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John Redwood is MP for Wokingham and a member of the Conservative party.

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Huge change at NATO adding China to its mission with Japan,Korea, Aus, and NZ as allies. NATO will need to add to its capabilities for the new purpose.

Glad to hear Number 10 is taking VAT cuts seriously. The Treasury should get out more and visit some petrol pumps. We need the VAT cut on fuels now to bring inflation down and ease the squeeze.

U.K. car output so far this year is under one half the 2018 level. The collapse of diesel sales is most marked, not matched by a big enough increase in electric. The industry blames the chip shortage. Net zero is better at putting people off diesel than making EV s attractive.

U.K. inflation is dominated by energy prices, made worse by taxes on energy. If the Treasury cut those taxes we could get inflation down more quickly. Recession is now a bigger threat than higher inflation.

12 EU countries had inflation over 10% in May and Spain joined them this month. The ECB carried on printing more Euros this year despite the obvious inflationary pressures. They need to take more action.

In the defence debate we need to consider what extra capability we need, not how much more money we should spend. Billions of pounds do not defend us. People and weapons can.

The Supreme Court should tell the SNP that any independence referendum has to be approved by the U.K. Parliament. It would be a pointless waste of money to hold one that was not accepted as legal by both sides in the Scottish debate.

With petrol at £1.90 a litre will the Treasury now cut their VAT rip off at the pumps? Time to help reduce inflation and ease the squeeze.

Yesterday the Opposition parties once again sided with the EU and tried to damage the U.K. negotiating position. They all ignored the way the EU undermines the Good Friday Agreement and breaks the Protocol by diverting trade away from GB/NI.

The main reason our steel industry is struggling is the impact of extra high taxes on energy used by business. Time to suspend those taxes to keep the jobs and output here.

Good to see yesterday that the U.K. has grown faster than Germany, France and Italy since the 2016 vote for Brexit. Pity the Treasury is trying to end that with too many tax rises.

The reason our steel industry struggles is sky high energy prices. The government helps imports by imposing carbon taxes and green levies. Cut the taxes and help us produce more UK energy and steel.

You cannot tax a country out of recession. If the Treasury keeps on trying to tax us more it will take us into a worse slump. Fuel is too dear so cut the tax on it.

After three days of strikes the railways have even less money to pay the staff. In a business if you want higher pay you need to offer better service to more customers to be able to afford it.

In 2019 people voted Conservative so they could be better off. They did not vote Conservative so the state could be better off at their expense with much higher taxes.

The Chancellor authorised too much money printing last year which gave us a predictable inflation. This year he is forcing through too many tax rises to try to give us a recession. Why?

Conservative voters stay at home when the Treasury serves up higher taxes instead of easing the cost of living squeeze. They want the government to be on their side, not taxing and bossing them too much.

The Treasury remind us Mrs Thatcher imposed a windfall tax and other taxes in her first two years before going for growth and lower taxes. She slumped to 23% in the polls, and we had a recession. Only when Treasury orthodoxy was relaxed did things improve.

U.K. inflation will come down next year. Recession is the new enemy. Cutting VAT on fuel would help with both problems. The Treasury needs an urgent change of policy.

The current inflation comes from a world energy and food crisis and too easy a money policy last year. Inflation should come down a lot next year as policy is now tight. We urgently need a growth policy to stop recession next year.

Yesterday 80% of our electricity came from gas as there was very little wind. It reminds us again of the need to keep plenty of stand by capacity for when the wind turbines do not turn.

On a day when we have to travel by road Councils should rethink their policies to make it easier to drive to work and to park. Hostility to cars and vans is damaging business in cities. Freer flowing junctions can be safer and less polluting.

Worrying Sunday Telegraph story of delays to two major gas and oil investment projects in North Sea thanks to windfall tax. The Treasury would get more tax if it encouraged a bigger switch from imported gas to home produced. Get on with it and help home producers.

Would be good to hear more from railway management on what they are offering and what they want by way of changed services and work practices. We only seem to hear Union resistance to everything and their wish for a General strike

In a week of rail strikes will Councils help us get around by relaxing some of their penal rules on driving and parking? Too many Councils create congestion, reduce road capacity , and see parking as a way of grabbing large revenues.

The Treasury says it has to raise taxes to get the deficit down. Raising taxes will slow the economy too much which will put the deficit up. Last year they got in much more tax than their estimates thanks to faster growth without tax rises.

The latest poll shows a strong majority rightly want more help with the cost of living. Cut VAT on fuel now. VAT surges with higher domestic fuel and petrol prices, so the Treasury make it worse.

The EU has problems with democracy. EU leaders talk to Putin about possible sacrifice of Ukraine territory whilst delaying Ukraine's application to join. The U.K. leaves the EU by popular vote yet the EU tries to boss us about as if we were still a member.

Good to see the government now backs plans to grow more of our own food. It needs to get behind more mechanisation and new growing methods for fruit and veg to make it easier to pick.

Our economy is slowing all too much thanks to monetary tightening, cost of living hit and tax rises. If the Bank raises rates again even more need to cut taxes.

High taxes are strangling growth. Why is the Treasury unwilling to fix it? No growth will mean a bigger deficit and more state borrowing.

We voted to take back control. That means our borders. It means being able to set VAT for Northern Ireland.The government must get on and legislate to put things right.

Not surprising to see the Bishops siding with the SNP and Labour over migration. They never tell us how they would stop the small boat trade for illegal economic migrants other than allowing everyone in. There are legal routes for asylum seekers fleeing dangerous countries.

Absurd that the EU plans to take us to their court when we disagree with them. Why don't they own up to the way they have broken international law by undermining the Good Friday agreement.They are the law breakers, not the U.K.

Glad others are now pointing out how the Treasury is taking so much more VAT at the petrol pumps adding to the inflation they should want to cut. Ease the squeeze, Chancellor.

BBC Radio 4 business did its usual job this morning presenting the EU case against Northern Ireland being part of the U.K. No balance or understanding of the Unionist problem.

Price controls do not stop an inflation. Backing investment in more supply helps, so the UK needs a strong home produced energy and food policy.

The Treasury's debt forecast for this year muddles real bills they need to pay with changes to future maturity costs of debt. All the time there is so much inflation the Treasury wins on eventual debt repayment as the bulk of the debt gets repaid in devalued money.

The Treasury want to scare us to accept high taxes by forecasting £83 bn of debt interest this year. They do not shout about their forecasts for the following years which show it tumbling by 44% by 2024-5. Think again Treasury about high taxes on fuel and on jobs.

Why do so many lawyers and government officials always take the EU's side? The EU has undermined the Good Friday Agreement and broken the promise in the Protocol to respect our internal market.

Lots of support for an urgent cut in VAT on petrol and diesel. The Chancellor needs to limit the amount he plunders from us at the pumps. How much more inflation does he want? How big a squeeze on incomes?

The latest forecasts for the U.K. economy show the Chancellor's high tax policies are doing damage and gravely slowing growth. Time to change policy.

When will the government publish its Bill to save the Good Friday Agreement? U.K.action is needed as the EU approach to the Protocol is undermining this more important international agreement.

Today the government needs to show how it will change the pattern of major investment in new homes to favour the areas it wants to level up. There is still too much going into heavily congested areas in the south.

The Treasury is ripping us off at the pumps. VAT has soared as oil prices rise, taking tax up to 90 p a litre at a £1.90 total price. The Chancellor should cut the taxes back to what he was expecting to levy, not increasing the damage with higher tax.

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