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Mark Pritchard is MP for The Wrekin and a member of the Conservative party.

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Ukraine does not want war. Russia started war with Ukraine. Ukraine did not start war with Russia. Now at war, Ukraine is heroically defending its people & territory. NATO does not want war. If Russia starts war with NATO Russia will be heavily defeated @oscepa @NATO @DefenceHQ

Russia wants to kill everyone in Ukraine, raze the country to the ground and build a new part of Russia on its territory. There will be no deal. The only path to peace is Russia’s defeat.

AFP News Agency @AFP

#BREAKING Russia offensive can end as soon as Ukraine surrenders: Kremlin

NATO & EU need to get more weapons, more quickly, & with right training, asap to Ukraine. Ukraine is freedom’s frontline. If Putin is not defeated in Ukraine he will need to be defeated elsewhere. Unless Ukraine is given more support the pain & suffering is only going to spread

Slovakia will reinforce its armed forces by 152 BAE Hägglunds CV90 tracked infantry fighting vehicles from Sweden - it will be the backbone of our heavy mechanized brigade.

Time is against NATO & EU & Putin knows it. Putin is using 🇺🇦 food as weapon of war & seeking to sow chaos, not least in sub-Saharan Africa. His blockade strategy seeks to undermine fragile democracies, collapse govts, spread violence & new migrations flows to EU. Putin must fail

Great to get the A41 Safety Campaign underway again this evening. Looking to get @DC4NS and @WestMerciaPCC to our next meeting. Far to many accidents happening on the A41. Road diversions also a big issue. #ShropCouncil #Roadsafety #A41

Glad to support Motorsport UK’s visit to Houses of Parliament. Motorsport does so much for UK engineering & skills, tourism & promoting the UK abroad. Huge legacy of great F1 drivers: Hamilton, Stewart, Hunt, Hill, Moss, Mansell plus. Other drivers too: McRae, Hawkey, Evans….🏁

War in Ukraine is not over. It may well have just begun 🙁 Scale & length of the war will be determined @NATO & @EUCouncil as much as in Kyiv & Moscow. Ukraine must prevail or the cost & pain for Ukraine & other countries in EU & Africa will be far greater. French need to step up

It was not a good night for us with the results that we have just had in the by-elections.

Only opposition parties win when we are divided. We need to listen, learn and unite behind @BorisJohnson for the good of the country. This is the time for steady heads and focus

By-election results are disappointing but all govts lose by-elections. Queen’s Speech & forthcoming Autumn Statement helpful - and still time before next GE for govt to win back lost support. Key is for Party to focus on delivery, to avoid in-fighting & to listen to these results

As we assist Ukraine with its documentation efforts, I met with @IntlCrimCourt Chief Prosecutor @KarimKhanQC in Kyiv- as we’ve made clear, we support all international efforts to pursue accountability for war crimes and other atrocities committed by Russia’s forces in Ukraine.

Ukraine must prevail or we will never be secure. 👇

Thank you my friend President @ZelenskyyUa for hosting me in Ukraine yesterday.

It was incredibly moving to walk the streets of Kyiv with you once more, to pay tribute to your fallen soldiers whose sacrifice, unconquerable courage and bravery we will never forget.

Thanks to Cllr Nigel Lumby ⁦@ShropCouncil⁩ & Cllr Adrian Robinson ⁦⁦@albrightonpari2⁩ & all the parish cllrs, Ramp cttee members, Albrighton volunteers & ⁦@WestMidRailway⁩ for a positive meeting re improving access to rural rail stations ⁦@networkrail⁩

Huge thanks to Laura co-owner of Peckish Cafe High St, Albrighton & all her fantastic team for a great breakfast ahead of a full day of visits and meetings in the constituency. One of the best places for breakfast in the whole county ⁦@BBCShropshire⁩ ⁦@ShropshireStar⁩

Thank you to Prof Ken Sloan Vice Chancellor ⁦@HarperAdamsUni⁩ and Grace Millburn of the Uni’s world-leading Crop & Environment Research Centre for an excellent visit & update. Uni is No1 in world on employer reputation in Agriculture QS league tables ⁦@DefraGovUK⁩

Very constructive discussions today with PCC, John Campion & Newport Town & Borough Cllrs around increasing police presence in Newport via pop-surgeries, mobile police units & discussions about how both ⁦@WestMerciaPCC⁩ ⁦@WMerciaPolice⁩ & Newport TC can work together

The @rafredarrows thrilled 50,000 aviation fans at the @cosfordairshow this afternoon. Here are some of the highlights from their display.

Planning Review must balance food security & environmental matters as well as creating opportunities for solar farms.

Both can co-exist but solar sites must be in the right place & at the right scale. Nature reserves, SSSIs & productive agricultural land need protection too.

This is a government that delivers on what the people of this country care about most.

We are focused on uniting and levelling up across the country and unleashing the potential of the whole United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson has won the vote of no confidence. Now time for Parliamentary Party to move on, unify, end blue on blue & take the political fight to Labour. This is not the start of PM's decline - but start of his political rebound. 2 yrs to get economy back on track & win next GE

Telford and Wrekin Councils’ borrowing is set to rise to half a billion pounds! Pity it isn’t spent on the vulnerable. Care no! Protect No! Invest In what?

Boris Johnson will win vote of no confidence later today. Inevitable discussion after result about margin of his win. A win is a win in politics. The Party must then move on, get behind the PM & get back to governing - tackling rising living costs, & standing strong with Ukraine
"Never be afraid, because fear is what makes us back down. Fear is what makes us keep silent in the face of something monstrous. When you keep quiet in the face of something monstrous, you become complicit."

Congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen on her Platinum Jubilee.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable and memorable extended Bank Holiday weekend.

Congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen on her #PlatinumJubilee

Her remarkable service to the UK and the Commonwealth is recognised across the globe and she has touched the lives of millions of people beyond our shores.

France & Germany provided some support to Ukraine, but not enough. Yet they are two countries who will suffer economic & migratory effects of Russia's expansionism into yet more countries. Not provoking Russia is a flawed & failed Franco/German policy. Ukraine must be armed by EU

NATO & EU need to ensure Ukraine does not lose momentum in its victories against Russia. US $40B package of support also needs to avoid being staggered over months. The support is needed now. Success in battle is needed today. Allies of Ukraine, freedom & democracy, must not tire

This is a wake up call to the West.

Russia is planning another assault on Kyiv.

We need to massively step up supplies to Ukraine, break the siege of Odessa with ⁦@NATO⁩ ships and impose harsher sanctions on Russia.

Today, the entire state of Texas is in mourning.
*Earlier today, a gunman entered an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and opened fire.
*The shooting at Robb Elementary School is every parent and teacher’s worst nightmare.

Ann & I are heartbroken to hear about the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School. No student should ever be afraid to go to school. The violence must end.

We are praying for all of the victims, their families & all affected by this senseless act.

Prime Minister has apologised. He made mistakes. Many at No.10 made mistakes. Many affected by covid are disappointed & angry. This is understandable. The PM recognises this. But let's be clear, opposition parties, who are not without fault, just want to bring down PM & govt

Fantastic first day at @WelshConserv conference yesterday with @BorisJohnson, @russ_george and lots of others!

Looking forward to another cracking day today in Newtown. It's fantastic that our area is hosting this big event.

Friday: Delighted to be unanimously readopted as the Conservative Party's candidate for The Wrekin at the next general election - whenever that might be. The Wrekin is a great place to represent with amazing people & fantastic market towns and villages - all with amazing history

Renewables very much needed as part of UK's energy mix - and proud the UK govt is leading the way on many environmental issues - but the location & scale of 'some' solar farms, often on agricultural land or even greenbelt, is a growing concern to some local communities in Salop

Our first priority is to uphold the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement.

💬 Read my statement to @HouseofCommons:

With only one month to go, we are pleased to announce that for the first time ever, an F35B Lightning will perform a series of flypasts at the @cosfordairshow. Tickets for the air show on 12 June are almost sold out so book now to avoid disappointment.

Lovely sunny day in Albrighton to attend the Approbation Ceremony - with local councillor Nigel Lumby.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at The Red House and @RAF_Cosford for a fantastic day.

Very busy constituency day with meetings at Cosy Hall in Newport, @MAA_Charity in Albrighton, Ukraine relief efforts at @TownShifnal & with Cllr Ed Bird @ Shifnal Community Hub.

Huge community effort for numerous good causes & charities by local champions & volunteers.

UK-funded research has exposed the Kremlin's use of a troll factory to spread lies through disinformation campaigns, designed to manipulate the public about Russia's illegal war in Ukraine.

🔍 More info here:

Foreign Minister Lavrov’s remarks are both an unforgivable and outrageous statement as well as a terrible historical error. Jews did not murder themselves in the Holocaust. The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of antisemitism.

Whilst UK's current nuclear deterrent is very capable of eliminating any threat against the UK - recent & direct nuclear threats from Russia underscore the wisdom of govt upgrading UK's nuclear warhead programme & replacing Vanguard with Dreadnought class submarines @RoyalNavy

The British state & large parts of the media rightly highlight need for removal of 'glass ceiling' on gender, race, religion, sexuality. But few discuss what I call the 'class ceiling'. Still pervasive in British society & affecting so many whatever their background or lifestyle

Today is the day we come together with pride to fly the flag of St George and celebrate everything that makes England a fantastic part of our United Kingdom.

It's dangerous wishful thinking by some in EU that Putin will stop the war if he permanently gains eastern & southern Ukraine. A Putin victory there could reinvigorate his wider illegal war & his other claims & expansionism in the region. NATO & EU members' support must not tire

Ukraine is fighting hard & fighting brave. The courage of Ukraine is an inspiration. Sadly, there is still much more fighting ahead. Ukraine can win - but only with the right weapons and continued support of allies. All NATO countries need to defend freedom. This is Europe's war

We are entering a window of extreme danger for Ukraine and for NATO. Necessary heavy equipment - tanks, artillery, aircraft, air defense - is not arriving soon enough in sufficient numbers. The only way through this is to double-down on arming Ukraine.

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