Jackie Doyle-Price is MP for Thurrock

What has Jackie Doyle-Price been up to today?

Jackie Doyle-Price is MP for Thurrock and a member of the Conservative party.

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It was great to host the launch of the joint report ‘We’ve Not Given Up’ & meet some fab people who all share the aim of highlighting the needs of young women & girls caught up in the criminal justice system. Powerful testimonies from two young women @Agenda_alliance @the_AYJ

Great to welcome Maritime Minister Robert Courts & showcase everything Tilbury has to offer confirming Thurrock as the Ports capital of the UK ⁦@forthports⁩ ⁦@ThamesFreeport⁩ https://thurrock.nub.news/news/local-news/ministers-praise-for-port-staff-on-visit-to-tilbury-where-he-was-improessed-by-huge-investment-and-its-development-potential-139367

At the T100 grand finale recreating the Queens Jubilee Pageant in Tilbury. Ending at the Port of Tilbury open day. Great to see so much of our community getting involved. ⁦@forthports⁩ ⁦@Kinetika⁩ ⁦@onecommunityorg⁩

Any person or political party that thinks allowing males in woman’s sport is a good idea cares not one jot about sex discrimination or female rights to equal opportunities. As a woman, or father to girls, please think long & hard where u put your support. We’re going backwards

There is so much to welcome in ⁦@Moreincommon_⁩ report, + it will encourage discussion. But finding common ground also requires honesty about what has gone before. Me for ⁦@Telegraph⁩

Fee to ⁦@AuroraNewDawn⁩ for victims of domestic abuse https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/06/18/public-sceptics-trans-debate/

Plus my colleague Lucy Bannerman @TimesLucy, speaks with a patient who was put on puberty blockers by GIDS for four years, about the horrific side-effects.

My puberty was chemically delayed. I was their guinea pig


We must make sure that legitimate therapeutic care pathways are not outlawed by the ban on so called conversion therapy. Medical transition must be supported by proper exploration in order to establish informed consent https://youtu.be/i2DQgu-HDXA

Just visited the @OnSideYZ in #dagenham - deeply impressive work for young people in that borough. Helping them come to #thurrock is something we are all deeply passionate about. Economically, we are the new square mile - our young people deserve the best! @thurrockcouncil

Lord Geidt has a distinguished record of public service. The fact of his resignation is not a surprise given the seriousness with which he took his duty to uphold the ministerial code. The timing of it says even more about him.

On the point of "conversion therapy" v "conversion practices" we do agree with Jackie Doyle-Price. Practices is a more specific wording that would clear up many issues and allow for legislation to be accurate.

@JackieDP #BanConversionTherapy

Lord Geidt: "it's reasonable to say that perhaps a fixed penalty notice and the Prime Minister paying for it may have constituted not meeting the overarching duty under the ministerial code of complying with the law"

Our visiting cross-party group of 🇬🇧 MPs today visited the Srebrenica Memorial Centre, talking to survivors, family members and younger generations about the dangers of hate, and the vital lessons that still need to be learned around the world. #UKinBiH

Across the world the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is being celebrated. This is #Sarajevo & reminds us that it is also 30years since the sovereign state of Bosnia&Herzegovina was established. Very pleased to be with them

Today I’m in #Tuzla with a cross-party group of 🇬🇧 MPs interested in how we can better support BiH. We met Mayor Imamovic, young people, and activists from Brcko. We paid our respects at the Kapija monument. Time for ☕️ and 🥞 at Zmajevo Srce.

‘Men’ & ‘women’ must be used on all health materials. Without language everyone understands there is risk of harm. The well-being of all our citizens is the function of our NHS. Gender neutral language is an impediment when biological sex affects so much of our health

Daily Mail Online @MailOnline

Health Secretary Sajid Javid condemns NHS move to remove word 'women' from advice web pages https://trib.al/xlY1Mh5

Fantastic to end the #JubileeCelebrations in #tilbury with the planting of a final tree for the Queens #Commonwealth canopy….. and a little sack race!

#HM70 #PlatinumJubilee #Celebrations

Great to attend #JubileeCelebration parade at @LakesideSC with Member of Parliament @JackieDP, Mayor of Thurrock @CllrJamesHalden & Cllr Mark & George Coxshall

Tobias is wrong. The Single Market puts the EU in charge:
- EU rules
- open borders
- no new trade deals

We need a deal British people control not foreign laws with no say.

Let’s plan for the future and stop looking back. This decision is made. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jun/02/tory-mp-brexiter-backlash-call-rejoin-eu-single-market-tobias-ellwood?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other

Always fun to be had at #purfleetheritagecentre and great to fire a cannon to commemorate the Jubilee with ⁦@CllrJamesHalden⁩

My publication for Policy Exchange about the effects of criminal justice policies in England & Wales which treat suspects & offenders according to their 'gender identity' rather than their sex. Many thanks to @joannaccherry for writing the foreword.

For as long as Labour MPs make these sorts of crackpot statements, the party will be outside of moderate, mainstream opinion in the UK. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/stella-creasy-jk-rowling-wrong-woman-can-have-penis/

Very pleased to support @hsbc delivering #safeplaces at Lakeside branch. Those experiencing abuse can be assured of a safe space to access help and advice https://www.safeplaces.org.uk/

Informed consent shockingly absent here. Gender medicine is irreversible and must be properly understood to protect patients from harm https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10833739/Doctor-wrongly-prescribed-sex-change-treatments-seven-transgender-patients.html

Anyone familiar with ‘broken windows’ theory? any Government committed to tackling #violenceagainstwomenandgirls would be tackling street harassment. There isn’t a single female in this country who hasn’t been intimidated by men while simply walking down the street. Not right

Today we join with the Tamil and all communities across Sri Lanka, the UK and across the world commemorating those who lost their lives in Sri Lanka’s armed conflict. The British government will continue to press for truth, accountability & justice for victims and their families

I just tabled a written question to @sajidjavid and @DHSCgovuk, asking for both a written and an oral statement on the UK's negotiating position in relation to the proposed international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response under the auspices of @WHO https://twitter.com/mattwridley/status/1525877947697184770

Matt Ridley @mattwridley

A WHO pandemic pact would leave the world at China’s mercy.

My latest article: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/05/14/pandemic-pact-would-leave-world-chinas-mercy

The Public Order Bill will put a stop to the dangerous, highly disruptive tactics of a selfish few.

We're taking action to support ordinary working people because we are on the side of the responsible majority.

This is what the Bill will deliver 👇🏽

As Putin’s regime continues to commit vile atrocities in Ukraine, those responsible must be held to account.

UK war crimes experts are now in Poland helping Ukraine do just that - their expertise will help ensure perpetrators are brought to justice. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/attorney-general-visits-ukraine-to-support-investigation-of-russian-war-crimes

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