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Robert Syms is MP for Poole and a member of the Conservative party.

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Steve Bray has spent six years screaming abuse through a loudhailer at me and many others as often as he saw us for the ‘crime’ of trying to fulfil the democratic decision of the UK to leave the EU. This action by the police to stop his violent protest is very welcome 👏👏👏


A large group of police surrounded Stop Brexit Man Steve Bray and seized his speaker under a new law banning ‘noisy protests’

'Shale gas has to be part of the UK's future. If we continue down the fingers crossed, business as usual approach, the implications for the UK will be very severe.'

Charles McAllister from UK Onshore Oil and Gas discusses the Government's moratorium on fracking.

Club spies tell me @PennyMordaunt got a standing ovation from #marginal MPs at the Carlton this evening. Reassured the anxious over core values: party was like McCartney at #Glastonbury. "We were OK with a few new tunes, but what we really want is the old familiar favourites."

YouGov: 69% of punters want free bets to continue + almost 1 in 3 punters said they would consider black market betting if ministers forced through a ban.

Btw can you imagine the outcry in Westminster if you tried to ban offers & promotions on booze…

British engineering giant Renishaw is investing more than £50 million at its Miskin plant in South Wales to boost its UK manufacturing capacity. Two new production facilities will be built as part of the firm’s huge investment programme. #UKmfg🇬🇧

I have commented on the excellent report "An Unsafe Bill" by @iealondon @MissVHewson @matthewlesh.

The Government's Online Safety Bill is fundamentally flawed. The Govt should slim it down, move fast with the uncontroversial aspects, & junk the rest.

UPDATE: British manufacturer McMurtry Automotive plans to build a road-legal version of its Spéirling electric car after the single-seater smashed Goodwood’s Festival of Speed hill climb record yesterday with a time of 39.08 seconds. #UKmfg🇬🇧

You couldn't make it up. The EU have granted China equivalence and access to its financial markets in a number of key areas. Yet, the bloc continues to refuse the UK regulatory equivalence despite our rules being broadly in line with theirs. EU's vindictive nature is boundless.

🔥Enhancing our energy security and…

🏘 Unlocking local and national benefits must be the priorities for the government’s review on shale gas.

Thanks to @cmackinlay for signing up 👍


Find out more about the campaign:

Great news for Chelsea & Fulham, as I open the expanded Imperial Wharf station.

With £1.5m funds from @transportgovuk and £200k from @TfL, this station will grow its passengers.

I was here with London Mayor @BorisJohnson @danielmgmoylan & @team_greenhalgh to open it in 2009!

The data the advocates of a “progressive alliance” ignore –

This wasn't an easy story to share - but I hope it persuades you to check in on somebody this weekend.

If you are struggling yourself, please contact @samaritans now. Things will get better for you 🙏🏽

French police don’t mess around. How promptly they dealt with these activists who glued their hands to the pavement in Paris. No pussyfooting around.

When will everyone finally admit that the cost of living crisis is down to Lockdowns, the printing of money to pay for Lockdowns & the supply chain issues caused by them here and around the world ?

Inflation was at a 30 year high way before Ukraine.
Don’t allow that to be used.

Wow! 60,000 followers - thanks for your incredible support! With an annual output of £183 billion, the UK is the 9th largest manufacturer in the world. 2.5million people are employed in this vital sector. Support our manufacturers and buy British! #UKmfg🇬🇧

British Geological Survey on restarting fracking due back on Biz Sec's desk next week:

For 2 years, large parts of the economy were shut down. The majority of people went along with this. But now we have a global cost of living crisis and almost everyone is concerned about this. The lesson to learn is this: The cost of living crisis is a cost of lockdown crisis.

Brilliant that the Chancellor @rishisunak accepted my invitation to come to Aberdeenshire and speak to the Oil and Gas Industry today!

Only the @Conservatives are standing up for our region, supporting jobs and investing in the future.

A great pleasure to welcome Chancellor @RishiSunak to West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine today!
A great friend to Scotland and the North East. 👍🇬🇧

Boris has suggested that Britain should start mining and burning its own coal again instead of importing it from abroad. If the PM would lift his crazy shale gas moratorium, Britain could actually make use of its domestic resources!



NEW FACTORY: Under construction at the Austrian-owned Formula One team's Technology Campus in Milton Keynes, Red Bull Powertrains' new engine development and manufacturing plant is expected to create hundreds of jobs. #UKmfg🇬🇧

Westminster voting intention:

LAB: 36% (-2)
CON: 34% (+2)
LDEM: 13% (-)
GRN: 5% (-3)
REF: 4% (+1)

via @KantarPublic, 16 - 20 Jun
Chgs. w/ May

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s chemicals giant is to supply Europe with American liquified natural gas as concerns mount over supplies following EU sanctions on Russia.

Fracking would be much cheaper and much less CO2 intensive.


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UPDATE: Japanese-owned Kawasaki Precision Machinery, a supplier to JCB, John Deere and Caterpillar, is ramping up production and creating dozens of new jobs at its factory in Plymouth to meet the increasing global demand for its hydraulic pumps and motors. #Ukmfg🇬🇧

Thrilled to announce that our new catalogue of #rarebooks (British Books and Owners, Part III) is now available online:

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