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Robert Halfon is MP for Harlow and a member of the Conservative party.

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Sadly, a 14yr old Harlow resident was raped by a 13-year-old boy last year. He is now allowed to live only 120 metres away.

She has been let down by the justice system.

I will continue to pursue all avenues to ensure she receives the justice she deserves. 👇


"Would you agree that complete school closures should never happen again?"

In @CommonsEd 28/6, @AnnieHudsonTCSW spoke on the murder of 6-yr-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes:

"I would certainly agree that complete school closures are really problematic for children who are vulnerable"

It’s because of our incredible volunteers that we’re able to help so many people find a way forward.
Join #TeamHarlow today. Send us a mail or apply online

Why Steve Bray should stay 👇

It was an honour today to speak at the @greeneking parliamentary launch of their #UntappingPotentialReport.

Greene King has championed 15,000 apprenticeships nationwide since 2011, and has pledged an additional 5,000 by 2025. 👇


Are we Maoists or are we Conservatives?

My article in today's @ConHome about the upcoming 1922 Committee elections.

If we change the rules now because a few people are unhappy with the status quo, a dangerous precedent is set.👇

My interview with @BBCRadioManc highlights our @CommonsEd report on strengthening home education.

Lockdown showed a rise in home education by around 38%, yet there is currently no national register to identify these children nor measures to track their progress. 👇

📰 @halfon4harlowMP told the latest edition of our monthly newsletter The Mark that he would like the Apprenticeship Levy to be retuned to support national skills priorities and for an Apprentice Guarantee to be given to every young person

Today’s @CommonsEd hearing looks into the tragic murders of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and Star Hobson. You can follow the session live here:

Harlow Council unveil exciting plans for regeneration of Playhouse Square and College Square.

@UsforThemUK will publish #TheChildrensEnquiry
book which highlights the damage to mental health for children during lockdown👀

Today, I asked @sajidjavid about introducing a levy on social media companies, to use the money for schools to fund mental health resiliance training👇

How can we help pupils left behind during COVID-19?
Important article from Gareth Stevens, CEO of @InspirationEast who has run a successful extended school day programme in Norfolk 👇
Extra time at school for pupils to learn music, drama & sport can help boost academic attainment

Just 6% of the UK is built on.,land%20uses%20across%20the%20UK.

Important article from @DailyMailUK highlighting the impact that school closures had on the youngest of our children👇

According to the @EducEndowFoundn lockdown around 50% of 4-5 y/os were prepared for school - now it is 80/90%.

Fantastic to welcome @UsforThemUK to Westminster today and meet the team to celebrate all the work they have done for children, especially over the past couple of years 🚸📚

Not every University needs to offer same courses & each University can develop specialisms. But Higher Education - especially given huge loan - must primarily be about high-skilled employment as well as educational development 👇

As Harlow's first Jewish MP, pleased to be at @HarlowSynagogue 70th anniversary celebrations this afternoon. Congratulations to Harlow's Jewish Community 👏👏👏 👇

Very good to see this family of schools continued vision for extended provision & enrichment combined with superb timetabling skills (he learnt from the best) to deliver for children - arts, sports, electives & so much more learning 👏👏👏

Schools complain of children arriving in nappies. But just hear what mums have gone through. My article in the Daily Mail today. Too weak to walk. 5-year-olds in nappies. Revealed: The lost children of lockdown - The Mail

Today, I sat on a panel for the Poverty Alliance Summer Symposium.

I heard constituent’s concerns on the cost of living and highlighted the Govts new £37bn package to address them. I also championed the importance of skills and apprenticeships to see rising employment levels.👇

It was an absolute pleasure to visit the Sunflower Community Project this morning in Harlow.

They are an amazing non-profit charity which aims to tackle mental health issues and provide vital support to the local community.

Find out more here: 👇

The rail strikes may cost the economy up to £1bn, meaning less money in the long run to fund our public services.

As talks continue, special consideration should be given to those on the lowest incomes, such as cleaners and support staff 👇


The fourth winner of our Entrepreneur Awards is @yourharlow, nominated by @halfon4harlowMP.

Michael has grown the newspaper from just a few thousand page views in 2013 when he launched, to 5.9 million last year

See that exam board @ocrexams, apparently cancelling Phillip Larkin poetry from GCSEs 👉 👈. Such a shame pupils won't learn such wonderful gems as this - my favourite Larkin poem 👇

This Head @Mouhssin_Ismail of @ncs6th is pretty extraordinary. I was pleased to visit Newham Sixth Form Collegiate. His resignation is a real loss to the school but wonderful for his new schools. All good wishes 👇

A teacher strike would be a disaster for children nationwide, who are recovering from the effects of COVID-19.

On @bbcradio4 I explain my hope that Govt listens to suggestions of the Pay Body Review & special consideration is given to education staff on particularly low wages.👇

I was absolutely delighted that the editor of @yourharlow, Michael Casey has been recognised for his journalism with an award by @Octopus_Group_.

Michael performs an incredible public service to Harlow residents by keeping us updated with local news and beyond.

Well done!👇

Success and enjoyment at university starts with good mental health, which is why I made it a priority to get students the best possible mental support. But for years the gaps between university and NHS services have been too wide. Today, @GillianKeegan and I are changing that.

'We're in danger of becoming a financially illiterate nation.'

Robert Halfon MP discusses calls for children to be given a financial education.

📺 Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626
🖥 GB News on YouTube

'These strikes will damage our economy at a time when we need it least... we need to do everything possible to boost our economy.'

Robert Halfon MP explains why the upcoming nationwide rail strike is coming at a particularly inappropriate time for the economy.

We encourage domestic abuse victims to flee but if they have children with their abuser, we hear of them of being dragged into the family courts where unregulated experts, profiting from peddling pseudoscience, cause further harm. Time for urgent inquiry

Right now, the public's no.1 concern is the cost of living.

This important new report from @csjthinktank highlights that financial education skills must be taught earlier.

According to a recent report from @ChildrensComm @Rachel_deSouza, 1.7 million children are now persistently absent from school. That’s 1/4 - up from 1/9 pre pandemic.

The medium-long term societal consequences of this horrifying statistic hardly bear thinking about - just awful.

“Preparing our young people for a world and workplace with high demands of them means taking skills seriously. And money management skills are no exception.” @halfon4harlowMP

📚Click below to read our latest report: On The Money - A Roadmap For Lifelong Financial Learning

We have called on @DominicRaab for inquiry as “we believe there is ample evidence that children and survivors of domestic abuse are being put at risk by unregulated experts”. @halfon4harlowMP @jessphillips @carolinenokes @SarahChampionMP @AnnaMcMorrin

Pleased to have purchased Mrs Valerie Dinwiddy's famous mega-🌶️pickled 🌰's at the wonderful Harlow ⛪ fete. Well done to all involved and to @HarlowBrassBand for the 🎺🎶👇

All the horror of Russia’s war reduced to just one photo

Ukrainian girl, who cannot leave her pet, in front of a train meant to evacuate her to Przemysl, Poland🇵🇱

Image: Alexander Zenkovich

Pupils let down again - these exam boards should be fined or lose their contracts 👇
BBC News - GCSE and A-levels: Mistakes in papers caused ‘pupil distress’, Ofqual says


The Prime Minister met President @ZelenskyyUa today.

The UK has offered to launch a major training operation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the potential to train thousands of soldiers.


According to @JewishChron, @amnesty’s General Secretary Agnese Callamard has claimed that those who criticise its work are “weaponising antisemitism”.

Once you start having to defend yourself using phrases like “weaponising antisemitism”, it’s clear to the world what you are.

This #LonelinessAwarenessWeek, I want my older constituents in Harlow who are feeling lonely to know that there’s support available. @Age_UK have a no. of resources such as:

Phone befriending 📞
Walking Football ⚽️
Lunch club 🍴
For Information & Advice:

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