Peter Bone is MP for Wellingborough

What has Peter Bone been up to today?

Peter Bone is MP for Wellingborough and a member of the Conservative party.

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On Sunday 10th July, I am hosting a charity cricket fixture at the Islip Sports Field, involving a House of Commons XI vs a local side, starting at 11am. Hopefully, it will be a sunny afternoon, with rain clouds nowhere to be seen! Full details, here:

Speaker: I am extremely disappointed that once again an important policy has been presented to the media before this House - why the BBC and Sky News are more important I do not know.

My Private Members' Bill to promote Harry's Pledge, which is designed to promote the needs of carers and those who they care for received its First Reading yesterday. It was wonderful to meet with Harry and his mum on Friday. They are inspirational.

It seems to me that this business of the House motion says that very complicated provisions have to be put within one and a half hours this is contrary to standing orders says @PeterBoneUK

Jim Shannon just introduced an eminently sensible bill on the installation of automated external defibrillators in public buildings and order public places. Good luck Jim!

Food is rotting in our fields through a shortage of farm workers, so will the government’s food strategy work? Politics East at 1000 with Peter Bone MP and former MP Sally Keeble.

Sunday 📺 10am BBC1, and a guest spot hosting Politics East this week. With me, Northants MPs past and present in the form of @Sally_Keeble and @PeterBoneUK. On the agenda: Rwanda, HMOs, and @andrewpolitics on why fields of fruit and veg are lying unpicked… See you at 10!

Thank you my friend President @ZelenskyyUa for hosting me in Ukraine yesterday.

It was incredibly moving to walk the streets of Kyiv with you once more, to pay tribute to your fallen soldiers whose sacrifice, unconquerable courage and bravery we will never forget.

Great to meet earlier this week with @BorisJohnson and my North #Northamptonshire colleagues to discuss the latest progress in the project to deliver the new @KettGeneral and reaffirm our commitment to delivering this upgrade on the earliest possible timeline.


The Prime Minister met President @ZelenskyyUa today.

The UK has offered to launch a major training operation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the potential to train thousands of soldiers.


.@SophyRidgeSky: If you're not from Afghanistan or Ukraine, what are the safe and legal means to seek asylum in the UK?

@VotePursglove says govt "responds to crises as they emerge" and have "bespoke schemes" in place.


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‘The British people want this to happen.’

Conservative MP Peter Bone joins @Nigel_Farage to discuss his bid to exit the ECHR.


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Great to meet @BorisJohnson with @VotePursglove and Philip Hollobone MP to discuss the new Kettering General Hospital. We are going to get the new hospital built!

'Instead of booking 50 people on each flight to Rwanda, book 250 people on it then when they stop half of them from travelling you still have a full flight - come on, get on and send them'

Tory MP Peter Bone says 'lefty lawyers' have blocked Rwanda deportations

I attended an event @NorthantsPolice on addressing the scourge of modern slavery, along with @PeterBoneUK, & a number of organisations. Modern slavery can happen any time, anywhere - we must all be vigilant in spotting the signs and reporting it. More:

Have you written to your MP as part of the #CarersWeek Recovery and Respite Plan? The aim of the campaign is to ensure all carers get the support they need. You can write to your MP here:

Very pleased and proud to be part of the launch of the Northamptonshire social work teaching partnership alongside @UniNhantsNews @NNorthantsC @WestNorthants making Northamptonshire a great place for social workers to practice. #SocialWorkTwitter

Deportations to Rwanda have been thwarted by activist left-wing legal types, and Priti Patel's small boats deterrent blocked with it. Remind me who the compassionate ones in this argument are supposed to be? Those aiding the trade of people traffickers or those trying to stop it?

Right to Buy isn't a damaging policy, not building enough housing is the damaging policy.

The ex-council house I grew up in was bought by my single-parent mother. It was utterly transformative; suddenly my mother had security, an asset to pass to her kids & something to nurture.

Harry's Pledge:
- Valuing carers
- Supportive employers
- Accessible homes
- Accessible work places.
We need to support carers and those they care for!

Fantastic morning at Westminster highlighting the aims and progress of the @HarrysPledge campaign. Inspirational words from @Harry_sPals, @Juliecdoyle, @Bushbell & @JoGreatwell and great support from @ALewerMBE and @PeterBoneUK. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Kettering MP: 'Why I supported Boris Johnson in last night's confidence vote'

We’re excited to be hosting our breakfast briefing at the House of Commons this morning.

We're inviting MPs from across the country to help us raise the profile of Harry’s Pledge and further highlight our aims to make life better for carers.


Boris Johnson seeks to "move on" after winning the confidence vote.

Tory MP Peter Bone says he voted to support the Prime Minister:

"We will win the next general election based on the economy and migration...that's what people care about."

@JuliaHB1 | @PeterBoneUK

Tory MP Philip Davies voted against Johnson, but says result means critics like him must back PM.

‘We’re democrats in the Conservative party. We should accept the result,’ he tells @TimesRadio

He adds: ‘We’ve now got a duty to get behind him… He won the contest fair & square’

Let’s be clear on this early on. I’ll be voting confidence in @BorisJohnson later to get on and deliver our ambitious agenda. Much achieved - Brexit delivered, vaccine rolled-out, forefront on Ukraine, immigration plan in place - but more to do. Time to get on with the job.

My tweet prompted another @BorisJohnson supporter to make contact: wrong to say PM would be in trouble if No votes over 100 even well over 100. This supporter said PM only won 51% of MPs’ vote in 2019 but two thirds of membership vote. So high MP No vote = no surprise

Today I will vote for the Prime Minister he has my 100% support. He has got all the big calls right. Today I have spoken to my Conservative association chairman, Deputy chairman, voluntary agent and CWCC chairwoman all are fully behind Boris!

If Boris Johnson faces a no-confidence vote he will 'win it handsomely and carry on', argues Tory MP Peter Bone.

@toryboypierce | @PeterBoneUK

This is so tedious... I don't know if you've noticed but Paddington is a bloody bear and there were already fairly strict policies surrounding illegally smuggled wildlife. Personally I was able to put that aside though because I heard a rumour he's not a real bear anyway 🤦

Niki Groom @miss_magpie_spy

“Paddington goes to Rwanda” by Priti Patel.

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