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Philip Davies is MP for Shipley and a member of the Conservative party.

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A few commentators tried to warn during the lockdown that every day of it would mean more inflation, higher taxes and a slower recovery. They were called callous killers. Now, those who demanded the strictest possible restrictions rage about the consequences. Funny old world.

Hugely looking forward to hearing from @EstherMcVey1 & @PhilipDaviesUK on Tuesday 5 July


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Bishop of Buckingham @alantlwilson explains to Conservative MPs & GB News presenters Esther McVey & Philip Davies why there should be 'a proper, British, humanitarian response to the refugee crisis', & why he disagrees with government refugee policy.

BACK TO THE FUTURIST another brilliant show today with @EstherMcVey1 @PhilipDaviesUK
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Shining a spotlight on sentient AI and how AI will revolutionise our future business and personal lives... @cajundiscordian

Bit of my bit on @GBNEWS this morning with @EstherMcVey1 and @PhilipDaviesUK talking about the Tory Party northern conference which I attended on Friday.

'The message is starting to be questioned, and the more data we can bring to the table the better.'

Author Jayne Buxton speaks to Esther & Philip about plant-based food diets becoming 'an inarguable argument'

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I was on ⁦@GBNEWS⁩ this morning with ⁦@EstherMcVey1⁩ and ⁦@PhilipDaviesUK⁩ discussing yesterdays Northern Tory conference ⁦@DoncasterRaces⁩

'Accent and language is about broader characteristics'

Language expert Dr Alex Baratta discusses regional accents after a study found the northern accent has 'deeply embedded biases'

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'We're reaping the consequences now of the decisions that were taken a couple of years ago'

Professor of Industrial Economics, David Paton, joins Esther & Philip to discuss suggestions the lockdown was a catalyst for the cost of living crisis.

'If they were allowed to negotiate this could've been avoided.'

Lord Tony Berkeley, former chairman of the Rail Freight Group, on the 'chaos and carnage' ahead of rail passengers.

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'We are all entitled in this country to have a view'

The Rt Revd Dr Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham, tells Esther and Philip why he wrote a letter condemning the Government's Rwanda asylum plans.

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This week we celebrated @JohnCryerMP being the longest serving Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party in all its history. Could not be prouder of him and every thing he has done for @UKLabour

Last Northern Tory conference update: To hear more, I’ll be on ⁦@GBNEWS⁩ with ⁦@EstherMcVey1⁩ & ⁦@PhilipDaviesUK⁩ tomorrow morning about 11.40am

Looking forward to being back on Saturday Selection with the brilliant @EstherMcVey1 @PhilipDaviesUK 18th June @10am shining a spotlight on sentient AI and how AI will revolutionise our future business and personal lives...

Director of Rwanda Legal Action Group Standing to be Labour MP

The Labour leader just told the PM that a Tory MP called him the “Conservative Corbyn”.
Wait till he finds out about this guy called Keir Starmer who said: “I’m 100 per cent behind Jeremy Corbyn. I am working with Jeremy Corbyn to try to win the next general election”

An extract of my interview on @BBCNewsnight this evening. Absent a safe third agreement with France - or readmission agreements with source and transit countries - HMG has to do something to disincentivise migrant crossings. So far, Rwanda is the only viable option.

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“There’s been a lot of homework done”

Former Director General of the UK Border Force Tony Smith says civil servants have been to Rwanda to make sure its safe ahead of the first deportee flight

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Huge thanks to @EstherMcVey1 and @PhilipDaviesUK for agreeing to be our guest speakers at our upcoming virtual event 💙💙💙

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@ArleneFosterUK @GBNEWS @MichelleDewbs @Nanaakua1 @EstherMcVey1 @PhilipDaviesUK Happy Birthday to you all! Best news channel by miles! Always interesting debates, a bit of fun and banter too and great presenters. Fav shows are Dewbs n Co, Nana Akue, Political Correction and Esther and Phil. ❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Great to be at #WPF2022Events today. Currently hearing from Brigid Simmons from @BetGameCouncil on changing industry standards. Conference chaired by MPs @ronniecowan and @PhilipDaviesUK

'I'm really really concerned about what's happening to our public service.'

Tony Smith discusses a High Court ruling in favour of the Home Office for their plan to send migrants to Rwanda.

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'It used to be the Royal mantra, "never complain, never explain"'

Lawyer and broadcaster Andrew Eborn discusses Prince Harry suing Associated Newspapers.

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'The idea must be to reduce the number of people on housing benefit'

Sir Iain Duncan Smith discusses Boris Johnson's 'benefits-to-bricks' plan for home ownership.

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'There is a whole bunch of things that kids can't do... we don't let them drive cars or smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. I think we should be restricting if not banning their smartphone use'

Headteacher Katharine Birbalsingh joins Saturday Morning with Esther and Philip.

'It's different today, I don't detect the same level of split within the Party'

Tory MP John Whittingdale discusses the parallels between Margaret Thatcher's departure as leader of the Conservatives in 1990 and Boris Johnson's current vulnerable position.

'The biggest growth industry in the British economy at the moment is the offence industry. We just love taking offence.'

Tim Montgomerie, founder of ConservativeHome, discusses Len Goodman's recent comments about his grandmother calling curry powder 'foreign muck.'

Really looking forward to being on @EstherMcVey1 & @PhilipDaviesUK @GBNEWS show at abt 11:20. Talking with MPs in touch with drivers and reality

‘This Prime Minister has undermined Brexit all the way through, he’s got to go!’

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib says Boris Johnson should step down, and feels Esther McVey would be a ‘fantastic’ replacement.

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The floor has now opened for a Q&A session at our #BusinessLunch ⁉️

Guests now have the opportunity to put their questions to @JudithCummins and @PhilipDaviesUK 🎤

A fantastic @WNYChamber #BusinessLunch at the heart of #Bradford this afternoon. A unique opportunity to hear from @JudithCummins MP and @PhilipDaviesUK MP and discuss our regions #Economy.
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'Scrap the inflated white elephant that is HS2 and save the Government tens of billions of pounds from a budget that is spiralling out of control.'

Conservative MP and GB News presenter Esther McVey quizzes the Prime Minister at #PMQs.

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A NW Tory MP has called for HS2 high-speed rail to be completely scrapped. Tatton's Esther McVey called it an "inflated white elephant". During PMQ's she urged Boris Johnson to stop the project and save tens of billions of pounds. Here's their exchange:

The Department of Health is advertising for a 'Deputy Director, Delivery Lead - Covid Pass.' I think Sajid was taken by surprise when I asked for an explanation…

I am now judging the 148 by how they react to losing. So far respect for @PhilipDaviesUK who is saying exactly what they all should be saying. Now is the time to get behind the PM and move the U.K. forward.

'I lost. The Prime Minister won fair and square.'

Tory MP Philip Davies speaks to Iain Dale, after Boris Johnson's survival of a no-confidence vote.


Boris & his Cabinet need to find their inner conservatism

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