Lucy Allan is MP for Telford

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Lucy Allan is MP for Telford and a member of the Conservative party.

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Its not for #Parliament to decide how the terminally ill manage their own death. Someone at the end of life has the right to decide, with their clinicians, what is best for them. Parliament is not about removing rights. Glad to be debating this on Monday

Lucy interviews care worker at the Health and Social Care Committee | Lucy Allan

It’s time for politicians to listen to the people they represent and to allow those who choose, to end unnecessary suffering at the end of life

Drop in surgery at Meeting Point House #Telford for Ukrainians and host families arranged by the fabulous Help Ukraine-Telford

This day in 2016 saw the greatest show of democracy in British history, with 17.4 million voting to leave the EU & take back control of our borders, laws & trade. We've ended free movement, introduced a points-based system & we will continue to deliver for the British people. 🇬🇧

The Oldham child sex exploitation report is disgusting and should be much higher up the news agenda. The protection of children ought to be paramount, yet here’s another example of the fear of being accused of ‘racism’ allowing children to be failed by both police and a council.

MPs are doing this too, being paid retainers, to make introductions. It amounts to cash for access. It brings our democracy into disrepute

Bristol today. Women being abused and threatened (again) by balaclava-clad male trans activists. How did such a violent, misogynistic movement manage to convince so many among our ruling class that it was on the side of good?

Standing For Women 👄 Kellie-Jay Keen @StandingforXX


Fina bars transgender swimmers from women's elite events if they went through male puberty. Last year, when I wrote an article arguing for segregation by sex in sport, I was hectored and bullied. Women must fight for their right to be considered biologically unique.

A series of bad calls, and backing the strikers over the strivers this week shows that Starmer is definitely not on your side.

✍️ My piece in todays ⁦@TheSunOnSunday⁩


We urgently need a more patient focused, efficient NHS - it’s a public service, funded by the public that needs to work for the public. It’s not a political movement.

We shall not forget the thousands of men, women and children who are being killed every day in Putin’s war of aggression.

The UK will work tirelessly with our allies to bring enduring peace to the people of Ukraine.

So there is a lot of rubbish being spouted about the PM’s trip to Ukriane. 1. Firstly these trips are organised in total secrecy. Very few, and i mean very few, people know the dates and arrangements. Russia is still launching missile strikes right across Ukriane . 1/5

Knee and hip operations dramatically change lives and reduce burden on health care services - ought to be top priority great news finally they will start again at PRH

Watching #Sherwood on catch up @mrJamesGraham love all your work - all of it genius

People fleeing war seek a safe welcoming country where they can be supported to build a new life #Rwanda

Each #subpostmaster wrongly convicted has an #MP. Working together 😅😅 somethings might happen fair and fast @lucyallan @JonathanLord @DavidDavisMP and othes .#PostOfficeScandal is above party politics @Janetsk20073533 @SeemaMisra7 @FelsteadTracy #justsaying @MattChorley

And a very special award to honour our CEO, Richard Sheehan, for the wonderful work he has done over many years to support and inspire the Shropshire business community. Not a dry eye in the house! #SCBA2022

Thank you to @RishiSunak for supporting @ShropsChamber and all businesses across the County at tonight’s awards ceremony in Telford

It’s been one year since Noel Conway died at home in Shropshire, after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2014.

Noel was an inimitable and award-winning campaigner, and helped to put assisted dying firmly on the political agenda in this country. 🧵

5 years ago today. Getting re-elected in tight marginal is tough. Thank you to the wonderful people who helped make it happen.

Sajid Tells NHS to Cut Pointless Diversity and Inclusion Jobs

It was right to hold a vote of confidence in the PM. Now the vote has been held it is right to respect the result. MPs have had their say. Now it’s time to govern. MPs want to spend their time serving their constituents, which is what we were elected to do

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