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William Cash is MP for Stone and a member of the Conservative party.

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Today we waived the #Indy500 green start flag on the 1st #DITStateSide MOU. Congratulations Indiana!
Superb work by @IN_gov and @GovHolcomb. Great to finalise the details this morning.
Looking forward to the signing at the Indiana Global Economic Summit…

Brexit was a very American thing to do. My article for the ⁦@Daily_Express⁩ on our approach to UK-US trade following today’s announcement: https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1602144/Penny-Mordaunt-joy-string-post-Brexit-trade-deals-US-poised

Today, we took evidence from @Jacob_Rees_Mogg.

He told us:
⭕️UK could allow gene editing in animals
⭕️Government to bring forward Data Protection Bill
⭕️Brexit Freedoms Bill expected by summer this year
⭕️he favours practical approach to #retainedEUlaw


See my contribution to the Ukraine debate on Tuesday.

We will work in alliance with the rest of the world against Putin. We must never forget that we are in peril and that we have to fight back

"Richard was an instinctive Conservative and a patriot from his youth, and I shall always miss him profoundly."

✍️@BillCashMP pays tribute to Sir Richard Shepherd


🎧Podcast: Sir Richard Shepherd, former Conservative MP, died last month. How should he be remembered? As a Eurosceptic and a natural rebel, and also as the founder of Partridges. But was he a libertarian, a traditional Tory, or an old school Liberal? https://thecritic.co.uk/remembering-richard-shepherd/

Our session with @SirJJQC and @DuhsEleonor has started.

Why and how is retained EU law treated differently to UK-made law? Is it fit for purpose?

📺Find out by tuning in here: 👇

Retained EU law is treated differently in the courts to UK law. How and what to do with it will be the subject of our latest inquiry.

More here 👇:

We have published the Government's Response to our report on the Brexit divorce bill and UK participation in EU programmes, including the flagship research programme, Horizon.

📄Read the response here: 👇

City of London tops Global Financial Index in Europe, second only to New York globally, despite Remainer doomsters. Way ahead of Paris, Frankfurt & Amsterdam. Europe's dominant financial hub. @Telegraph

My question to the Minister of State for Media and Data in the Chamber yesterday #BBC
Watch in full: https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/49ce8d2b-56bc-4b45-b8f9-a3c2fadcd080?in=16:38:48#player-tabs

In early December last year the country was in paralysis. Now @BorisJohnson has got #Brexit done, as promised in the General Election. This agreement reaffirms the #sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

In early December last year the country was in paralysis. Now @BorisJohnson has got #Brexit done, as promised in the General Election. This agreement reaffirms the #sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

The UK's right to withdrawal from the EU is approved and agreed by international law and only limited by UK constitutional law - and thus by our own discretion.

See my full speech in the Commons yesterday: https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/26c3bc84-db86-4786-922e-5c567d04391c?in=15:23:43#player-tabs

As @BorisJohnson has made clear, under no circumstances must the UK be subject to any EU law after 31st December 2020.
My statement to @mrmarkdolan on @talkRADIO last night. #Brexit

It was a pleasure to talk to @TimesRadio yesterday morning alongside @JohnDCaudwell. We share many similar views on Brexit and just how essential sovereignty is. Full interview available: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/radio/show/20201209-1102/2020-12-09 (starting at 2hrs12)

My question to @michaelgove yesterday during his Ministerial statement. I look forward to welcoming him in front of the European Scrutiny Committee before Christmas.
Available to watch in full at: https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/579c33eb-9c9f-4fb6-a4d6-581d323eb5ee?in=13:07:18#player-tabs

On VE Day Churchill declared “the victory is yours”. He became PM 10th May 1940 - after Hitler invaded the low countries just as I was born. Let us salute those who, like my father, died in Normandy July 1944 achieving our democratic freedom and your new victory in the ballot box

Brexit transition must end 31st December with no ECJ, EU fishing or state aid rules. Otherwise UK dragged into black hole of EU budget with no rebate. Germany gets 52% value of all EU state subsidy rules with only 25% EU GDP.

As I said yesterday in the House:
"It is a great tribute to the British people, and to the MPs who were returned in the election, that they will, through the majority we now have and with our Prime Minister, guarantee that this country will have a bright and effective future."

I urge anyone who wants to see Brexit delivered to #voteconservative in Labour Leave marginals and not the Brexit Party. The BXP cannot form a government and cannot take us out of the EU. This article shows why voting BXP will risk Brexit https://mol.im/a/7782859 via @MailOnline

I urge anyone who wants to see Brexit delivered to #voteconservative in Labour Leave marginals and not the Brexit Party. The BXP cannot form a government and cannot take us out of the EU. This article shows why voting BXP will risk Brexit https://mol.im/a/7782859 via @MailOnline

Tomorrow the country votes in the most important election in a generation.

Only a #conservative majority government will deliver #brexit by 31 Jan.

Voting for the Brexit Party in Labour Leave seats will stop Brexit by splitting the leave vote.

#voteconservative #getbrexitdone

I was out canvassing in SoT Central this week with @jogideon. Boris’s deal is the right deal - it ensures the UK leaves the EU. The BP cannot form a government & voting BP risks Labour winning in Stoke-on-Trent. Only a vote the #Conservatives will #GetBrexitDone! #ToryCanvas

Jo Gideon MP @jogideon

Out with prominent Brexiteer and EU critic Sir Bill Cash in Bentilee, discussing why Leave supporters must vote Conservative on December 12th.

Thank you to @BillCashMP for underlining, once more, his #StandUp4Brexit commitment.

✔️ #BackBoris’ deal to #GetBrexitDone

✔️ Back ‘no deal’ if the WA hasn’t been passed by 31st January

On Saturday in my letter to the Telegraph I said this. Now he adds insult to injury - he wants the ego trip of Proportional Representation and funks standing.

This morning I had a discussion with Doug Oakervee and Lord Berkeley registering my strong opposition to HS2 for the cost and damage to my constituency. I urged those reviewing the project to publish their report now and recommend abandoning this monstrous ‘white elephant’.

Having been readopted as the Conservative candidate for the Stone constituency, I will be fighting hard to deliver a Conservative Government.

“The opposition are a disgrace. They have completely undermined democracy in this House... I have no compunction whatsoever in condemning the opposition for their shameless behaviour” @BillCashMP


A general election is your decision to be governed by yourself through your representative parliament. This is still true whether you're a Brexiteer, a Remainer or even a Reverser.

Labour, the Lib Dems, and the SNP all voted against sovereignty and the clause to protect UK interests from destructive EU legislation

“These matters go to the very matter of our body politic, the birth right of our citizens, forged over centuries. The British people made a decision. We must implement it. Anyone who opposes this Bill is effectively undermining our democracy and self-government” @BillCashMP

I have just written to Cressida Dick thanking her for the effective police protection that was provided on Saturday afternoon.

.@jeremycorbyn used to be as eurosceptic as I am - he even introduced a Bill in 1997 calling for ECJ jurisdiction to end. This is a monumental U-Turn from the leader of the opposition.

We are now live with @ThimontJack @Brigid_Fowler and Prof Adam Cygan as part of our inquiry examining post-Brexit parliamentary scrutiny of the EU. You can watch the session live here: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/7eea75b2-f665-4710-9681-d5979aa5f7d2…

In this afternoon's debate on the principles of democracy, I reminded the @HouseofCommons that the best way to address widespread public anger at the idea of democracy being thwarted is to deliver on the vote of the referendum and ensure that we leave the EU on the 31st October.

By not having a General Election, Parliament is undermining its own sovereignty - My letter in the Telegraph https://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2019/09/18/lettersshowdown-supreme-court-highlights-growing-political-power/

“The Supreme Court mentioned that the prorogation had an extreme effect upon the fundamentals of our democracy. Does my Rt Hon friend accept it is more than an extreme and undemocratic effect for Parliament itself to tear up its own Standing Order 14?“ @BillCashMP

Standing Order 14 - by which Government Business takes precedence - is based on voters’ democratic decisions in General Elections. That is why subverting it is such an outrage.

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