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Marcus Fysh is MP for Yeovil and a member of the Conservative party.

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Today is International Women in Engineering Day 👩🏽‍🔬👩‍💻

We need more women like Nabilah, Sophie and the other fantastic undergraduate engineers I met today at the @Dyson Institute, to look to careers in engineering 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


With a huge gap in basic cyber security skills among UK businesses, how do we manage these threats?

Find out how #InstitutesofTechnology are helping to plug the skills gap when it comes to protecting us from ever evolving cyber threats:

Govt's food strategy published this week is a boost for farmers throughout the South West.
• more local food production
• more help with innovation
• more help with marketing

Let's get behind our amazing local produce like never before.

Shameless Lib Dems trying to pretend they are something they are not again coz elections.

Centralised financial systems are inherently risky & full of vested interests & cross incentives. That is why they are heavily regulated & capitalised. Better support for high quality innovation in actual decentralisation is part of the solution to counterparty & capital risks.

The EU has threatened legal action against the UK over plans to override the NI Protocol.

Leave campaigner Marcus Fysh MP: "While the EU are unwilling to do what's required and address the valid concerns within NI, we have no option but to act now."

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Just Introduced: This Bill is a reasonable and practical solution to

➡️ Fix problems facing businesses and people in Northern Ireland
➡️ Uphold the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement
➡️ Protect UK and EU markets

@timoconnorbl @JayKaye18804355 @simoncoveney Are you in favour of the Good Friday Agreement being upheld and continuing to work, or against? Not moving on this is simply not an option if the former.

@timoconnorbl @simoncoveney No I am not, there is a BIG majority in NI for evolving the Protocol as evidenced by the surveys. You are gaslighting by trying to make out that it is to be scrapped when it absolutely isn't, and saying people are against that.

We must have the courage to change the Northern Ireland Protocol and uphold the Union. After endless negotiations with the EU, we have made little or no progress in resolving the problems the Protocol is creating.

I had a fantastic day out at the @RoyalCornwall show, meeting our incredible farmers and rural communities that produce the best food and drink in the world.

Labour are wrong. More disruption on rail services will mean less people use the trains = less train revenues = less pay and eventually job losses for rail workers.

Labour and militant union action are going to leave workers worse off.


After a successful acting debut in 2012 with James Bond, The Queen has returned to the big screen, this time with Paddington Bear!


Brilliant to see Wildcats and Merlins built in #Yeovil leading the Flypast of Buckingham Palace today for HM The Queen's Jubilee celebration.

Proud on behalf of all in the Yeovil constituency to congratulate Her Majesty The Queen on her Platinum Jubilee today. Her service stands as an example to all.

#OnThisDay 1953 marks the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey. The country celebrated on a huge scale and of course
@RoyalNavy were present at the Coronation itself as well as at the Fleet Review at Spithead, 2 weeks later. #GodSaveTheQueen

Great that the genius of Kate Bush is being discovered by another generation due to Stranger Things - she was an extraordinary superstar first time round too. #houndsoflove

Jackdaw gas field - originally licensed in 1970 - has today received final regulatory approval.

We're turbocharging renewables and nuclear, but we are also realistic about our energy needs now.

Let's source more of the gas we need from British waters to protect energy security.

Wildcat conducting test flying with asymmetric load of Sea Venom missiles @Leonardo_UK Yeovil today

Sea Venom may also get a work out at the upcoming SINKEX

Via @defenceimagesuk

Our priority is upholding the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement and restoring political stability in Northern Ireland.

Read my piece in the @IrishTimes👇

Threats of more taxes will just put off new investment and jobs. What we need is tax cuts on the energy bills consumers pay, to ease the squeeze on incomes.

I want us to reduce our impact on the environment and enable energy for life. We have to have physics- and finance- literate plans for how to get from A to B, not hyperbole or identity politics that could lead to all sorts of unforeseen consequences.

Ps. It is natural gas that produces ammonia which is used in a lot of fertiliser, which it will become apparent is an extreme necessity as global famine takes hold over the next 2 years. We need much, much more of it. /

Pps. The arbitrary taxes proposed won't deal with the scale of the problem anything like & would in fact be counterproductive (typical Labour / Lib Dem), so don't waste another second talking about them and instead get on with helping in the smarter way set out above. /ends

To attack domestic energy & food supply with extra arbitrary taxes would be the wrong move when underinvestment & supply constraints are the reason for inflation that is hurting people. Incentivise production & cut fuel duty, green levies & VAT that people experience in prices./

The right message from Secretary of State for Northern Ireland @BrandonLewis

Brandon Lewis: EU must agree to renegotiate Northern Ireland Protocol or cause indefinite chaos

@EmporersNewC @Kafka_Esc @SpeakerPelosi EU is already in breach of the NIP and we are already entitled under its terms and otherwise in law to act as proposed. Moreover it is right for the people of Northern Ireland to act, in accordance with, in respect of and for the preservation of the Belfast Agreement

@SpeakerPelosi This is not what is happening. The EU’s refusal to use flexibilities within its own system and evolve the Protocol practically as required by it are straining the Belfast Agreement. What’s proposed is an entirely reasonable evolution that respects the GFA in all its dimensions

@SpeakerPelosi You then need to persuade Ireland and the EU to negotiate a reasonable evolution such as that proposed by the UK, in good faith. Only then will the Belfast Agreement be upheld in all its dimensions.

"I therefore recommend that we look urgently at bringing forward measures to reduce VAT rates throughout the economy" - Tory MP Marcus Fysh on cost of living. @MarcusFysh #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfLiving

‘Despite Brexit’ the City of London increases its lead over European rivals’ – The City has the building blocks to be the undisputed global financial leader, but we need to see divergence as an opportunity, not a threat – writes Ewen Stewart.

Really pleased that Stoke sub Hamdon’s application for Levelling Up funding from the Government has been approved. £120,000 for development of a community centre at the United Reform Church is an example of how we are focused on what local communities need.

This has to be a big part of the way. #carbonneutral

Tory MP Marcus Fysh urges the Government to "take a clear and firm stand" on the Northern Ireland Protocol amid threats from the EU.

"We have to use the legal, sovereign duty to uphold the Good Friday agreement."

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