Jake Berry is MP for Rossendale and Darwen

What has Jake Berry been up to today?

Jake Berry is MP for Rossendale and Darwen and a member of the Conservative party.

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🚙 Another visit to Yorkshire this weekend to #Wakefield to support Nadeem Ahmed ahead of Thursday's by-election! 🚙 #VoteConservative @Conservatives with @davidmorrisml

⬆️🆙Only 2 days to go, until the NRG Conference gets underway in Doncaster.

It's going be a fantastic chance to discuss ideas that will help us Level Up the North and gives you the opportunity to shape our policy asks from Government.

Can’t wait to see everyone there!!

Great to welcome the Chancellor @RishiSunak to @MyDoncaster on the eve of our inaugural Northern Research Group Conference. #LevellingUp is not just a slogan it’s an action and Doncaster is now at the centre of it #1Down4ToGo #Doncasterisgreat

⬆️🆙Only 2 days to go, until the NRG Conference gets underway in Doncaster.

It's going be a fantastic chance to discuss ideas that will help us Level Up the North and gives you the opportunity to shape our policy asks from Government.

Can’t wait to see everyone there!!

I’ve put in some real hard graft since being elected in December 2019. It’s feeling like it’s starting to pay off. I can’t wait to give the opening welcome speech on Friday to the NRG. #1Down4ToGo #Doncasterisgreat

Not before time… and by later this year, say by December, how much will be available, what capacity will have been reached? And does that diminish markedly, by how long it takes for the application to be granted? 🤔 https://twitter.com/FT/status/1534950315904073728

Financial Times @FT

Centrica applies to reopen Britain’s biggest gas storage site https://on.ft.com/3HcmFDE

⬆️🧭This time next week, the Northern Research Group Conference takes place in Doncaster.

This conference gives you the chance to shape policy and be part of the solution to level up the North.

Make sure you get your ticket before they sell out: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/levelling-up-the-north-the-northern-research-group-conference-tickets-330541467427

Great meeting with @JakeBerry Chair of the NRG making the final preparations for our NRG conference in @MyDoncaster on Friday 17th June at @DoncasterRaces. Tickets still available. Well over 200 have gone already. Ticket details in the comments.

#1Down4ToGo #Doncasterisgreat

Gentle reminder that the Northern Research Group of Conservative MPs are holding their first ever Conference at ….. Doncaster!! Friday 17th June £50 if you want to come. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/levelling-up-the-north-the-northern-research-group-conference-tickets-330541467427 #Doncasterisgreat #1Down4ToGo

📺Looking forward to appearing on 'The News Desk' on @TalkTV with @tnewtondunn at 7pm tonight.

It's a brilliant opportunity to make sure the voice of Rossendale and Darwen is heard across the UK.

Tune in and let me know what you think!

📝Was brilliant catching-up with Darwen's very own, Jay Flynn, in Parliament this week. We spoke about the success of his lockdown quiz, our exciting plans for Darwen and what more can be done to support homeless people in our society.

🇦🇺Earlier this week, I was a panelist on @tnewtondunn new show where we spoke about the Australian election results.

☑️It's vital the Conservative Party learn lessons from the results down under and ensure, over the next 2 years, we deliver on the people’s priorities.

The Sue Gray report is undoubtedly difficult reading. The Prime Minister has apologised unreservedly and has committed to changing the culture in Downing St.
I want the Government to focus on the cost of living and delivering on levelling up the north!

We’re proud to be the Official Media Partner for the first #NRGConference, ‘Levelling Up the North’, on 17th June. Details here: https://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2022/05/levelling-up-the-north-introducing-the-northern-research-group-conference.html

Delighted to welcome @ConHome as the official media partners for the Northern Research Group conference https://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2022/05/levelling-up-the-north-introducing-the-northern-research-group-conference.html

Delighted to be having Tees Valley Mayor, @BenHouchen joining us at the Northern Research Group Conference on Friday, 17th June. Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/levelling-up-the-north-the-northern-research-group-conference-tickets-330541467427.

Despite delivering Brexit, and a world beating vaccine rollout, people vote for what will help them in the future. We must help people now, if we expect people to trust us with their votes in the future!

Join us at the Northern Research Conference @DoncasterRaces on June 17 #NRGConference https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/levelling-up-the-north-the-northern-research-group-conference-tickets-330541467427

Registration for our Northern Conference is now open. #North @Conservatives #NRG https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/levelling-up-the-north-the-northern-research-group-conference-tickets-330541467427

Join us at the first NRG Conference to help shape and define the policies that will transform the North https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/levelling-up-the-north-the-northern-research-group-conference-tickets-330541467427

On Question Time tomorrow night Fiona will be joined by @JakeBerry, @AndyBurnhamGM, @FrancesOGrady, @InayaFolarin and @Juergen_Maier.

Join us at 10.35pm on @BBCOne with a studio audience from Leeds. #bbcqt

"The relative success of levelling up will decide the future electoral success of the Conservative Party across the north."

Northern Research Group chairman @JakeBerry warns government that red wall seats are on the line if levelling up isn't achieved 🧱

.@JakeBerry: Elected mayors who represent more people than devolved governments should be able to vary income tax, as well as hypothecate things like road taxes, or road pricing. This isn’t more government, it’s just government closer to you. #OneNation #BrightBlue

.@JakeBerry: We all remember Blair’s ambition for 50% of all young people to go to university. I would like to see the Govt level up communities by committing to 50% of young people getting a vocational placement in their local area so they stay local. #OneNation #BrightBlue

.@JakeBerry: The Levelling Up White Paper will deliver less in the short term than @George_Osborne did when he was Chancellor, and less than even @theresa_may delivered when I was Northern Powerhouse Minister. Change doesn’t come from white papers. #OneNation #BrightBlue

🔵 @dianembanks introduces the first panel of the day on regenerating ‘left behind’ areas with @JakeBerry, @AbiBrown1, @BenChu_, @michaelkenny_ and Michelle York.

Watch live: https://youtu.be/uZrO43sx-zU

Submit a question: https://app.sli.do/event/vhyxgdaTdnYGwr1XVEJKDw/live/questions

ICYMI here is my question to @BorisJohnson at #PMQs today about the Prime Minister's previous commitments to build Northern Powerhouse Rail 👇1/3

Thank you to @JakeBerry for coming in to speak to the Eco Group and gardening club this afternoon. It’s wonderful that our pupils are listened to about the matters which are important to them . We will keep you informed about our Eco work!

"What better place to start the levelling up revolution than revitalising northern high streets?"

✍ Northern Research Group chair @JakeBerry calls for a Northern Economic Recovery Plan


"For the North and its left-behind communities there is still no clarity about what levelling up actually means. It means all things to all people."

@JakeBerry reacts to damning @YouGov polling that found red wall voters might be abandoning the Tories 👇

Great discussion on what skills business needs to further UK tech. The Government must be bold and aim for half of all young people to undertake a high level apprenticeships @sheffielduni @PLMRLtd #CPC21

We need the former mining communities to lead the green industrial revolution 💪 We need to bring the cost of the green transition down. Red Wall communities should not bear the brunt of the transition to green energy.

It was great to hear consensus about saving the high street today at the @the_tpa event at #CPC21

Now we need to get on an deliver by:
💷Keeping cash on the high streets
🚫Abolishing Use Class Orders
📈An Online Sales Tax to level the playing field with bricks and mortar shops

Delighted to hear that our new £5bn digital warfare centre will be based in Lancashire https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/10/02/britain-capable-launching-offensive-cyber-attacks-against-russia/

The Mills of the North including Rossendale and Darwen offer amazing potential for new homes, jobs and green growth – read the report from @HistoricEngland here #LoveMills https://historicengland.org.uk/get-involved/protect/mills-of-the-north/research-and-guidance/

The Northern Agenda newsletter's going to look different this week and will be led by thought-provoking comment pieces by @lisanandy, @DehennaDavison, @anandMenon1, @JakeBerry, @BenHouchen, @RachelReevesMP and Lord Jim O’Neill

Sign up here to read them: https://data.reachplc.com/211583128784966

The North deserves to play for England #levellingup https://www.politicshome.com/thehouse/article/the-north-deserves-to-play-for-england

Northern Research Group of Tory MPs call on Boris Johnson to 'show the North some love' and help create a 'science and engineering corridor' to bring higher-paying jobs to the region


More pressure on ministers over plans to end the Universal Credit uplift.

Northern Research Group spokesperson: “This uplift has been a life-saver for many people during the pandemic. Keeping the uplift is not a zero-sum game for the Government"


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