Johnny Mercer is MP for Plymouth, Moor View

What has Johnny Mercer been up to today?

Johnny Mercer is MP for Plymouth, Moor View and a member of the Conservative party.

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In better news, I have made sufficient progress with my neck to avoid the surgeons knife for now, and will be fully ‘back in’ after the weekend. Thanks for all the good wishes, and particularly to @UHP_NHS for a brilliant service from brilliant people (again).

Huge congratulations to those who made it for the summer solstice swim in Plymouth this morning.. this year all in aid of the brilliant Barefoot Youth charity..

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part in another cracking Plymouth Half yesterday. First one I’ve missed in a bit, but hoping for good news this week to be back to full throttle 🫡

Absolutely love this photo well done Major General Julian Thompson, CB, OBE,
Thank you for being there it means a great deal 👍#ParachuteRegiment @3Cdo_Bde Falklands #BestOfBritish

🎵easy like Sunday morning 🎶
…in a different lifetime.. complex ambush, trapped in vehicle that’s been struck by IED..

Great to chat to an old mate last night. Armed Forces week this week. Hope the country makes them feel as good as they should. Miss these guys. 💪🇬🇧

I watched this for a second time this evening after spending some time with Falklands vets this week.

In a society that sometimes seems not to grasp what it takes to fight war and win - I urge you to watch it. Our duty to men like these must be enduring.

Julian Thompson - Brigade Commander in the Falklands - addressing Parachute Regiment veterans today in Aldershot as they get together 40 years later.

“Time is not measured by the years that you live, but the deeds that you do” said someone once.. 🇬🇧

Read “3 Days in June” to understand what this year means.

Buy it here.

I don’t get the anger.

While Macron urges concessions to 🇷🇺 for peace, & Ukraine fears softening of resolve in their existential fight for existence, the PM doubles down on his commitment to Ukraine.

Most are proud of our role in 🇺🇦

Looks like the Med, but was in fact our City today, after a long sweat at work. Our Friday office swims getting better each week.

The best place to live, work and raise a family in the U.K. #loveplymouth

Last month Plymouth became one of a tiny number of local authorities to actually make gains in the local elections. 👇 is why. quietly delivering for voters, getting on with a positive vision, and elected leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say. Well done.

I’m determined that Plymouth is THE BEST place in the U.K. to be a veteran, so I was delighted with what the council did this week.

Wow. @marjonuni in Plymouth is now:
👉 1st in England for Student Satisfaction, Complete University Guide ‘23
👉 1st in England for Teaching Quality, Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide ‘22
👉 1st in England for Learning Community, National Student Survey ‘21

In politics you have two sorts of people. Those who want to do something, or those who want to be someone.

I’ve never seen it encapsulated so well in one photo.

I obviously make no apology for my comments last year on Gov’t/Ministers who I had to fight so hard to fulfil our promises. I too wish it had been different, but it was important to me that heroes like Dennis knew whose side I was really on.

Brighter days ahead I hope. 💪

An interview from *last year* after I left Government has surfaced. It is not new - I said the same thing in private as I did in public.

My disagreements with the Government then were well known. I have not repeated them since. I have moved on and have no comment save 👇

On the left - Cpl Peter Robinson advancing on Stanley 40 years ago today. Today he was in Plymouth celebrating liberation day.

Privilege to spend so much time with these heroes today - Op Corporate seemed to have more in common with WW2/Korea than Afghanistan.

Treasure them🇬🇧

Humbling series of events this Liberation Day with Plymouth’s Falklands veterans. The City made a community-wide commitment to the Task Force - families, industry and of course our commandos.

We all remain deeply proud of you and what you did, 40 years on. #Falklands40

Veterans in the U.K. have always asked for a little less sympathy and a little more empathy - what it’s like to be them.

You can honour the Falklands generation this week - the 40th anniversary by taking time to listen to their experiences, told by them.

You must watch this documentary if you want to understand what it takes & costs to fight, lead & win.
Uncompromising, brutally honest accounts from members of @2PARA_HQ of their experiences in the Falklands War.

This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of the decisive actions of the Falkland’s War. I pay tribute to those who fought and died, who set the example many of us tried to live up to; the wounded, the families of the fallen, those whose lives were never the same. Never forget 🇬🇧

Tackling the way that men & boys treat women & girls in Plymouth is at the heart of a ground-breaking report published today by the UK’s first Violence Against Women and Girls Commission. To see the final report and recommendations or for more information

Typically disorganised scruffy constituency Friday trying to do too much and make the last post.. great to see so many of you, especially the great young people @EggbucklandCC

Fantastic to be at the launch of the Plymouth Commission into violence against women and girls report this afternoon with Victoria Atkins, @garystreeterSWD @PlymouthRebecca @HannahFShead and many many others.

We want Plymouth to be the safest City for women and girls in the U.K

1 @RoyalAirForce Veteran, 6 OppOs, 1 bike(ish), 2020 miles, 12 days. All in aid of @CorporalScotty.

Please get behind @CMJoboppo @DominicOSulliv3 who's setting off on his epic fundraising event with a cheeky Kings Lynn to Catterick leg this Saturday.

Plymouth looking very.. Plymouth early this morning. Busy day of surgeries, visits and meetings on health, education and a violence against women and girls update.

Op date for neck in a couple of weeks. Things looking more positive all round. Thanks for all the good wishes.

📊 According to pre-pandemic data, 35% of children in some wards of our city are living in food poverty. Let's do something about it.

Find out about our Project 35 initiatives, including @therealginsters' pledge to donate 100,000 lunches, and how you can get involved. ⬇️


Brandon Lewis deserves huge credit on his plans to deal with Northern Ireland’s past. He’s shown real character to change his original ideas, and these should be wholeheartedly supported by a Conservative party determined to deliver on manifesto promises.

12 years ago this morning, LBdr Mark Chandler was shot at close quarters and died in my arms.

The perfect soldier; loyal to the last.

His parents never recovered, and both died prematurely. Afghan casts a long shadow. Much more to do.

See you at the Valhalla brother 🫶

You will have noticed a common thread through all the state occasions this weekend - our Servicemen and Women. Thank you for all your immaculate efforts in marking such an important weekend. Collectively you personify the spirit we celebrated this weekend. 👏🇬🇧

A British veteran - 18 y/o guardsman at the time - had to take the stand in a Belfast court today over an accidental ricochet shooting in Northern Ireland 34 years ago.

Of course - it’s been investigated before. No other country treats her vets this way.

Loads of positive conversations over the last few days with health chiefs across our region. We will deliver better healthcare for all, but my focus is of course, our brilliant hospital which I have promised to rebuild. Take a look at what it will look like..

Good luck to Plymouth’s Lewis and Emily and the rest of @voafcc in tonight’s live @BGT semi final at 8pm, with their song “Welcome Home”.  Doing Plymouth proud.  Vote at after the last act @NeverSuch

It’s only been a month since Plymouth City Council moved to Conservative overall control under Richard Bingley, and stuff is happening.
👉Help with the cost of living nightmare;
👉conversations on the airport;
👉new health and wellbeing hubs and
👉attracting higher paid jobs

Johnny Mercer MP has previously described the situation as "unacceptable"

She’s getting bigger. So I shaved her head. She didn’t seem too upset.. #weekends

My Grandad, 97 this year, looking dashing for a day out at Portchester Castle💕 Covid has been so tough on those knowing that they are in their last few years; they’ve lost so much precious time 😔

Falklands vets have always inspired me. Extraordinary heroism and self sacrifice, thousands of miles away while the Nation slept, they fought for the flag against overwhelming odds, and took their place in history. Take time to remember them today, 40 years on from Goose Green.

Today marks 40 years since the Battle of Goose Green.

During the bloody struggle, 2 PARA were outnumbered and outgunned but prevailed against the odds with immeasurable bravery, writing themselves into the annals of airborne history.

We remember their sacrifice. #Falklands40

If you’re a bloke in Plymouth I want you to watch this this weekend. The council have reflected on some horrendous crimes against women over the last 8 months.

Overwhelmingly, it’s a men thing. We need to talk about, and be more aware of our behaviours

Some deeply special people work hard to meet the huge healthcare challenges we are experiencing across Plymouth. Yesterday I met with CCG chiefs and made your views clear. We will meet - with partners - every few weeks until the situation improves markedly

Our city clearly stunned today as we said goodbye to Bobbi-Anne.

The service reflected her: great music, uplifting at times, and stunning tributes to a clearly very special young woman.

Our hearts go out to Donna, Adrian, Lee, Danielle and all her friends. Rest in peace.

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