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What has John Penrose been up to today?

John Penrose is MP for Weston-super-Mare and a member of the Conservative party.

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As you may expect with such a diverse @BBCPolitics panel, many differing views on what the PM needs to do for a successful reset, but all agree a successor to Lord Geidt is necessary. Majority want more powers and independence too:

Good debate on @BBCPolitics on how short-term fixes can help with rising costs of living, but we’ve also got to address the underlying, long-term causes that need more than just treating short-term symptoms

Really enjoyed @alexisconran's Political Frenemies programme, reviewing the week’s top stories with @SKinnock

Spoke with @SophyRidgeSky on how the PM’s Independent Advisor On The Ministerial Code role can be strengthened to attract the right kind of sturdily independent & high-calibre successor asap:

Dragging Ministers into negotiations on rail pay & conditions just politicises what ought to be commercial discussions about making trains better for passengers & staff together. 1/2

We mustn’t pretend the role of PM Independent Adviser or Ministerial Code doesn’t matter, or that there’s no job to be done. #10 could update & strengthen the role if they want, but it should be a question of how – rather than if - a successor is chosen:

Lots of fun on ‘Live withOUT Littlewood’ from @IEALondon with @montie & others talking about the PM’s policy reset could and should look like

Many of the ideas that won the PM the last General Election still inspire voters on the doorstep, but the pandemic means we’ve got to catch up on delivering them now lockdowns are over, as we discussed on The Rundown Podcast from @PoliticsHomes

Questions about ethics and integrity won't disappear if we ignore them, so choosing a new PM’s Independent Advisor on the Minister Code to replace Lord Geidt is vital, as I outlined on BBC Radio 4 Today programme:

Join me from 1pm @TimesRadio

- Electronic Tagging for asylum seekers @EnverSol @refugeecouncil
- Political Frenemies @JohnPenroseNews 🤝 @SKinnock
- 🚂 Rail Strikes @RMTunion Eddie Dempsey
- Sports Panel ⛳️ @BobBubkaVOG 🏉 @timstimpson
- 📖 ‘Three Sisters’ Heather Morris

Great to meet in sunny #Winscombe this morning with @JohnPenrosenews and @JohnMayerWSM to discuss issues affecting #SmallBusiness both locally and nationally on behalf of our #FSBmembers. #NorthSomerset

Lord Geidt confirms my concerns the PM failed to follow Nolan Principles (particularly leadership) over partygate Ministerial Code, & then goes even further. This is *not* OK - the Code matters!

Great to enjoy a pint of @thatchers_cider promoting World Cider Day in the Palace of Westminster. Brilliant to bring the taste of #somerset to the House of Commons 🍏🍺

This shows there are still important Qs the PM has not answered: not just about his fine but, critically, about the Sue Gray report's finding that he showed serious failings of leadership - an even more fundamental breach of the Ministerial Code

🚨 LIVE WITH (out) LITTLEWOOD... returns tomorrow at 18:00!

Guest presenter @Martin_Durkin will welcome @JohnPenroseNews, @montie, @DanniBoxall & @K_Niemietz to the show!

On the agenda:
🏳️ Boris - will he survive?
🇬🇧 Is Britain ungovernable?
💷 Tax burden & public spending

Also in the report is the environmental case for railway competition from @JohnPenroseNews: "Rail competition is an economic and environmental sweet spot. It could deliver carbon reductions at no cost to economic growth and improve the efficiency and productivity."

Many local people have been in touch about difficulties seeing NHS dentists. So, I asked Ministers how we can improve access & they promised a reformed NHS dental contract by this summer

🎙 The latest episode of The Rundown is OUT NOW

🚚 Direct of @ukonward @will_tanner and former minister @JohnPenroseNews discuss how Boris Johnson needs to deliver on levelling up before the next election

🔊 Listen to the full episode here:

Boris Johnson’s former anti-corruption tsar calls for urgent lobbying reform

Let your career take off✈️at Bristol Airport. With over 150 jobs on offer and a wide range of roles available there is something to suit everyone. Join us on Thursday 9th June to find out more.➡️Register and book your free travel to the event at:

Integrity & standards in public life are absolutely vital. I asked Ministers to get a move on with implementing (most of) the recommendations from the Committee on Standards in Public Life, plus a few areas where we should go even further. Full thoughts👇

I’m sorry to have to resign as the PM’s Anti-Corruption Tsar but, after his reply last week about the Ministerial Code, it’s pretty clear he has broken it. That’s a resigning matter for me, and it should be for the PM too. Here’s my letter to him explaining why.

Jill and I wish Your Majesty a joyful Platinum Jubilee celebration. On behalf of the United States, congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II on an unprecedented 70 years of service to the UK and Commonwealth and thank you for your friendship to the American people.

Mingling with the diverse jubilee crowds in London I am reminded of @Dannythefink's explanation of his mum's attachment to monarchy. A Holocaust survivor, she observed simply, "If the Queen is safe in Buckingham Palace, I am safe in Pinner."

Pakistani Taliban (TTP) formally announce ceasefire for indefinite period amid ongoing Peace Negotiations in Kabul; statement shared by TTP Spok.

Delighted @KemiBadenoch is committed to my solution on creating workplaces where everyone’s successes are fairly earned and properly deserved. As I explain in #PovertyTrapped, bias (conscious or not) ruins life chances & costs employers top talent

The folk over at @UtilityWeek are absolutely right, radical reform of the Energy Price Cap is urgently needed:

Big support from the crowd for giving communities more power to allow more of the right kinds of housing at today’s #restitch2022 panel. Huge thanks to @createstreets @ukonward and the panelists @JohnPenroseNews @shreyagnanda @rietteoos and Mustafa Latif-Aramesh of @BDBpitmans!

“We could put #StreetVotes on steroids” says ⁦@JohnPenroseNews⁩ at breakout lunchtime discussion at #Restitch chaired by ⁦@johnrmyers⁩ if ⁦@yimbyalliance⁩

.@JohnPenroseNews: Tim Cowen is absolutely right about the “need for speed” in our competition and consumer laws. Digital businesses are moving faster than ever before, and consumers expect equally-prompt resolution of their problems too. #BigTech #competition

Ever wondered how Government Procurement can be faster, less bureaucratic, more transparently fraud-proof, and easier for small entrepreneurial firms to challenge big incumbents? Here you are then…..

Cutting overall tax rates for lower-paid families makes sure it always pays to work AND it puts more money back into people’s pockets so they’re equipped to deal with spiralling food & energy bills too.

More bricks being knocked out of the wall that holds up Putin’s dirty-money state. It’s not just oligarchs but family connections too

Tonight at 6pm I will be ‘In the Hotseat’ with @Con_Voice. I’ll set out the radical reform needed to end the #PovertyTrap and how the Government should power economic growth & tackle the cost of living crisis!
Sign up (it's an online event)👇

I’ll be at #Restitch Social Fabric Summit at the end of May discussing how street by street design codes support more connected, happier neighbourhoods AND more homes. Sign up here:

John Penrose has joined their Weston-super-Mare constituents in taking part in The #BigPlasticCount.

Thank you @JohnPenroseNews - together we can end the plastic crisis!

Last year, I proposed Street Votes as a way of delivering more homes in the right places without concreting over the countryside, and reducing the costs of living for everyone too. Proud moment to see it in yesterday's Queen's Speech:

Thanks to everyone who took time out on a sunny Saturday to chat to the canvass team in Weston-super-Mare Hillside ward earlier today!

Great to see the Weston Flyer back. This helps limit the journeys to Bristol Airport (and saves local people money too):

Earlier this week @westoncollege was announced as the winners of two #AOCBeacons awards!

To be recognised on the national stage is tremendous and a true testament to our culture and ethos, of creating brighter futures.

You can read the full story, here:

Yet more revelations on risks the golden visa regime posed. UK anti-corruption champion @JohnPenroseNews, @TransparencyUK's @duncanhames, & @EndCorruptionUK's ED @susanpjhawley all calling for the gov to publish its long-overdue review into golden visas.

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