Kit Malthouse is MP for North West Hampshire

What has Kit Malthouse been up to today?

Kit Malthouse is MP for North West Hampshire and a member of the Conservative party.

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Good Evening,
I am Sgt Boughay. I would just like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself as the new Test Valley Rural Neighbourhood Police Sergeant.
You will regularly find me out and about on patrol. Please do say hello if you see me. #SgtBoughay

Three statements that years of Twitter have led me to treasure more than ever:

(1) "I don't know enough to have an opinion"
(2) "My friend made a mistake and is still my friend"
(3) "I accept your apology"

This #ArmedForcesDay, we celebrate all those police officers who have served our country in our Armed Forces. Thank you for your hard work & dedication in keeping the public & streets safer.

Photo: John Ward, Police Sergeant @gmpolice, Sergeant Major @LANCS_REGT.


“You know you want to better your community.”

👮‍♀️👮 These officers are out on the beat, cutting crime and making our streets safer.

🎯 We've recruited over 13,500 extra officers since 2019 as we continue towards our 20,000 target. 👇

How it started: "As mayor what I'd do is roll up my sleeves and make sure that I'm talking to everyone who runs public transport to make sure there are zero days of strikes."

How it’s going: 90 days of strike action under Sadiq Khan.


A flagcracker day talking public safety in #TivertonandHoniton with #HelenHurford our energetic candidate..
Action underway:
👊Tiv front counter reopens in Nov
👊over 220 cops recruited..lots more coming
👊 Big focus on county lines…and much more @AlisonHernandez @TivHonTories

Brilliant sunshine and a positive response for the awesome Helen Hurford in Tiverton today: a @Women2Win road trip with @Baronessjenkin and @nmdacosta to support @TivHonTories. Thanks to @kitmalthouse and @CllrRChesterton for their photographic skills. @cwowomen @Conservatives

I’m so proud of what Project Adder is achieving across the UK.

Tough and smart means less crime and fewer lives destroyed by drugs.

Tide being turned on drug use in seaside town with high rate of drug deaths | ITV News Meridian

👀 WATCH | Did you know that anyone who police stop and search can now request an email with details of the stop?

Each week we’ll be looking at different aspects of this tactic, which helps us take around 350 weapons a month off London's streets. See more 👇

In the fight against crime there can be no better leader than @BorisJohnson - his commitment to safer streets, more prosperous neighbourhoods, a united country and to the British people, is profound, and it’s why he wins. I will be supporting him tonight.

But he's not is he? He's a LibDem donor and has been for some time. He's also desperately angry with Boris because of Brexit.
Both of these things are fine, but it's not fine to pretend he's something that he self-evidently is not.

Tim Shipman @ShippersUnbound

The Conservative donor who has gone on the record to call for Boris Johnson’s removal is actually called Tory. He’s not pulling any punches. See the Sunday Times big read

We also remember and pay tribute to the tremendous bravery of the public, many police officers and emergency service colleagues who responded that night.

Their actions helped save lives and our thoughts are with all those involved and affected.

Five years after the terrible attack at London Bridge & Borough Market #WeRemember those affected.
Our thoughts remain with the families of Christine Archibald, Sebastien Belanger, Kirsty Boden, Ignacio Echeverria, James McMullan, Alexandre Pigeard, Xavier Thomas & Sara Zelenak

Many congratulations to all those members of the police family who have been honoured today. Their dedication and that of their colleagues will be on show this weekend across the nation. #platinumjubilee2022

Her Majesty The Queen, the first Monarch in British history to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

To mark the beginning of the #PlatinumJubilee Celebration Weekend, a new portrait of The Queen has been released.

📷 Ranald Mackechnie

This student was very polite to me. He made a reasonable point about how schools can help children which I was happy to debate. His right to free speech is vital too.

We will never deny biology but we must always show kindness, tolerance and love when discussing these issues.

Guido Fawkes @GuidoFawkes

EXCLUSIVE: Yvette Cooper’s Son Led Trans Rights Disruption of Zahawi Q&A

Basingstoke Rural Police team were out patrolling last night in #Kingsclere and spotted this projection onto the church, ahead of the #PlatinumJubilee Celebrations. The team are out patrolling the rural again tonight and over the weekend.

28515 and 18145

Today Isle of Man's parliament voted by a landslide to allow an assisted dying bill to be introduced. Two years ago a similar motion was rejected. This shows just how much progress is being made. Parliamentarians can no longer ignore this issue. Change is coming.💪🙌👏

How's this for SNP priorities:

CLOSED: College in most deprived area of Scotland (Forth Valley, Raploch)

OPENED: Indyref2 talking shop in Warsaw

It's your money they're spending.

On the fifth anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack, we stand together to remember the 22 lives that were cut tragically short that night. My thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones and all those affected by that wicked and cowardly act. #WeStandTogether🐝

Today we remember the life of Fusilier Lee Rigby, who on this day in 2013 was murdered in a savage act of terror near his barracks in Woolwich. Thinking of his family and friends today, & everyone who served with him in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

We will never forget him.

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