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Kevin Hollinrake is MP for Thirsk and Malton and a member of the Conservative party.

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Looking forward to a right trip round Thirsk & Malton tomorrow, starting in #Sowerby (green, affordable housing), #Thirsk (Tesco/food charities), #Filey (affordable housing), #Sheriff Hutton (business round table) and #LintononOuse (the obvious), then #Home (wine).

Welcome the UK’s new £1bn commitment to Ukraine, which now totals £2.3 billion. The U.S. is the only other nation to have offered more. We should now give Ukraine the £20bn+ of Russian foreign currency currently held/frozen by the @bankofengland 🇺🇦 🇬🇧

💻 After raising my concerns in January about the Online Safety Bill with regard to paid-for ad fraud, I am thrilled the Govt has listened & took action by tabling an amendment which aims to address this.

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On the NI Protocol Bill I defer to the legal mind of @RobertBuckland who stated in the debate ‘the Good Friday agreement definitely—in my view, as a matter of law—takes precedence. Any Government who fail to act… are therefore failing in their duty’

Absolute pleasure to support the @CanalRiverTrust and @BritishCanoeing led by two of my heroes, the brilliant Allan Leighton and Yorkshire cricket legend Ashley Metcalfe

I was pleased to show Environment Minister, Rebecca Pow, around Filey recently to meet Rex Harrison, a local fisherman, where we discussed the innovative work he is doing on Bycatch initiatives.
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Why is London a hub for criminals & kleptocrats to launder their 'dirty money'?

Episode four of #CommitteeCorridor🎧, where host @TomTugendhat is joined by author & investigative journalist @OliverBullough, @RhonddaBryant & @kevinhollinrake, is out now.

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📺WATCH - Missed yesterday's @FACTCoalition event, “Butler(s) to the World” – Ending Dirty Money in the UK and US"? Video is now available. Thanks to @OliverBullough @kevinhollinrake @RepSpanberger @susanpjhawley @EHanichak for taking part.

Along with host, @TomTugendhat, colleague, @RhonddaBryant and journalist and author, @OliverBullough, I discuss how we can tackle dirty money on this week's Committee Corridor podcast 👇

Why would criminals launder money through New York when there's a perfectly good alternative in London where they’re less likely to get caught?

Host @TomTugendhat speaks with @OliverBullough about illicit finance in the new episode of #CommitteeCorridor

Will ⁦@TheFCA⁩ finally use its powers under the Senior Managers Regime to sanction individuals within ⁦@JLTGroup⁩ and ⁦@mmc_global⁩ ?? ⁦@APPGbanking⁩ ⁦@taxinparliament⁩ ⁦@JohnGlenUK⁩ ⁦@OliverBullough⁩ ⁦@TomTugendhat⁩

🚨 We have launched a new sub-committee on financial services regulations.

🔎 The sub-committee will scrutinise draft regulations proposed by @TheFCA, the @bankofengland & the Prudential Regulation Authority.

📖 Read more in our new report 👇

Much-needed dentistry provision finally secured for Helmsley 👇

2,000 properties in York now better protected with Foss Barrier upgrade and new flood defences

🚨 Just published 🚨

📗 Our new report, 'The future of financial services regulation', explores what changes should be made to financial services regulation now the UK has left the European Union.

🔎 Read our findings 👇

The Mark Steyn Show is live now from 8-9pm BST

@kevinhollinrake joins Mark with an update on #LintonOnOuse ...

📺 Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626
💻 GB News YouTube:
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Asylum reception centres are the right idea, but they must not unfairly or disproportionately burden any one community, such as Linton-on-Ouse.

My question to the Home Secretary today 👇

She was recorded telling activists: “I hope eventually that we will get back into the single market and customs union, and who knows then.” #SameOldLabour ⁦

Apologies again, but selling books is my job, so please, pre-order it, buy it for your MP. Shout and scream.

Thank you


It's at your local bookshop.
It's on bookshop:
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And Waterstone's:

Fuel prices⛽️

I’ve asked the @CMAgovUK to conduct an urgent review of the retail fuel market, as well as a longer-term investigation under the Enterprise Act.

Fuel prices are always quick to go up but slow to come down - let’s see why.



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Minister for Security @DamianHinds at the launch of our Economic Crime Manifesto:

💬Economic crime underpins effectively all...domestic serious and organised crime and poses an international threat...through corrupt elites linked to hostile states.

On the day the govt is due to extend right to buy and look at ways to offer lower deposit mortgages.

Remember there are still up to 200,000 #MortgagePrisoners, victims of banks 2007 crash, trapped on high rates, destoying their lives. Mayhaps we should prioritise helping them?

Next Tuesday, the Business Committee will be asking airline bosses why so many people have had their flights delayed or cancelled, focussing on enforcement of consumer rights and labour market shortages👇

Council fighting Government over #lintononouse asylum centre plan issue update @LintonAction

Solar farms should not mean energy security overrides food security.

I'm pleased this important issue has been given parliamentary time today in Westminster Hall 👇

Regional #MutualBanking popped up in a parliamentary debate about supporting small businesses.

Thanks as always for your work @kevinhollinrake @APPGbanking 💸

I am voting with the Prime Minister this evening. I don’t feel that his breaches of the rules are sufficiently serious to warrant the resignation of the leader of this nation, not least one who led us to decisive victories for the leadership, in the general election 1/2

Journalists here seem to have a very poor memory when banging on about the PM being booed. Lady Thatcher was booed practically every time she went out. #itswhathappenslikebeingshoutedatbySamCoates

Quote of the Day - 153 in a series of 365:

“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.”
― Louis Pasteur

Brilliant launch event for our Economic Crime Manifesto last night at @wabbey with @taxinparliament. Thanks to our own @kevinhollinrake & fantastic speakers including @DamianHinds, @margarethodge, Lord Agnew & David Postings of @UKFtweets.

Manifesto ->

Great to see Malton Food Festival back to its best - another full, fun packed, foody day tomorrow so it’s not too late to enjoy the best in Yorkshire food and drink all in one place ⁦@visitmalton⁩

Senior ⁦@Glencore⁩ execs allegedly involved in bribery that led to £1.5bn in fines yet they get off scot free. Corp fines = cost of doing business, lock up individuals to end corruption ⁦@taxinparliament⁩ ⁦@APPGbanking ⁦@DamianHinds⁩ ⁦@pritipatel⁩

Heartfelt thanks and many congratulations to Her Majesty for an incredible 70 years of sterling service to our nation. An inspiration to us all. God Save The Queen!

Why is it important to tackle dirty money now?

Our Chair @kevinhollinrake: 'This is how we tackle drug dealing, this is how we tackle terrorism, this is how we tackle organised crime....this matters to everybody.'

Manifesto below👇 #TEARUpDirtyMoney

🙄 ⁦⁦@BBCNews⁩ now completely loses plot over transgender issues as it actually changes the words of an alleged rape victim in a news story 🤷‍♂️

#APPscams cost victims millions of pounds each year. They are a scourge on society and must be dealt with urgently. I urge my colleagues to attend this discussion co-hosted by @LendingStdBrd on how to detect, prevent, and respond to these frauds:

Hate to be all earnest, but journalists and MPs saying the PM has watered the ministerial code down need to correct themselves - the expectation of resignation if ministers mislead parliament is clearly still there. He “hasn’t changed the rules mid-game”…

Great to visit @Bempton_Cliffs with Minister Pow to discuss the vision for a seabird conservation strategy. This includes the new management measures in Doggerbank and protection of sandeels, as well as the need for longer term management of prey for seabird recovery.

Interesting response today from @RishiSunak to my question on how @RachelReevesMP @LabourParty will balance the books on their spending commitments - apparently they’ve made £100bn in spending commitments and only £10bn in tax increases. #SameOldLabour #OtherPeoplesMoney

Brilliant Q&A session with @PickeringJunior - an engaging group of students with wide-ranging questions. I encourage local schools to book tours and access other resources either through the Education Service or by contacting my office.

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