Jacob Rees-Mogg is MP for North East Somerset

What has Jacob Rees-Mogg been up to today?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is MP for North East Somerset and a member of the Conservative party.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has 455171 followers on Twitter.

Is Reaganomics the answer?

Bath Liberals hate motorists and enjoy gumming up traffic.

The Guardian thinks the EU is dangerous.

Many thanks to @Jacob_Rees_Mogg for co-hosting our @PostcodeLottery funding workshop for local charities in North East Somerset. Great to see lots of local charities and community groups on the call.

I enjoyed talking to @jyllandsposten. Our Danish friends have seen the leadership that Boris and Britain have provided for the defence of Ukraine.

Thanks to a lefty freedom of information request it turns out I attended the Commons on over 100% of sitting days in a year, 159 attended vs 154 sitting days. Office working has much to commend it.

Brexit benefits brought by Boris.

Today is Batten Disease Awareness Day. Batten Disease is a rare, neurodegenerative disease that typically begins in childhood. More details at http://www.bdfa-uk.org.uk #BattenDay2022 @BattenDiseaseuk

The time for navel-gazing has ended. The British people gave Boris a mandate, Tory MPs would be wise to accept it.

A fitting tribute to our Sovereign. God Save The Queen.

Charities and good causes in North East Somerset and surrounding areas are invited to @PostcodeLottery's funding workshop held in conjunction with @Jacob_Rees_Mogg, 24th June at 2pm, where you can learn about available funding and how to apply. RSVP funding@postcodelottery.co.uk

Today, the Government has reached and exceeded its goal, set in 2017, to see an additional one million more disabled people in work by 2027

New data released today shows that 1.3m more disabled people are in employment, compared to five years ago


The benefits of Brexit keep rolling along.

BREAKING NEWS: The #DownSyndromeBill has completed its final stage in the @UKHouseofLords, meaning it has now passed both houses of @UKParliament. It will now receive Royal Assent and become an Act, giving people with #DownSyndrome the provisions they have campaigned so long for.

A great idea, I expect Sir Geoffrey Boycott’s mother to open the batting with a stick of rhubarb.

NEW – the UK will phase out the import of Russian oil and oil products by the end of 2022.

This transition will give the market, businesses and supply chains more than enough time to replace Russian imports – which make up 8% of UK demand.


Net zero will not be advanced by importing gas, our own supplies are more secure.

Another shipment of critical medical supplies on their way to Ukraine. Donated by @NHSNSS and taken on a flight organised by @FCDOGovUK. Great example of @UKGovScotland and @Scotgov working together #WeStandWithUkraine @STN_Airport  @TitanAirways @DHSCgovuk

The United Kingdom stands with the people of Ukraine 🇬🇧🇺🇦

People across the country want to support those defending Ukraine and those fleeing their homes because of the invasion.

Here's how you can help ⬇️

Please share https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ukraine-what-you-can-do-to-help

"Of course we're going to take refugees."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK is "way out in front in our willingness to help refugees" and "will help people fleeing in fear of their lives".

Latest: https://trib.al/QTC8as2

📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

Woke behaviour is clearly a political position unsuited to an apolitical civil service.

New Brexit Opportunities Minister @Jacob_Rees_Mogg visits #PortofFelixstowe today - part of @FreeportEast

Outside the EU, #Freeports will bring new trade, jobs and regeneration - linking regions like the East of England to the 🌍

Telford General Election majority over Labour:

May 2015 - 720 votes
June 2017 - 710 votes
December 2019 - 10,941 votes

Same candidate each time - different Prime Minister.

The Palace of Westminster must be refurbished swiftly, safely and at a sensible cost to taxpayers. Following the excellent restoration of the Elizabeth Tower and the cast iron roof, now is the time to make headway on the vital works.

Harlow, Westminster and Wandsworth have an important thing in common: Conservative councils who keep taxes low, their voters prosperous and their public books balanced.

In a single and undivided United Kingdom, Her Majesty’s Government has a duty and responsibility for the condition of the whole nation. Until a bridge is built, only water, not a border, should sit between the people of Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

The best measure of levelling up will be how the economy grows and private investment flows to every part of the country. When towns and cities boom, so do their rural hinterlands.

'I think the biggest most important thing is to share.' — @lauramvula

Today is #TimeToTalk Day, and feelings like anxiety and depression can affect us all. If you're struggling with your mental health, you can refer yourself or your GP can refer you. http://nhs.uk/mentalhealth

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