Jacob Rees-Mogg is MP for North East Somerset

What has Jacob Rees-Mogg been up to today?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is MP for North East Somerset and a member of the Conservative party.

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Working around others is good for everyone, individuals, the civil service and taxpayers alike.


✅ The Sunday @Telegraph backs #LizForLeader

💬 She understands the direction the country needs to move in, and would be the first truly philosophy-driven leader since Mrs Thatcher

Read more: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2022/08/06/why-believe-liz-truss-should-prime-minister/

It's time to unite.
21 current and former colleagues who have sat around the Cabinet table have come together to back Liz.
She will unite our Party, beat Keir Starmer, and is trusted to deliver for Britain 👇

Good luck to Chris, the House of Commons doorkeepers are a remarkable group who serve democracy with distinction.


Taxpayers must be protected from criminals.


Today I launched the Public Sector Fraud Authority. I have insisted on maintaining its full range of powers, including access to elected decision-makers. This was an important point of principle and today is a victory for the British taxpayer. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11077003/Anti-fraud-unit-finally-set-hunt-180million-missing-taxpayers-Covid-cash.html

After reviewing the Zondo Commission's findings detailing Bain’s role in alleged state capture and corruption by the former government of South Africa, I consider Bain to be guilty of grave professional misconduct.

A strong leader and a worthy successor https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1648361/liz-truss-rishi-sunak-tory-leadership-jacob-rees-mogg

U-turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning.

#LizForLeader #Leadership


Liz was helping push the bill to do this through. The Treasury wanted to exclude all tax law from this reform @trussliz #LizForLeader #BBCOurNextPM

Liz is patiently giving detailed answers, calling for reforming Solvency 2 which could release £65 billion of investment. It is a pity Rishi thinks this is too complicated for the rest of us to understand @trussliz #LizForLeader #LeadershipContest #BBCOurNextPM

The highest tax for 70 years, classic Treasury orthodoxy which will drive the economy into recession. @trussliz #LeadershipContest #BBCOurNextPM

The Cabinet Office has the preparatory work for this excellent plan underway.

UK support has been vital for Ukraine’s defense all the way through Russian aggression. I am deeply grateful to the government of the UK and especially my counterpart @TrussLiz. Her mettle, inner steel, and clarity of purpose have been indispensable in crafting crucial decisions.

Taxpayers' money can be saved by efficiency and will help to pay for tax cuts.

As Prime Minister, I will put an end to Whitehall imposed housing targets.



This is a surprising promise as the Treasury under his leadership was insisting that taxation was exempt from the removal of EU law.

A powerful endorsement from Bill Cash.

There *is* economic headroom for tax cuts. @trussliz is clear there will be a new Spending Review under her leadership, as well as a different approach to addressing the Covid debt. The fairytale is that there aren’t choices a new PM can make with a fresh approach #LizForLeader

@TrussLiz has set out again why she can be #TrustedToDeliver, thanks to her strong track record.

✅🌍 Trade deals.
✅🇬🇧 Brexit negotiations.
✅🙋‍♀️ Women’s rights.

💻👉 http://lizforleader.co.uk

#LizForLeader #Liz4Leader #C4LeaderDebate

Watching #C4LeaderDebate - I trust @trussliz because I have see her deliver.

👉Putting foreign office back on track after Afghanistan mistakes & leading stand against Putin.
👉leading global fight against climate change at COP
👉supporting women & girls across globe #liz4leader

Here at the #C4LeaderDebate. @trussliz is absolutely spot on in her first answer. Throughout her political career she has proven that she keeps her promises and can be trusted to deliver.

Great start for #Liz4leader

We can trust in Liz because she has a solid, proven and consistent track record of delivery.

Trade deals.
Brexit negotiations

It was an honour to be asked to open Prime Tools' new showroom in Midsomer Norton today. I was hugely impressed by the whole team. Bigger cutters are available. @PrimeToolscouk https://www.primetools.co.uk/

Why I’m backing @trussliz to be our next Prime Minister. #LizForLeader

It is time to stop socialist levels of taxation. @trussliz

Liz is a low tax Tory. @trussliz #LizForLeader

The economic consequences of Mr Sunak is the main topic of conversation in this Moggcast.

Liz Truss was the most supportive cabinet minister in helping me get Brexit opportunities, she is the right choice for the party and the country. @trussliz #LizForLeader

Unfortunately the Treasury does not seem to care about taxpayers' money being stolen through fraud. I cannot accept this, which is why I had to act.

Is Reaganomics the answer?

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