_NI Minister @MMcIlveenDUP have visited Eden Primary School in Carrickfergus, one of 442 Primary Schools in Northern Ireland to participate in the School Milk Subsidy Scheme. More info:

These are the kind of real business experiences that you will not hear Manufacturing NI refer to. As far as they are concerned there is nothing to see here. Yet, I have dozens of such businesses contacting me with similar issues all the time.

Watch: @J_Donaldson_MP tells @PaulClark_UTV there is a choice: either support protocol changes bill or Good Friday Agreement can not operate

We will consider these proposals against our 7 tests to determine if they meet what is required to achieve the objectives.

DUP leader @J_Donaldson_MP welcomes the new #protocol bill and says it is legal - the party won’t say yet whether it’s enough for them to return to power-sharing

Deliberate & disgraceful attacks on the memory of our heroes inscribed on Moy War Memorial won’t be tolerated. Welcome the PSNI have taken action. Incidents have been ongoing. Even on Christmas Day we woke to the news of damaged wreaths. Community must jointly condemn

Police Mid Ulster @PSNIMidUlster

We have arrested three men on suspicion of criminal damage to a Cenotaph in the Square area of Moy. They remain in police custody at this time.

Absolutely LOVE my quirky wee earrings I picked up at Dromara Festival from The Quirky Flamingo Company 💕🦩🦩. The creator is a lovely local mum and has such an inspiring story about how she started it all ❤️. Check her lovely creations at

Delighted to join with @little_pengelly, @Sharon_Skillen & @RankinAlderman in Dromore to meet Connor, Ian & Billy on their big dander across the UK & Ireland to raise funds for the @VeteransCentre Today is the final leg of their from Lisburn to Stormont.

Delighted to join with @little_pengelly & @Sharon_Skillen in Dromore to meet Connor, Ian & Billy on their big dander across the UK & Ireland to raise funds for the @VeteransCentre Today is the final leg of their from Lisburn to Stormont.

What a fabulous turnout of former officers in Newtownards to mark the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RUC in June 1921. All credit to the organisers in the local RUC GC Assoc. @PoliceFedforNI @SupersAssocNI @PoliceServiceNI @naomi_long @ChiefConPSNI

Billy was a hero of mine. He gave great pride to NI, particularly in the difficult times of the 1980s. Our greatest ever manager leaves us with wonderful memories.

I think the problem with saying this out loud is that it might give the cynic the impression the key goal of the EU wasn’t to solve real problems in Northern Ireland…

Delighted that my friend Sammy Douglas has been selected to take the seat I had held as @duponline Councillor for Lisnasharragh @belfastcc. A man who's work in and for local communities has never stopped, he will be a hard worker and asset for all in Lisnasharragh.

Jayne McCormack @BBCJayneMcC

Former DUP MLA Sammy Douglas has returned to frontline politics after five years away - he's been co-opted by the party to sit as a cllr on @belfastcc after @DavidBrooksMLA became East Belfast MLA

Congratulations Grahams bakery on winning this super contract. Exporting to other countries such as Republic of Ireland is great. I want to see this continue alongside trade within our biggest market - the United Kingdom. That why my constituents agree the protocol needs sorted.

👀The council places a time capsule to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland in Lisburn Museum!

It has been buried for future children from the city to uncover & open in 2121.

💻

Another useful contribution from Graham Gudgin on the fiction of the “all Ireland economy”…

Today is the 78th anniversary of #DDay.

D-Day veteran Roy Maxwell, No 4 Commando made an emotional visit in 2019 to the grave of his friend Lieutenant Phillip Antony Wellesley Colley at @CWGC's Bayeux War Cemetery.

That was some day!!

All of these events just couldn't happen without the hundreds of volunteers from organisations, churches, halls and groups across Lagan Valley. What a debt we owe and such joy they have given in their service to the community.

Thank you 💜💜💜

Hillsborough Presbyterian Jubilee Tea!

Hundreds enjoying great company and community at Hillsborough Presbyterian Church this afternoon. A special Jubilee tree was planted by Lady Mary Peters, helped by local children 👑💜🎉 Well done to all the many volunteers! 💜

Honoured to attend the National Service of Thanksgiving for Her Majesty the Queen at St Paul’s Cathedral to mark 70 years of her reign. A very fitting tribute to a wonderful lady who has lead this nation with great dignity and faith.

💡The Queen leads the lighting of the Principal Beacon at Windsor Castle.

The spectacular @QGCanopy Tree of Trees outside
Buckingham Palace will form the Principal Beacon throughout the weekend’s celebrations.

Great to be present in Royal Hillsborough this morning for a 42 Gun salute to Her Majesty the Queen. Terrific crowd present to honour 70 years of her reign. Off to London for the national service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral tomorrow.

Some familiar accents on BBC Breakfast this morning. Great to see both parts of the island represented with the Irish Guards at Trooping the Colour today. Well done to Drummer Adam Walsh and Drum Major Paul Carson.

👑 On the first day of the #PlatinumJubilee weekend and the anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation, we look back on Her Majesty’s life of service from her time as a young Princess supporting the war effort to her extraordinary commitment to her role as Monarch.

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